‘Sweet/Vicious’ Recap: “Should Have Known Right from the Start You’d Go and Break my Heart”


In one of the most gut wrenching, emotionally draining episode of  Sweet/Vicious, we learned what actually happened on the night Jules was raped. The episode was filled with emotional vulnerability paired with moments of hilarity, which is exactly how the world is.

Let’s talk about this episode, okay? Cause it was A Lot and it was somehow perfect.

So we start the episode off with THE FLASHBACK. Back to when Nate and Jules were friends. Back to the night where Kennedy and Jules were BFFS. Back to the night where it all went downhill.

The boys of Omega are having a “Hoes and CEOs” themed party, which Jules and Kennedy refuse to go to as hoes, because #GirlPower. This is all fun and games and looking very normal and nice. It was weird to see Nate and Jules interact on such a friendly, happy go lucky kinda level.

The day of the party comes and Kennedy, unfortunately, has fallen ill. :( But she still encourages Jules to go to the party, which Jules does, proudly wearing her pantsuit with honor.

With the party already in full swing, Nate and Jules are paired together for almost every drinking game–since Kennedy isn’t there. Jules is drinking!!!! The rest of the Zeta girls are dancing with each other. Nate is wearing sunglasses inside, which proves my theory that he’s always been a douche. But generally, it’s your typical frat party.

Jules, realizing she’s had a lot to drink, asks Nate if she can lie down in his bed because they’re friends and she trusts him. Nate lets her, then a few minutes later goes up to his bedroom with cruel intentions.

The following scene was actually very uncomfortable to watch and I didn’t expect MTV to show the whole entire rape. But they did. We see that Jules tried her hardest to get out of the situation she was in, but Nate just didn’t listen. He raped Jules. Jules was asleep and he raped her. Jules said no and stop and he raped her.

Nate very clearly raped Jules. 

After, Jules quickly gathered her things and left the Omega house, teary and not put together. She got back to the Zeta house and quietly went to her room, ignoring Kennedy’s call out to her.

Jules couldn’t fully comprehend what happened to her, so she turned to Google. She Googled what happened to her, using the phrase “Someone had sex with me when I didn’t want to.” What came up was that she had been raped.

Obviously, this is a very hard thing to come to terms with; Jules trusted Nate and he took advantage of her. I think Sweet/Vicious did a great job highlighting that someone can be raped by someone they consider a friend–and that it isn’t just strangers doing this to people they don’t know.

Throughout the episode, the flashbacks show the aftermath of Jules’ rape. She goes to get a rape kit, she goes to her Title IX officer, she even falls into this deep depression. Again, Sweet/Vicious does a great job at showing pretty much everything that happens after someone has been raped.

The show even highlights that sometimes the school can’t (doesn’t want to) help. Jules went to her Title IX officer with the intention of talking about what happened, but the officer–Lane from Gilmore Girls, basically turns it around on Jules and pretty much blamed her. She blamed Jules’ drinking, asking to lay down in his bed, and even cited that it was regret–everything except for the fact that Jules was raped.

Since Nate is a football “star” the school didn’t want Jules’ rape to become front page news and cause them to lose funding. So they silenced Jules. The system is BROKEN PEOPLE. BROKEN.

We even see Jules going to a support group and how she became the vigilante she is today. A girl, Beth, in her support group was raped by the guy from the first episode and she cited how she just wanted him to feel as helpless as she did. So Jules made that happen. It was her way of dealing with her rape. Not necessarily right, but…

This episode wove our painful, uncomfortable, sad flashbacks in with probably the best day of the year–Opharris day. It’s basically just a day where Ophelia and Harris celebrate their friendship! Supes Cute!!

Ophelia tries to include Jules, since Jules has basically not left Ophelia’s bed since her facing Nate and her breakup with Kennedy…and Tyler, I guess. Jules begrudgingly joins because who can pass up pizza…really (jk Jules gets a salad??? okay)

During Opharris’s Edward 40-Hands game, Harris decides to pick up a copy of the Law Journal to see his vigilante piece in print! Only, the editor decided to pull the piece because of some reason, idk, all I know is that Harris goes back to Vinylton and (drunkly?) publishes his piece to Medium….which later gets him kicked off the Law Journal, but it’s out there so…maybe a small win??

Oh, right, they get Jules drunk. Like, drinking vodka straight out of the bottle drunk. She ends up giving into her party side and the three of them dance around the apartment to a Bleacher’s song. It’s juxtaposed with the after effects of Jules’ rape, which is an emotional rollercoaster, but shows how things, like in the song, do in fact get better. Kinda.

The three of them end up at a bar that isn’t Beans–where they went after they murdered that dude. Jules sees Evan on a date with another girl, which gets Ophelia all embarrassed because maybe she kinda, sorta, likes him a lot? So she goes over to him–drunkly, and proclaims that she wants him, just not all the time, but she wants him. Complicated. I’m also the same way tho. Evan just wants to Die and Ophelia gets the hint–going back to hang out with Jules.

Then this fucker decides to show up. And he JUST SMILES LIKE NOTHING HAPPEN WHICH FURTHERS MY THEORY THAT HE’S ALSO A PSYCHO. LIKE??? Fuck you, Nate, fuck you.

Nate’s appearance gets Jules kinda Riled Up and she decides she’s gonna kick his ass right there, in the men’s bathroom, vagilante-style. Ophelia, thankfully, knows Jules and hides out in the bathroom to prove that Jules isn’t in the right state of mind. Jules basically breaks down, saying how she needs to beat up Nate. Just a further realization that Jules hasn’t correctly handled dealing with her rape.

Ophelia urges her to go back to the support group and actually talk before she leaves the bathroom, knife in hand.

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. You sweet, innocent soul. So proud of you for selling one of your paintings. He also checked in on Jules and made sure she was Okay. There was a super sweet moment between the two that gives me hope for them.

But, of course, Tyler figures out that the photo he got from Carter had been photoshopped. He rushes off to the police station to file a missing person’s report. Uh-oh…

Finally, we see Jules returning to her support group. The leader asks if she’s better, to which Jules finds kind of hilarious considering the circumstances. We end the episode hopeful that Jules speaks up and talks about what happened to her.

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