Supernatural Season 9 Episode Titles

Thanks to a tip over at, we’ve now got episode titles for the remaining episodes in Supernatural Season 9:

Episode 9.19 – Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Episode 9.20 – Bloodlines
Episode 9.21 – King of the Damned
Episode 9.22 – Stairway to Heaven

Bloodlines and King of the Damned sound like they’ll be focused on Crowley, the Mark of Cain, and the fight against Abaddon.  Stairway to Heaven sounds like we’ll be seeing more angels!  But Alex Annie Alexis Ann?  No idea.  Any thoughts?


We do know, thanks to the lovely Jensen Ackles, that the storylines we’ve been following all season, i.e. the quest to kill Abaddon and the battle to get heaven unlocked, will be coming together soon (x).  Can’t wait to see where this all ends up!  And I really hope that Metatron gets what’s coming to him.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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