Sweet/Vicious Creator Reveals How the Show Would’ve Ended

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We all know MTV cancelled Sweet/Vicious after one season and of course, we are still in the stages of grief. Currently, I’m in the stage of depression. But over the weekend, creator Jenn Kaytin Robinson revealed how she wanted to end the show and I have SO MANY FEELINGS.

During a fan Q&A panel at ATX, Robinson told the audience how she wanted the show to end:

“In terms of the five-year plan, I always knew how I wanted to end the show,” Robinson said. “And I also purposefully ended this first season in a way where Jules’ story, you got closure there, because I was like, who knows? For Jules and Ophelia, that show would have evolved with everything that’s happening in the world, and although I knew how I wanted it to end — I’ll say how I wanted it to end. I wanted it to end with Ophelia going down for everything to give Jules the life that was taken away from her.”

Hahaha so if you need me, I’ll be quietly crying in the corner. Feels, right? Lots of em.

Tell us what you think about this ending!! Do you agree or disagree??

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