‘Sweet/Vicious’ Exclusive Trailer: Revenge is Sweet, Payback is Vicious.

(via yahoo)

(via yahoo)

In a day and age where rapists like Brock Turner get off pretty much scot-free because he’s a swimmer (eye roll) and we have a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE talking about how he can ‘grab her by the pu**y’ because he’s famous. MTV’s Sweet/Vicious comes at the perfect (yet imperfect) time.

Created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the show’s premise is about two very unlikely friends who take those sexual assault texts their college sends out, track down the rapists and break their bones until the douchecanoes get the message. So you may be wondering, who are these angels? 

Take your favorite girl superhero (mine’s Supergirl FYI) and put them in a college AU and BAM, you’ve got Jules. Played by Eliza Bennett, (otherwise known as the PRINCESS FROM THE PRINCE AND ME. YEAH) — the seemingly sweet girl spends time with her sorority sisters during the day, and at night, she beats the crap out of frat bros (and other douchecanoes) who have raped girls, but have never been convicted.

Then, you have Ophelia (played by Taylor Dearden), the stoner girl with a heart of gold and the computer skills of Edward Snowden. One night, on her run from campus security, Ophelia stumbles right onto one of Jules’ take downs and is immediately interested. (Also, maybe a little turned on.)

Even though Jules is very Batman I work alone using the cloak of darkness and a nifty voice app to protect me, Ophelia manages to convince Jules to let her be Jules’ better version of Robin — cause, come on, “Robin’s a bitch.”

From there, the two pair up, taking down rapists and looking good while doing so. Check out the trailer and find your new favorite fall show. I mean, it’s got everything you could need: superheroes, comedy, a lil drama and two very badass ladies. Girl Power 2k16 for the win.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Check out the trailer here!

Sweet/Vicious premieres Nov. 15th at 10pm only on MTV.

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