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Strength in Numbers and the Impact of #MeToo Pt 2

For every social media claim of sexual misconduct made in the world of celebrity, I see three more from everyday women telling their stories; stories of degrading comments, of desperate efforts to deflect unwanted advances…


Strength in Numbers and the Impact of #MeToo Pt 1

The #MeToo movement has gripped the world in recent months. In October 2017 the  hash tag experienced a surge on social media, it brought forward the prevalence of harassment and sexual assault women have been…

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Social Media your way into Freedom

When the word freedom comes round in conversation, I admit social media isn’t the first phrase that come to mind. In modern society, freedom, especially for anyone who’s spent their lives severely restricted, means a…


Tumblr Releases Their Best of 2015 Lists

Finally something that wins the year on Tumblr that we understand. Look, there are a lot of ships in our lives – some we understand, some we don’t have a clue about. When it comes…