‘Supernatural’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Misha Collins Talks the Death of Castiel

‘Supernatural’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Misha Collins Talks the Death of Castiel

Do not despair Castiel/Misha Collins fans! The Supernatural star was alive, well, and being teased by his co-stars at San Diego Comic-Con this July. We got a chance to talk to Collins during the con about what’s coming up next for Castiel, where he actually is, and how things have changed for him in Season 12.

The season finale was gut wrenching. In a bad horror movie trope, Castiel turned his back on something dangerous and was killed by Lucifer. And this isn’t like his previous deaths. God is out of the picture (again), chilling somewhere with his sis, and the rest of the angels couldn’t care less for Cas.

And yet, we know he’s not truly dead. He’s somewhere new. Well technically…he’s somewhere old.

Collins explained, “When we find Castiel again, not yet, we’ll find him in a place that we have speculated about in Supernatural canon but that we’ve never seen, never really confirmed the existence of.”

Where ever this place might be, he’s not going to be alone. When it came to the new being that Cas will encounter, Collins teased, “He’s confronted by a powerful being that is exceedingly handsome.”

Then there’s his family. Cas has fought tooth and nail against others and himself in order to become part of this family. And Collins believes that this season has seen huge changes in how Cas views himself.

“I do think that Cas might be starting to accept that he sort of belongs with these people. Which is a big step for him.”

Cas will always feel like an outsider with Dean and Sam, he’s an angel after all and they’re human, but Collins believes that Cas trusts his place in the lives of the Winchesters. They’re his family.

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Supernatural returns Fall 2017 for it’s 13th Season on The CW.

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