Take Two 1×05 Review: “Death Becomes Him”

Talk about a death defying wake up call. Seriously out of everything I expected to see on Take Two, watching them craft the kind of story they did on tonight’s “Death Becomes Him” throws it all out the window. Castle fans like myself, loved Seamus Dever’s guest character Todd who was the subject of this week’s fake murder mystery.

Todd, a married man with two kids, decides that the best idea to solve an issue like terminal cancer is to hire a hitman. I’d say it’s unreal, but I’ve seen people do crazier things in reality so why not? Sadly when the misdiagnosis revealed he was not dying, the hitman was still determined to put him in the ground.

Let’s dive into it shall we?

Living Life by Dodging Death

Sam and Eddie’s rhythm in mystery solving is literally getting more impressive by the episode. If my partner called me in the wee hours to meet a client in an underground parking garage, I wouldn’t have answered so nicely. Instead Sam is clearly determined to live her current calling in life to the fullest – which I’m assuming includes an inordinate amount of caffeine at 4 am. I loved how despite the deeply strange circumstances of this potential client they didn’t waste a second in keeping him safe, and figuring out who he landed as a hitman online.

You know when they say the internet has all the solutions, I doubt they meant this one. Thankfully it doesn’t take long for Sam, Eddie, and Berto to track down this “Azrael” through his electrical engineering skills. Side note, if anyone ever judges Sam on her profession or past again, I’ll be too busy yelling “she’s a creative genius” while I smack them through the screen. I would however be simultaneously recommending when you break into a bad guy’s lair, make sure at least one of you stays outside the scary looking cage.

Sam’s optimism was no match in the face of likely death from a called out hitman, and for a second there I was truly afraid for these two. Thank God that Sam refuses to die in a cage lit fire, and “creatively” finds a way to get the hell out of there. I’ll discuss more about this scene later….trust me. What was important is that the hitman was caught, and Todd is safe!

For about two seconds till his car blows up. Forget nine lives I think the man has twenty and counting. Between surviving falling off a railing, nearly getting hit by a car, almost blowing up in a car, and then getting rescued from a gas leak! The twists the mystery about why a second unknown person is trying to kill Todd jump so fast I felt like I got whiplash watching. Granted I don’t mind a story that keeps me guessing, but please pace it a tiny bit slower I beg you. Thankfully during the craziness there’ time for another signature Sam disguise trips, where Sam throws on a delightful funeral outfit, and a bearded Todd to find his killer….at his funeral. Only on this show, I swear.

Todd, as lost as he feels, trusts Sam and Eddie to spill not only his life threatening problems, but his inner battle as well. It was weird to see Seamus Dever in a role other than Kevin Ryan I admit, but his turn as Todd opened up how quickly things can go badly. You can’t take a moment for granted, and at the end of the day if you know who you are the rest you can figure out.

Something I think our leads are beginning to realize more than they know.

The surprising story of Sam & Eddie

When a show is starting out, I’ve learned that it does take a few episodes to work out the kinks, so to speak. My complaints about the pacing aside, Sam and Eddie remain the draw and compelling reasons to keep tuning in each Thursday. Eddie’s experience in this field is clear, but Sam’s ability to pick up thinking the way you need to is pretty damn impressive.

However what surprises more than anything, is if there’s a typical track to follow about a “will they won’t they” story, I’m not so sure that’s the path the writers are sending these two on. I’d expect the good sassy Detective Rollins – who I’m beginning to love dearly – to tease Sam, and Eddie over bra belt shenanigans a couple seasons in. A scene that I fully admit to rewatching a few times, not just because it was adorable watching Eddie melt in about five seconds when Sam grabbed him, but seeing her ingenuity under stress.

I loved a lot about this episode, but hands down my favorite moment was when Sam went “screw this” and figured out a way to live in a locked electrified cage with a contract killer on the loose. If this show wants to keep surprising me with where they are taking these two, I’m on board – especially for everything about a story that never ceases to throw “typical” out the door.

So if typical has been booted out consider me hooked, line and sinker to Take Two.

Final Thoughts

  • I know speed is of the essence, but I really would have liked to have seen how Sam & Eddie convinced Todd to trap Hugh into a confession after he ordered them out. That felt a little too jarring for my taste.
  • Sam has a heart of gold to match Eddie’s tracking down his longboard so he could have the choice to go out, and surf again. Seriously these two are too adorable for my fangirl heart to take sometimes.
  • Take a vote guys, I have seen the name “Valeswift” making its rounds on Tumblr. Is this the ship name now, or should I stick to sam x eddie?
  • I am hoping we get to see more backstory for Berto, and Monica since these two make me laugh too much to stand on the sidelines for long.

Take Two airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.