Taylor Swift is Brilliant in New Song “Gorgeous”

If you haven’t heard it by now, we suggest you listen to Taylor Swift’s new song “Gorgeous”. It’s brilliant, witty, and just plain catchy.

After releasing two songs back-to-back in August, Taylor Swift took a break from releasing new music for a while. Instead, she chose to release behind-the-scenes footage from her music video “Look What You Made Me Do” and casually announced her own social media app called The Swift Life. So, yes, it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard what else is to come from her upcoming album reputation, which is why were filled with enthusiasm when she announced a new promo track entitled “Gorgeous” was on its way.

As the clock struck 12, we couldn’t wait any longer. Our needy hands pressed the play button, anticipating hearing a new Swift song for the first time. And yes, it was quite the experience, one of the best in our opinion. We relished in the fact that this was a more grown-up Taylor, and one that we’ve fallen in love with. “Gorgeous” is a bop of pure bliss and it’s simply brilliant.

The track appears to be a little trippy and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to sound. When we listen to the lyrics, we know from the very beginning that Swift is under the influence, which allows the rest of the track to make a lot more sense. Each lyric sung is sung in a way that makes you believe that not only is Swift under the influence and filled with emotions, so is the listener. The overused words “compliment” and “consequence” are meant to show a feeling of intoxication and simply repeating oneself, which is essentially what one does when under the influence.

If you listen closely to Swift’s vocals, you can tell that she’s so filled with emotion that it’s almost laughable. It’s the mood of the song, and it’s brilliantly brought to the forefront. Yes, Swift is speaking about an attraction to someone else that isn’t her boyfriend and she’s laughing in pure honesty with how ridiculous but real the situation is.

“You’re so cool it makes me hate you so much,” she sings as her emotions move up and down. She focuses so much on the opposite attraction and how attracted she is to this one person, which is a perspective we don’t hear much of in a song, especially from a female. A Swift song is all about context and the context here is brilliant, happy, and so pure with incredible vocal ability. Not to mention, it’s a great, radio-friendly song that will forever be stuck in our heads until the end of time.

You can listen to “Gorgeous” by watching the lyric video below:

Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album reputation will hit stores everywhere on November 10.


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