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Exclusive: Eliza Bennett, Taylor Dearden, & Co. Talk All Things Sweet/Vicious

In case you haven’t heard, we’re just a little obsessed with Sweet/Vicious. The latest addition to MTV’s fabulous lineup, the show is an offbeat superhero story about two girls, who never felt like they belonged, finding a home in each other… and trying to kick a lot of ass. The ladies in question are Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) and Jules (Eliza Bennett), two very different women who team up as wannabe vigilantes bringing abusers on their college campus to justice.

Fangirlish attended the Sweet/Vicious series premiere in Hollywood, CA last week, where we got the scoop on what to expect from this season (a musical episode?!) and what makes this show a must-see.

One thing that both we and the cast agree on is that there’s nothing quite like Sweet/Vicious on TV. The show defies categorization, combining the “sweet” – amazing friendships and ladies supporting ladies – with the “vicious” – some of those ladies kicking some serious ass. What you end up with is something that’s not only very entertaining, but that feels very real, even with the show’s heightened reality.

While she was writing the show, creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson asked herself what she wanted to see on TV – and what was missing from the pop culture landscape. Here’s what she landed on: “It’s stories for and about young women that feel nuanced, that feel flawed, but also strong. They can be broken but also beautiful,” she said. “I really wanted to see that because I feel like women, especially young women, on TV are put into these boxes, and F that.”

“[When I was writing the show,] I asked myself, What do I want to see on TV? What’s missing? It’s stories for and about young women that feel nuanced, that feel flawed, but also strong. They can be broken but also beautiful. I really wanted to see that because I feel like women, especially young women, on TV are put into these boxes, and F that.” – Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

We definitely see the complexity of women in all its glory in the two main characters, Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden). Bennett and Dearden have also become fast friends in real life, and they each shared what they love most about the relationship between their characters. “I love that they would never be friends in any other context. I love that they’re polar opposites but they find a home in each other,” Eliza said. “Ophelia stops Jules from taking herself too seriously.”

Taylor agreed, adding, “I love that Ophelia brings out Jules’ weirdness. You’ll see as the season goes on – she seems pretty straight-laced at first, but slowly but surely she’ll have some weird things, and she’ll look to Ophelia every time.”

We are in awe of these two kickass ladies, both on and off-screen… as are their cast members. “Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden [are] like the most incredible women that I’ve met,” said Nick Fink, who plays Jules’ love interest Tyler. “I’m thrilled to be able to call them dear, close friends, and they are so kickass on the show. I’m already such a big fanboy to both of them, and I think people are going to fall in love with them.”

As vibrant and entertaining as Sweet/Vicious‘ characters and story are, they will also see their fair share of darkness as the season progresses. Jules’ purpose as a vigilante is to take on predators on campus – a mission fueled by her own sexual assault a year prior. This is an important storyline that everyone involved with the show took very seriously.

“It was very important to us to tell the story correctly. That was our number one focus, and we wanted to make sure we did a lot of research – and we never wanted to make light of sexual assault, because that’s not funny,” Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said. With that said, Jennifer and her team also wanted to be sure to bring life in all of its light, dark, and complexities to the script. “We really wanted to dig in and tell a story that is grounded in life, even though it is a heightened reality,” she said.

Jules’ own sexual assault will be explored in greater detail through flashbacks later on in the season – an experience that was intense for Eliza, to say the least. “It was difficult,” she said. “We found out what was going to happen as we went through filming, so I knew that we were really going to dig into Jules’ story, but I didn’t know when. It’s completely necessary and I’m really proud of the way that it’s done. I think it’s done in a very organic way – and it’s told when Jules is ready to tell it, which I think is really beautiful. It was difficult, but I felt very supported.”

Seeing Jules’ and Ophelia’s journeys is one of the things we’re most looking forward to from this season of Sweet/Vicious… along with this little rumor we heard from Taylor Dearden. “I’m not a good singer, but I heard a rumor that they want to add more musical bits,” she said, referencing the pilot’s unforgettable “Defying Gravity” scene. “Someone mentioned a musical episode, which would be weird… but cool.” Can’t say we disagree.

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Sweet/Vicious airs Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on MTV, right after Teen Wolf.

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