‘Take Two’ 1×09 Review: “Shadows of the Past”

Hello, my fellow Take Two fans. It’s good to be back writing about this show after a few weeks off (surgery is no fun), and that I get to come back to a truly intriguing hour aptly named “Shadows of the Past.” The twist this time is it’s Eddie’s past we get to glimpse at, not Sam’s. I admit I’m appreciating how these writers are not shying away from breaking a stereotypical pace of getting to know these characters.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Look to the Past for Answers

Experience has an annoying tendency to teach a lot about the past. How it can follow you around, haunt you, and affect the choices you make today no matter how high the year count is. Eddie, for all his gruffness and blunt manner, has a complicated past that has defined who he is today. Part of it came into sharp view, as it became clear Chris Rollins is the only cop willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to work with him without ostracizing him every five minutes.

I award a thousand points to the badass lady cop who I really respect the hell out of. My list is extensive, but quite honestly aside from respecting Eddie for what he can do, it was recognizing how things changed when Sam came into the picture. She didn’t bat an eye taking herself out of that circle, and isn’t following any eye rolling worthy drama of being “jealous” of the new lady on the scene. As for the “other” cop on the scene however….

I can understand why Detective Elder has a low opinion of Eddie, but acting like that I would consider deeply unprofessional, and more than tempting to snap at this guy. Thankfully Eddie has far more poise at confronting this part of his past with Sam there which is more than good when a particularly scary killer is on the loose.

This week’s case centers around a serial killer whose typical track record goes off the rails when a client of Eddie and Sam’s turns up dead – right after he asked them to find his missing wife. What’s impressive is that each time I think I’ve possibly guessed who the culprit is, the show flips the script and surprises me. It’s a refreshing change of pace from a lot of television I’ve seen in the past few years. The entire case gets weirder from the start, but what I found more surprising than anything was the time spent on conversations, not just plot.

Talking Says a Lot About Your Actions

Look I’m not going to lie here, if I had any kind of expectation regarding how this “will they won’t they” dynamic would go, that’s been thrown out the window. These characters are allowed to be unapologetically themselves without any kind of fanfare or extra drama coming from a lack of communication. In fact there’s so much communication going on it’s a tiny bit mindblowing.

When Sam met Eddie he wouldn’t budge an inch about his life and what he does. Now after spending all this “court ordered” time with her, their dynamic has eased into one of trust, respect, and a lot more affection than I doubt either of them bargained for. Between last week, and this week’s episode it’s clear that despite however strongly Sam and Eddie feel tied to their pasts when given the choice they like where they are now. Eddie has gone from looking at her as an annoying tag along celebrity to a partner who he trusts to have his back. The fact that he has no problem admitting it makes me want to yell “See a man can be honest about his feelings in modern society” to the world.

Eddie’s comfort in the police world speaks volumes of how good he was in that profession, and how much it hurt when he left after ratting out those dirty cops and all the consequences of that choice. I don’t doubt if he went back he wouldn’t make the same choice, but living with what happened after is something we are all too familiar with – especially in the choice ridden landscape of adulthood. The surprise of his life though walked in that door in the form of an actress who takes no sh*t and is completely unabashedly herself.

Sam and Eddie’s closeness is equal parts heartwarming and squeal-worthy for my inner fangirl. Part of me is aching for them to step over that line and kiss so I can die a happy fangirl death, but part of me also wonders what will happen if they do that this “early” on. Either way I’m excited to see how the rest of the season goes, and wondering what will happen when Sam’s six months are up. Please don’t rip my heart into shreds writers, it’s been a rough TV year.

Final Thoughts

  • Can Mick aka the wonderful Jordan Gavaris be in every episode please? He’s so enthusiastic and adorable it makes my heart melt every time he’s on screen.
  • Sam being the one in the bed was impressive as hell because I had a feeling it was her, but I did not recognize Rachel Bilson’s voice first off. She really is good at voices, haha.
  • The more time we get with Monica and Berto investigating, the more I want to see them out of that office. Can that happen please and thank you.
  • Chris Rollins deserves an MVP for being the best lady detective on the force – smart capable lady who takes as much shit as Sam does aka none, and still manages to work in step with Eddie and not hold a grudge.

Take Two airs Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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