Take a Look at the Preview for ‘Dr.Who’ 8×02

Soooooooo? Yeah… so… do we need to talk about the new Doctor right yet? I am conflicted. All the feelings about how I am underwhelmed but already a bit irritated at this Doctor. I do not like him leaving Clara like that… watch the first episode to know what I mean. Not expounding on it since well… of course spoilers, however, I did wait to say anything until after the 25th of August so everyone who waited to see it in the theater would not have to deal with spoilers here.


And yeah… here is next week’s preview. Also, have you heard that complaints were made about the kiss? Yeah… you know what kiss I am talking about. LOL! Ofcom will not investigate. Uh-huh… people seriously?! Glad someone in corporate television is not taking such blatant prejudicial crap!

Doctor Who airs on BBC America, Saturday nights at 9/8c. (However it appears certain cities/cable providers have varying times… I’d check your DVR to be safe.)


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