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The Walking Dead 7x05 - Go Getters

The Walking Dead 7×05 Preview Guide: Go Getters

With the way that The Walking Dead is expanding it’s world, I’ve got a feeling we’re going to hop from community to community on a weekly basis, leaving us foaming at the…

The Walking Dead 7x04 Service. Pictured: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) & Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

The Walking Dead 7×04 Review: Service & Negan Mind Games 101

Negan’s special brand of mind games continued in The Walking Dead‘s “Service.” And while the Saviors first visit to Alexandria didn’t go like I expected, aka him killing someone to teach them a lesson…

The Walking Dead 7x04 Service. Pictured: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

The Walking Dead Preview Guide: Service

Negan’s unexpected visit in The Walking Dead‘s “Service” is all about mind games. He plays by his own rules and changes them as he pleases. He’s going to keep you on your…

The Walking Dead 7x03 The Cell. Pictured Dwight (Austin Amelio)

The Walking Dead 7×03 Preview Guide: The Cell

As much I want Negan to die, Dwight’s a close second. In The Walking Dead‘s The Cell we get a little more backstory on the jerk that tried to escape from Negan,…

The Walking Dead Releases Key San Diego Comic Con Art!

AMC has released The Walking Dead key art for San Diego Comic Con. And of course it’s another tease that further drives the tension dagger into our chests and makes us remember…