‘Sweet/Vicious’ 1×06 Recap: “So What Should We Fear?”

After what seemed like the LONGEST mid-season break in television history, Sweet/Vicious is back. And if anything, this first episode of the second half proves we are in for one hell of a ride.

Quick refresher: We left off with Ophelia taking down the rapist, but she did it in public, in front of people, who had camera phones. Yikes! Things were Not Looking Good.

We pick up this episode pretty much exactly where we left off–Ophelia running through campus as Darlington goes on lockdown. Should we recap? Let’s recap. Welcome back, Sweet/Vicious, oh how I’ve missed you.

Like I said, we pick up pretty much exactly where we left off. Ophelia is dodging campus police left and right until Jules body slams her into a brick wall. Even though, Ophelia is bruised and battered, Jules freaks out at Ophelia–rightfully so, for messing up literally everything.

Ophelia owns up to her mistakes and realizes the situation isn’t good. Especially since Ophelia’s little knife fight got caught on camera(s), sending the school into lockdown.

Back at the apartment, Ophelia tries to come up with a plan so that the girls seems inconspicuous. She hints that they could just pretend to be scared and terrified about what’s going on–playing up their femininity by using “oh help me!” tactics. We all know the girls can handle themselves, but sometimes, girls can use the misogynistic stereotypes put against them to their advantage.

For pretty much the whole first half of the episode, Harris believes that Jules is the vigilante. He questions Ophelia, who continually plays dumb, trying to convince Harris otherwise.

Oh, right! Ty-guy’s at Vinylton too! I forget why, but there’s nothing like a lockdown to get the hormones going! Yeah, they kiss a lot, but also Jules–being worried about being exposed, tells Tyler that she cares about him, truly. <3

While surveying the happenings of outside, Jules and Ophelia figure out that the police are checking everyone’s arms for knife wounds. Ophelia begins to freak the fuck out about getting caught, citing things like karma and other things of the universe.

Avoiding both boys and their curiosity, the girls escape to the apartment, needing a plan.

In the apartment, Ophelia admits that Harris was still on the Jules is the vigilante thing and even recruited Barton to be his plus one investigator. While the girls are talking, Ophelia realizes that the police think there’s only one vigilante, not two.

With this in mind, Ophelia comes up with a plan!! Jules is wary, but ends up going along with it because, honestly, it’s their best/only option.

Yeah, this dick shows up.

Apparently he wanted to “check on Jules.”  But tbh he’s only there to stir the pot.

The only way he knew Jules was at the record store was because he still follows her on Instagram…because he’s psycho.

Ophelia ends up setting her plan in motion shortly after Nate arrives. She runs through the record store, decked out in her vigilante gear and everything. Harris tries to stop her, but Ophelia smacks him in the leg with a pole. Owie.

Once out of the store, Ophelia takes off, the police right behind her. She heads straight for one of the kid’s from the precious episode, house and promptly cuts up his arm. After bandaging it and confusing the dude, Ophelia ditches the vigilante gear just before the police get to the kid’s house to bust him.

Yes, girl.

Ophelia “got out of the shower” after the vigilante ran through the store. The gang filled her in and Ophelia profusely apologized to Harris for what happened. After hearing what happened, Ophelia herded everyone back to the record store, except for Jules and Tyler….

Since Jules and Tyler were left alone in the apartment, they decided to have some sexy times.

Before it got super hot and heavy, Jules started picturing Nate and shoved Tyler off of her in retaliation. Tyler was obviously very confused as Jules ran off. :(

In a very raw and emotional moment, Jules faces Nate head on. She slams him back into one of the columns and presses her hand over his mouth, recreating what he had done to her that night.

She called him out on everything he did to her, how she begged him to stop, how he didn’t listen and how he raped her.

It was a very passionate speech and I am so proud of Jules for standing up for herself. It was a hard moment to watch, but this show, goddamn, this show doesn’t shy away in fear of making it’s audiences uncomfortable.

Throughout the episode, Barton had gone to the president of the university and presented all of his research about the vigilante on campus. The president said he would look it over, but ultimately decided to fire Barton for his claims.

Later, Tyler asks Jules wtf happened up in the apartment because it was obviously a super scary moment for both of them. Jules, not wanting to tell Tyler what happened quite yet, made up some lie about how she had a lot of stuff going on. Tyler tried his hardest to make sure that Jules knew that he was there for her, but Jules ultimately decided it was for the best if they broke up. </3

After the lockdown was lifted, Jules went back to Zeta, ready to finally tell Kennedy what happened. Except, Nate got there first.

In his version of the story, Nate and Jules cheated, that they both willingly had sex. Jules tried to tell Kennedy the real story, blurting out that Nate raped her, trying to make Kennedy believe her. Kennedy, having been lied to by Jules the whole episode/season, decided to believe her boyfriend instead of her best friend.

It made me sad to see Kennedy make her decision, but it was understandable.

Even though Barton had been fired, he still decided to follow one other lead. This led him to the bathroom with the wall of names. He immediately called Harris to give him the news…what will this lead to??

Finally, Jules shows up on Ophelia’s doorstep, sobbing and asking for a place to stay. Ophelia immediately says yes, no questions asked. These girls, I swear to God.

So? What did you think about this episode of Sweet/Vicious?

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