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It’s #MazeRunnerFriday! Watch & Tweet @MazeRunnerMovie with @JamesDashner TONIGHT

It’s #MazeRunnerFriday! Watch & Tweet @MazeRunnerMovie with @JamesDashner TONIGHT

In case today wasn’t awesome enough for (finally) being Friday, it’s also #MazeRunnerFriday! To celebrate the release of The Maze Runner on DVD and Blu-ray, author James Dashner will be hosting a Twitter viewing party TONIGHT at 8:00 ET/5:00 PT. Tune in for his thoughts on the film and his answers to your questions! Do you have your


Exclusive Interview in Which We Talk #TrulyMadlyFamously with @RebeccaASerle

We failed. You know we’re obsessed with Famous in Love, and the sequels title was announced – and we missed it. We have failed our job as fan girls and we’re sorry. But luckily, Rebecca Serle is amazing, and  she granted us an interview to talk all about the Famous in Love world. Truly, Madly, Famously is


Turning the Pages: Suspicion by @TimelessAlex

Cultural heritage and musical influence seemingly mix unrelated for Alexandra Monir’s newest musical-book endeavor until you factor in her late maternal grandmother. A prominent Persian opera singer, Monir Vakili, Alexandra’s grandmother had close ties to the inspirational song she chose for Suspicion. As she did in her first two releases, Alexandra incorporated song lyrics into Suspicion that she