Taylor Swift Reveals New Album “Reputation” to Drop This November

Taylor Swift has answered all of our prayers! It’s the day Swifties have been waiting AGES for. 2 years, 9 months and 27 days to be exact!

Taylor Swift revealed on Instagram that a new single will drop tomorrow night with her new album “Reputation” expected to arrive on November 10th!

Earlier this week, Swift underwent a social media blackout, turning all of her social media sites into a “blank space.”

Then, she posted three cryptic videos of parts of a snake leading into the announcement this afternoon of the new single and album.

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

“Reputation” will be Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album and will come on the heals of her Grammy Award winning album “1989.”

We’ll be freaking out all day about this Taylor Swift news and jumping for joy that our queen of pop has returned!

Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” will drop on November 10th

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