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Love 2×08 Recap: “Marty Dobbs”

After an unintentional hiatus, because life gets you sometimes, I’m back! Let’s get back to “Love”, season 2. This episode was full of emotions, woo-hoo! Stressing The episode starts with some serious stress cleaning. Gus…

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‘Will’ 1×08 Review: “Your Houses”

The hits keep on coming. In this week’s installment of Will – “Your Houses” – Will walks the dangerous line of staying on Topcliffe’s good side while trying to take him down, Alice delves deeper into the…

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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×15 Recap: No More Running

Capping off an evening of back-to-back Teen Wolf, “Pressure Test” raised the stakes yet again with a serious showdown at the Sheriff’s station, a surprising return, and some emotional goodbyes. Let’s break it down. The first…