‘Take Two’ 1×03 Review: “Taken”

Well holy shiitake mushrooms. “Taken” really did send the audience on a ride. Last night’s outing of Take Two brought our leads into new situations and spent some time getting to know Berto and Monica, which was quite frankly hilarious.

The case of the week dealt with an old acquaintance of both Sam and Eddie, albeit in vastly different circumstances, requesting their help on locating his kidnapped son. Since Aram is a mobster of course the poor guy has no idea his employer is his dad, and makes things way more complicated.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Adventures of the “Assistants”

The quotation marks apply in the title above because despite Berto and Monica’s job titles they are a hell of a lot more effective than typical assistants. Berto’s casual summary of how he landed working for Eddie put a lot of perspective on their relationship and on both Berto and Eddie themselves. This adorable hat wearing stumbling tech expert is an ace at what he does, but can’t do subtlety to save his life. Luckily neither can Monica who skips past social convention and goes straight for blunt talk and calling crap out that most of us wouldn’t even bother saying.

Case in point, the short coffee meet that started with “small talk” and quickly ended with “yes we are playing each other because our bosses want information.” Talk about a non icebreaker of a meeting. Despite the awkwardness, they make an impressive team in tracking down what Eddie and Sam need to know, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of their teamwork, and…”icebreaker” meetings.

Also, I really I need to know more backstory on these two – why did Eddie give Berto a chance, why is Monica so content to be blunt and to the point, and do they have interesting family members, etc. Luckily there’s ten more episodes left this season for me/the audience to find out.

Letting the Characters Take the Lead

One part of this show I’m really appreciating is how they are willing to let the characters drive the story instead of the other way around. Especially as I found certain parts of the story a little…unbelievable in how it was all “wrapped up.” As for Sam, Eddie, Berto, and Monica though, they all shined bright working in tandem,

Sam, and Eddie are clearly two people who find it easier to banter than to share, which is one of many reasons I love seeing their slowly growing affection, trust, and respect for each other. Three episodes in and it’s clear their attachment is getting more obvious to the point Sam’s manager is asking about it. The “will they, won’t they” is playing its role in their dynamic, but what I’m loving is how the writers are slowly peeling back more aspects about their lives. Letting them get to know each other. Particularly the parts they aren’t so comfortable at showing – not out of a lack of trust, but from an inexperience in having people they can open to in that way.

In spite of the secrecy, both ended up finding out what the other was hiding and it didn’t devolve into typical “how dare you” drama. Sam sincerely wanted to know why her partner had a beef with a man she only knows as your friendly neighborhood mobster/club owner. Zeus being the God of wisdom, shared not just a part of Eddie’s past, but also revealed how much he believes in Eddie in the process. He’s a consistently acerbic P.I. but his moral compass is stronger than half of L.A. combined.

The weight of dealing with the consequences of “doing the right thing” is a reality a lot of people deal with, but not a concept I’ve seen confronted so directly on television in a long while. Kudos to the writers – though I really want to give kudos to whoever came up with the pizza secret for Sam. Seriously I was busting up laughing watching Sam take on an Italian pizza commercial, only of course to be found out and teased to no end by Eddie. The “I lost my edge” gave it away Sam, come on now.

The only true criticism I have really is how easily the resulting case wrapped up. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to create drama for drama’s sake, which I appreciate more than I can say. However when there’s kidnapping, ransom calls, and motivation from losing family members behind going after a mobster, and it all ties up together with the mobster and kidnapper talking peacefully, I have to say I wish this had been resolved in a….less perfect bow tie way.

That aside, the humor, wittiness and hilarious character fueled dialogue was on point – Take Two has officially become my first summer TV love and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Last question – is there a ship name for Sam and Eddie yet? The fangirl/shipper in me needs to know. For science.

Take Two airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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