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‘Valor’ Photos: “Soldier Ready”

We aren’t sold on Valor yet, but we’re trying. We keep trying, but we’d rather invest our time in SEAL TEAM. But, you know us and CW shows. Here’s the synopsis – Nora (Christina Ochoa)…

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‘Valor’ Photos: “Esprit de Corps”

We’ll probably try Valor out, but after getting ourselves addicted to the SEAL TEAM, no military drama feels like it would compare. But we are willing to see. The photos for the second episode of…

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‘Valor’ Pilot Photos Released By The CW

We’re not sure about Valor, we admit it. It feels like The CW is stretching for something more grown up and we can appreciate that. It’s just the trailers haven’t sold us. Not like the…

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See The Cast Images for ‘Valor’

A military show. The CW. We want to love it, we do. Who doesn’t? But Valor doesn’t look like the most enticing military show premiering this fall. We’ll be honest, we’re more looking forward to…