‘Take Two’ 1×04 Review: “Ex’s and Oh’s”

Talk about a blast from the past. Take Back‘s “Ex’s and Oh’s” opened up the P.I. world, and brought to light the differences Sam and Eddie have already made being in each other’s lives. Is that sappy? Oh slightly, but I can’t think of a better way to describe the effect this episode had on me. Aside from squealing at that lovely conversation Eddie had with a detective, I’m now hoping we get to see more of them.

This week’s case centered around a twice stolen laptop belonging to one former scumbag ex. A sex tape(s) immediately put our P.I. team on the case, and got a hell of a lot more complicated than they bargained for. Talk about your twists, and turns – but hey that’s the fun of a show finding it’s legs. You never what to expect!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Past Blends Into the Present

Look I’m a fan of many stories, but my particular soft spot lies in a particular character. One that I’m quickly getting attached to and that’s finding a little bit of peace in the storm of life. That was the case with Sam when her ex fiance Dylan, the utter asshole who dumped her on the red carpet, walks back into her life – with a potentially humiliating problem. For the record, I was cheering Sam on for not giving her ex a single inch after what he pulled on her, but I was happy that the guy took it gracefully. That he didn’t use it as an excuse to be a jerk back was a refreshing change.

Sam puts on a face of relentless enthusiasm and optimism that makes it easy to forget what she’s gone through. When Berto showed the video of Sam finding out Dylan had cheated on her and then dumped her right then and there, I wanted to cry. That kind of storytelling, slowly opening up a character’s life, is making it so Take Two is hitting everything on the nail. On Eddie’s part, his heart of gold was coming through trying his best to keep the quickly escalating circumstances, and frankly unwelcome surprises from hurting Sam. Their teamwork is getting solidified through every case they land – which proved impressively true when they were both separately interrogated by the DEA.

If there’s a medal for making a case look simple, and then quickly turning it complicated in under an hour I’m giving to the writers. I mean good Lord! The sex tape start made me roll my eyes, but money laundering? Heroin, and a corrupt manager? Seriously how do you come up with this kind of plot? Yes, I typed that in Sam’s voice, but I’m getting off track. Detective Chris makes another appearance, and I kind of loved how she wasn’t buying Eddie’s lies about his car for one second, but still went along with it.

After the hilarious two shot DEA grilling, Chris busts Sam and Eddie out, so they can go prove the now fugitive ex fiance is not a money laundering drug dealer. See what I mean about getting complicated fast? Remarkably, by the time the case wraps up, the corrupt manager gets busted by the original thief – a teenage smart-ass who claims he’s a professional. Ah the joys of youth.

The truth though is for all the fancy plot twists, the real draw and heart of this show lies with it’s leads: Sam and Eddie.

Home is Where the Heart Is

You know I expected a classic “will they won’t they” dynamic. Witty banter going back and forth, and pushing back when things get crazy. What I didn’t expect was for Sam and Eddie’s growing connection and affection to get called out so early. Pardon the rhyming, haha. The parallel between Sam’s new life as a P.I. and Dylan’s involvement in his African charity underlined how much can change in a relatively short period of time. He’s a recovering asshole, and honestly apologized to Sam for doing what he did. As drawn Sam was to “better times” when she walked away from Dylan, I could see that part of her past lift from her shoulders in a way she needed.

A large part of that happening was simply Eddie recognizing she needed closure.

“I think you deserve to know for sure who he really is”

Eddie’s past isn’t the one being highlighted here, but his actions say far more than his signature and hilarious snark. He finds the truth, no matter what, and wasn’t going to give up until he could find that – for the client, but more importantly for Sam. The effect she’s had on him is hard to miss by everyone, except himself. Detective Chris has shot to my favorite new cop on T.V. when she respected Eddie enough to point it out. I can’t imagine anything happening between Sam and Eddie that quickly given the long held TV rules you don’t get characters together until there’s been a few seasons under their belt. But maybe, these writers might break the mold.

Either way I’m officially hooked on Take Two, and really only have one question left.

Is it next Thursday yet?

Final Thoughts

  • Monica and Berto’s working relationship continues to be a comedy of dialogue that I will never get tired of. Monica is just “part-time” who earns a picture on the brand new website by Wix!
  • I love that Sam is already comfortable enough in that office she’ll greet Eddie wearing curlers in her hair – which in no way takes away how attractive Rachel Bilson is. Damn.
  • Eddie’s insistent on paper maps reminded me strongly of my parent’s insistence I shouldn’t rely on Google Maps to navigate all the time. Welcome to the 21st century Mr. Valetik, courtesy of your teasing fellow associate and partner – Berto and Sam!
  • I wasn’t sure how detective Chris was going to fit into this show, but she gained my immediate respect laying it out on how already working with Sam has changed him. The fact that it was out of a true respect to who he is and their ahem friendship was even better. Can we get to know this lady too please?
  • The fact that Sam’s fiance came back this quickly was a tiny bit surprising, but the pace of not letting Sam’s past continuously follow her in this way was a welcome change from most TV dramas.

Take Two airs Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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