V='Take Two' 1x02 Review: "The Smoking Gun"

‘Take Two’ 1×02 Review: “The Smoking Gun”

So if I thought in any way possible this show would be predictable, holy cow was I wrong. Take Two‘s “The Smoking Gun” blew open the door on any ideas I had about how this partnership would unfold, and I’m thrilled to be utterly wrong in this instance.

Eddie, and Sam’s working relationship is clearly a work in progress, but the introduction of another character, Monica, brought more dimension on what kind of characters we can get attached to. For the record, I instantly loved Monica as much as Berto did and was cracking up at how quickly she made herself at home in the office. Jordan Gavaris’s Mick is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and I hope we get to see more of him as the season goes on.

The case of the week turned from a simple snoop job into a full blown blackmailing turned cartel rescue mystery, that surprised the heck out of me. I figured it wouldn’t be so simple, but the ingenuity of these cases were making me geek out like the nerdy fangirl I am proud to be.

A Mystery Worth Looking At

In the real word you’d expect an open and shut case to always turn out to be literally open, and shut. Thank God it’s not like that on television where Sam takes all of five minutes to take on the supposed murderer as a client because as a seasoned actress she knows when tears are fake or real. Eddie’s determination to prove her wrong, only ends up proving her right as their supposed victim was a world class blackmailer who suddenly had a change of heart.

I deeply loved that as crazy as Sam drove him with her insistence, he still accepted it right off to properly figure out what the hell was going on, which turned Daria from a girl having an affair wishing to escape the world, to an in disguise world class blackmailer. Seriously, the burner phone and wig set up was impressive. I don’t even care about the tropeyness of it all, the entire closet sequence was freaking hilarious, and brimming with sexual tension undercut by a need to get the hell out of there. Monica thankfully is happy to play rescue with no qualms about the entire “illegal” part of the operation.

Eddie’s P.I world is expanded by the introduction of a slimey former employee who will artfully be referred as “Douchebag.” This former colleague, aptly named Zeus, owns a bar he hates doing paperwork for. Zeus fits when the man gives off the air of being slightly god like. I really loved how Sam is learning more about Eddie’s world, and life this way. She makes an impression everywhere she goes, whether it’s good or bad, but as much as Eddie wouldn’t say it out loud, their teamwork is getting better by the episode.

Our Choices Show Who We Are

It’s easy for him to constantly banter and argue back with her all day long, but when it counts that man’s heart of gold comes shining through. Sam’s desire to hide her probation hearing till she missed it working the case, hit me unexpectedly. For all her bright energy, enthusiasm, and general zest for life now, she still was fighting to overcome the worst day of her life, and the consequences that were still following the choices she made then.

The judge exercised an experienced lack of sympathy towards my dear Sam, as the paparazzi caught her leaving the bar her and Eddie were investigating in. If it weren’t for my man Eddie she’d be behind bars. I am not ashamed to say I was loving how guilty Eddie felt for unintentionally putting her in that position, and didn’t hesitate to stand up for her, while still managing to say how annoying she is. Granted he’s officially “stuck” with her for six months, but labeling it torture is the acerbic side of him talking.

Luckily their combined ingenuity led them straight to the true mastermind behind their client’s framing, and it was none other than a literal mob boss looking to murder a lady in witness protection. The lady detective, whose wit I’m really appreciating, was able to save the day this time, and quite frankly, I can’t wait to see how messy all this ahem “romance” gets further on in the season.

I admit the pacing of the episodes are still really fast, to where the impressive twists and turns fly past me and I wish I could stop a couple times to appreciate the story. I imagine that’ll straighten itself out, and I’m looking forward to when it does.

Final Thoughts

  • If they decide to have Rachel Bilson in a crazy costume and wig attempting to distract someone, I’m good with this. I laughed so hard I fell out of my office chair, and yes I’m willing to admit that because the woman is freaking talented.
  • My current hopes are that we get more insight into not only about Sam and Eddie’s lives, but Berto, Monica, and Micks as well. If we get to see Zeus more often I wouldn’t complain at all. Ever.
  • If any fans of early season Castle are out there and not watching this show, please for the love of God, WATCH THIS SHOW! I swear it’ll make you happy, find another OTP whose ship name will eventually show up on Tumblr, and generally remind you of the good days. Lord knows we need as much good as we can get.
  • Serious question: how in the world did Sam manage to not get arrested for screwing with that security guard? Props to her improv skills, cause I would have gotten arrested in about 20 seconds.
  • So who’s already shipping Sam and Eddie, and is there any fan fiction already out there? I’d really love to know – signed by a professional.

Take Two airs Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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