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The Latest in All Your ‘Hunger Games’ News

The Latest in All Your ‘Hunger Games’ News

You been busy like us, and all of the sudden the weeks passed and you have no idea what is going on with The Hunger Games. Well we’re here to help you catch up! The full track list for the Mockingjay soundtrack was released: 1. Meltdown (feat. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & HAIM) – Stromae


Record Hits for “Age of Ultron” #Trailer

Anyone who ever thought puppets were freaky still could not have prepared themselves for how devastatingly haunting the Pinocchio “There are no strings on me” song could really be. This mesh of Disney and Marvel for once takes these superheroes from dashing to dark. The glimpse of them in this trailer sees them bathed in


Harry Potter Uses the Force? Goonies and Gandalf Enchant Fans!

Today your fannish mental mind-blown moment is brought to you courtesy of a threat of three monster fandoms with bonus Goonies. Any post that features the magical big three: Harry Potter, Star Wars and LoTR/Hobbit is going to be wonderful and wow-ing. Right?! Just what even is Daniel Radcliffe (boy wizard) doing on the set