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Here’s The Information on the ‘After’ by @Imaginator1dx Book Club

Here’s The Information on the ‘After’ by @Imaginator1dx Book Club

Because it is so hard to narrow down a time for us all to be on Twitter to discuss – we’re going to start it out this way. Starting this Friday we will be talking all things After in our #AfterFridays post. This week we’ll be discussing chapters 1-25. Next week 26-51. You leave comments,


EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL: “The Awesome” by @EvaDarrows

Okay, if the cover had not sold me on the book or the tagline — having received an early advance reading copy of this book did the trick. Omigosh, the dialogue in The Awesome is wickedly smart and horrific but hilarious. I laughed and laughed and there were times tears were involved. Afterwards looking back, trying to figure