Taylor Swift Gives A Speech At Her Concert That Will Move You To Tears

I didn’t need to cry this morning, but Taylor Swift has me in tears. It’s like she crawls inside the brains of so many people and says that the things that we need to say.

Taylor gave a speech at her concert and it truly made me feel like I needed to change to the channel in my own mind. She is courageous and inspirational.

“You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile,” Swift said.

Totally true.

“I think that we mistake our mistakes for damage.” she said, “The way I see our mistakes is they don’t make your damaged. They make you clean.”

You guys might not be the biggest taylor fan but this speech is truly amazing, it will make you see taylor from my perspective as an amazing talented inspiring and a beautiful woman and not what the media shows of her everyone needs to watch this it honestly made me cry she doesn't deserve all the hate

Posted by Madjda Styles on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One has to love her. Sound off in the comments!


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