‘Supernatural’ Recasts Archangel Michael and Gives First Look at His Return

'Supernatural' Recasts Archangel Michael and Gives First Look at His Return

According to Entertainment Weekly the archangel Michael is making his return with a new face when Supernatural returns this fall for it’s 13th season! Last we left off, Lucifer’s son opened a rift into a different world plagued with war and suffering. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) didn’t exist in this world, throwing everything into chaos of course, and familiar faces like Bobby (Jim Beaver) were still alive and kicking.

Previously, Michael was played by Jake Abel aka Sam and Dean’s half brother, who ended up possessed and in Lucifer’s Cage. And being that they’re in an alternate universe, technically this isn’t a recasting of Michael. It’s an AU of Michael. And in this AU he’s going to be played by Christian Keyes, whose previous works include Saints & Sinners and We Are Family.

What’s most notable about this AU Michael is executive producer Andrew Dabb’s description of him as the “Genghis Khan” of this world and war. He’s been through the worst things imaginable in this alternate universe and come out on top.

With Mary (Sam Smith) and Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino) stuck in the AU world it’s going to stir up some trouble. One wants to get back to her sons and the other has the face of someone that Michael probably loathes to the moon and back.

Their worlds will eventually collide. And when they do, Sam and Dean are going to have to fight to keep Michael at bay and from conquering a fresh world, not yet ravaged by the war going on between heaven and hell. Because let’s be honest, in comparison to the AU world, our universe is a beach front property with the works.

Who wouldn’t want to trade up to that?

Additional Note: At first glance Keyes casting might seem like a good thing for representation of African American characters on Supernatural. But like many others before Michael, characters of color are evil, die tragically at the hands of demons or loved ones, and are forgotten after an episode or two on this show.

Check out EW’s exclusive first look below featuring Michael, Lucifer, and Mary:

Source: Jack Rowand/The CW

Supernatural returns for it’s 13th season on Thursday, October 12 at 8/7c on The CW.

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