Tackling Teen Wolf Theories: Who Is Jennifer Blake?

There has been a lot of speculation in the Teen Wolf fandom over the past couple of weeks as to the identity of seemingly mild-mannered English teacher Jennifer Blake. Much of this came after the episode “Visionary”, in which flashbacks revealed that Derek’s first girlfriend bore a striking resemblance to his current one.

When Paige died at the end of 3×08 after her body failed to accept the bite from Ennis, people started wondering if maybe she didn’t actually die, but instead “became” Jennifer. Paige died in the Nemeton, a sacred space for ancient Druids, so there would likely be magical properties to the tree and the surrounding area. Also, it was Peter who took care of her body, and we know that Peter knows how to resurrect people.

After this week’s episode, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”, the theory went in another, albeit similar, direction. In a move that surprised probably few people, especially if they frequent Tumblr, Jennifer Blake was revealed to be the Darach, the dark Druid who has been terrorizing Beacon Hills this season. Scott suspects that the Darach, aka Jennifer, has some sort of connection with the Alphas — his guess is that she was the Emissary to one of the packs. Jennifer insinuates a link to the Alphas to Lydia later in the episode, and the basic concept behind a Darach is that it was a Druid who went rogue. To be a rogue Druid, one must first be a Druid, supporting Scott’s theory.

During the episode, Sheriff Stilinski went to Melissa McCall for information regarding unusual cases, and she told him the story of Jane Doe.


Things are a little vague on this. Melissa describes a patient who came through the hospital with slash marks on her body, but says that something happened at the same time that was even stranger, and then she hands the Sheriff a file. The file presumably contains information on a woman who was in the OR while hundreds of birds flew into the window — reminiscent of the scene in “Tattoo” during English class. Melissa remarks that it was like they committed suicide, but Sheriff reasons it was more like sacrifice.

It’s in the telling that things get muddled. Is the patient who was found slashed, as though attacked by a wild animal, the same as the one who was in the OR when the birds dive-bombed the window? If Jane Doe was found slashed, how did they get such a good picture of her?

Later in the episode, when the Sheriff confronts Jennifer as she attempts to kill Lydia, he asks her if she was the girl they found attacked in the woods. Jennifer neither confirms nor denies, but we are led to believe that she was.

It isn’t difficult to make the leap that Jennifer, found in the woods 10 years ago, is actually Paige, whose body was left in the woods 10 years ago. (Maybe. We don’t know exactly how long ago Paige died, because Jeff is a cruel, cruel man who doesn’t like to give us basic information like people’s ages.) It would explain why Derek, with his massive intimacy issues and seriously scarred romantic history, jumped into a relationship with Jennifer, a woman whom he barely knows.

It’s a logical assumption, because otherwise, why tell us about Paige in the first place? After all, it’s not like Derek doesn’t have his share of angst to pull from. Many, myself included, were disappointed that a flashback episode centering on why Derek is such a Broody McBrooderson didn’t include obvious choice Kate Argent, and instead introduced a new character for the sole purpose of giving Derek more manpain.

I personally don’t subscribe to the Paige = Jane Doe = Jennifer theory, for several reasons.


First and foremost, while Paige, Jane Doe, and Jennifer all resemble each other physically, there is one key characteristic missing: Paige clearly has a mole under her left eye. Jennifer and Jane Doe do not. “Maybe it was ripped off” is something I saw to explain its absence, but look at how close it is to her eye. It’s very doubtful the mole could be ripped off without taking the eye with it.

Also, let me reiterate that while the Sheriff says that Jane Doe was attacked 10 years ago, we have no idea how long ago the thing with Paige happened, thanks to Jeff and his lack of giving us a proper age for any of the Hales. If we assume that it was 10 years, that means that it happened 4 years before the Hale fire, which would have made Derek 19 at the time of the fire and it’s difficult to believe that Derek was that old when it happened.

Jane Doe was a Jane Doe because they weren’t able to identify her at the hospital (even with such a good picture). Paige was a Beacon Hills local. She probably had parents, who probably reported her missing. If anyone matching Paige’s description were to be brought into the hospital, wouldn’t her parents have been notified? This indicates that Jane Doe was not a local.

Let’s say that Jennifer Blake was an Emissary to one of the Alpha packs. It makes sense, considering that Deaton seemed surprised that his sister, Morrell, was with the Alphas. (Also, Morrell has presumably been in town longer than the Alphas have, and I imagine a pack’s Emissary would be with them.) It’s implied that none of the other packs were local. If Jennifer came to town with her pack for the purpose of the Alpha summit we saw in “Visionary”, she would not have been local. If she were to be attacked and left for dead in the woods, no one in town would recognize her. Alternately, she could have been concealing her identity so that the Alphas thought she was dead. After all, in “Motel California” she suggests that Derek let his pack think he is dead, because there are benefits to faking one’s death.

There’s no indication that Paige was in on the supernatural secret before her attack, let alone a Druid. She tells Derek that she was able to figure out that he wasn’t exactly human, but there’s nothing to hint that she secretly had all these powers, unless she was somehow blessed with the magic of the Nemeton as she died.

Jennifer seems to have a vendetta against the Alphas. All of the Alphas, not just Ennis, who is now dead. Jennifer would probably know that Ennis is dead, though we don’t know, because we don’t know all that much about her, including how much she knows about the Beacon Hills situation. Unless Paige hooked up with the Alphas after her “death”, she would have no reason to know of the other Alphas, let alone have a vendetta against them. She would only know about Ennis, as he’s the one who attacked her, and even then she might not know who he was. However, it’s implied that whatever happened to Jennifer, whether or not she was the Jane Doe attack victim, was at the end of her involvement with the Alphas.

There is also the fact that Jane Doe was alive when brought to the hospital. Whether or not Jane Doe is the “animal attack” victim, Melissa refers to her as a “patient”. Dead people tend not to be referred to as “patients”. Now, it could be a possibility that Peter resurrected Paige for as-yet-unknown purposes, but we don’t know this, and it’s a rather large assumption to make given current information. Not to mention that Paige wasn’t mauled in the manner that Jane Doe was. Paige was bitten — once — and when her body rejected the bite and she begged Derek to put her out of her misery, he snapped her neck. Perhaps Peter did more damage to her body when he left her in the woods, to lend more credence to the “animal attack” cover, but this is another assumption we just can’t make yet.

Plus, Derek’s eyes changed color after Paige died. That’s some pretty supernatural voodoo. A werewolf’s eyes know when the previous Alpha dies, so I’m pretty sure Derek’s eyes wouldn’t turn blue just because he thought he killed Paige. Not to mention that Derek was supposedly in love with this girl. He would have known if she had a funeral, even if he were too guilt-ridden to attend it.

This leads us to another theory that is tied into this one: that Paige had nothing to do with Derek and everything to do with Peter.

It’s been proposed that Paige wasn’t Derek’s girlfriend: she was Peter’s. We know, from “Visionary”, that Peter is an unreliable narrator. He’s obviously lying to Cora and Stiles when he relates the story of why Derek is the way he is, and given what little we know about the Hales pre-fire, young!Derek resembles young!Peter more than Scott, as Peter claimed. (Mostly because we know that Peter played basketball, and young!Derek also played basketball.) shipsanddip has an excellent post dedicated to precisely this, which I’m not even going to try to paraphrase, because it’s perfect. I recommend reading both the original post and the follow-up for an excellent analysis of why “Visionary” was really about Peter.

The reason I bring this up is because one of the things giving credence to the Paige = Jennifer theory is how quickly Derek warmed up to her, something Derek just doesn’t do. If Jennifer were really Paige, Derek would most likely feel the connection, even if he didn’t recognize it for what it was. (I have trouble believing that, if Derek really did care for Paige as much as Peter says he did, he would not recognize her presence, her heartbeat, her scent, her something.) If “Visionary” was really about Peter, the connection Derek feels wouldn’t make sense, because it wouldn’t exist.

For the record, I don’t believe that Jennifer is Paige, and I don’t think she and Derek have any kind of connection. It’s hard to tell if her apparent feelings for him are legitimate, or if this is all some elaborate ruse, but I think Jennifer targeted Derek for a specific purpose which we don’t yet know. Judging by what has been revealed to us so far, it is probably somehow related to the Alphas.

All right, I’ve been writing this post for almost three hours. I’m tired, and I have to work early tomorrow. I’ve been working on this for so long that all my thoughts have become muddled and I can’t remember half of the list of evidence I came up with.

Suffice it to say, while it makes sense that Jennifer might actually be Paige, I don’t think that’s the case. It makes sense, but it doesn’t, and I will be very upset if it turns out to be true. (Which probably means that it will. Sigh.)

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