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Supernatural SDCC 2016 Interview: Jensen Ackles

We’ve seen the Winchester brothers experience seemingly everything life – and death – has to offer on Supernatural… But Season 11 threw them for a loop yet again when the boys’ mother, Mary Winchester, was resurrected by the Darkness. That major twist is sure to complicate things for Sam and Dean, to say the least – and it’s just one of the topics we touched on in our conversation with Jensen Ackles at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I think there’s a lot of uncertainty,” Jensen said of Dean’s feelings toward Mary in Season 12. “Obviously it is his mom, but there’s no relationship there. She died when he was like four years old, so she’s essentially a stranger to him.”

The lack of familiarity won’t make things any less complicated for the Winchester brothers. Ackles believes that Mary reentering the boys’ lives makes them “susceptible to problems.” “It’s another person that Dean’s probably gonna have to sacrifice himself for,” he said. “So dealing with that’s gonna be difficult.”

On a lighter note, Jensen also touched on the possibility of a Supernatural crossover we’re dying to see. A reporter shared a meme expressing that when The Vampire Diaries nears its end, Sam and Dean should roll into Mystic Falls to “take care of things.” And guess what? It’s ending. “I would totally be game for that,” Jensen said of the crossover potential. “We wouldn’t even have to be there. You could just see the Impala pull into town. I think they should do it – all the other shows on this network are crossing over!”

Three words: SIGN. US. UP.

Watch our interview with Jensen Ackles below, in which he talks about why he isn’t directing an episode this season, what Season 12 Dean would say to Season 1 Dean, and more.

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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