Behind the Scenes Photos from the After Set

Let’s face it…we all want to hang out on a movie set. The chance to see how a film comes together, the actors milling about between takes, and the excitement of bringing a story to…


Meet Carol Young…the Latest After Casting News

The After cast just keeps getting better and better, and it’s only the third week of shooting the soon-to-be blockbuster film. With the primary cast stocked with up and coming actors, it seems that the…

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‘After Fans…Meet Noah

He is easily one of the After series favorite characters. The sweet, charming, supportive boyfriend of Tesssa, until the hurricane that is Hardin Scott comes into the picture. Despite their fall out, Noah continues to…

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Our ‘After’ Film Soundtrack

With the film production of the International bestselling series After beginning in Atlanta, fans have taken to the thrill of participating in every way they can. Fan art, edits and more have dominated the social…

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After Casting News…Meet Ken Scott

It is officially the second week of filming on the After movie, announcements regarding the cast keep rolling in from the set. There are rumors and speculation, with many fans anxious to see who will…


More ‘After’ Movie Casting News

And on the fifth day, they gave us Tristan. It’s only the first week of filming for the soon-to-be hit film After, and fans have been clambering to find out who will be playing their…