Teen Wolf: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

It’s been four months since the end of Teen Wolf Season 5B. Four months since the reveal – and defeat – of the Beast, the takedown of the Dread Doctors (and Theo), and the departure of Kira Yukimura. After a finale that wrapped up many of the show’s loose ends, we are left with one big question: what comes next?

With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, we finally have the chance to get some answers. We know that Jeff Davis and a TBA panel of Beacon Hills favorites will be taking the stage in Ballroom 20 to debut a first look at Season 6 and discuss what’s to come with fans. But at this point, we don’t know much else. With so much shrouded in mystery for Season 6, here are the 5 questions we need answered at SDCC.

1. When will MTV grace our televisions with new Teen Wolf episodes?

The first question is short and sweet – but we need to know. MTV has confirmed that Jeff Davis & Co. will be bringing an exclusive first look at the Season 6 trailer to Comic-Con. They have also announced that Teen Wolf will be returning sometime this fall. So it seems natural that long with that trailer, we’ll be getting the exact date that Scott McCall and pack will be reentering our lives. Fingers crossed.

2. How big of a threat is that Nazi werewolf?

The 5B finale wrapped things up pretty neatly… except for that Nazi werewolf, who somehow managed to break out of his containment tank and leave a trail of footprints out of the Dread Doctors’ lab and into Beacon Hills. We’ve seen several “mega-wolves” of sorts over the course of the show, from Deucalion and Peter to the Beast (and even Liam on the Supermoon) – so how bad can this one be?

Knowing Jeff Davis, pretty bad. We’re dying to know just how big of a threat the Nazi werewolf poses to Scott and his pack – and what his agenda will be, beyond the presumable maiming and killing and all that jazz.

3. What is the pack’s #1 priority?

That said, at far as we know, the pack isn’t aware of the Nazi werewolf’s release. They had just dealt with pretty much all of the major threats standing in their way: the Dread Doctors, the Beast, Gerard, and Theo. But what happens now?

Hayden is a proper werewolf. Parrish and Mason, at the very least, are likely to be dealing with some significant effects from their Hellhound vs. Beast throwdown. Scott finally got his pack back – only to lose Kira again as she departed for the desert and the Skinwalkers. While Scott, Stiles, and Lydia still need to graduate, we’re guessing it won’t be business as usual for very long. We would be fascinated to hear Jeff and the cast pinpoint where the pack’s priorities will lie when Season 6 opens.

4. What’s going on with Stiles?

As much as we love the newer additions to Teen Wolf, the OGs still have our hearts. Now that we’ve gotten a big update on where Scott will stand in Season 6 – single and ready to mingle focus on himself and his pack – we have to wonder about Stiles.

Regardless of his injury, Dylan O’Brien would have been absent for a good portion of Season 6 filming due to work on Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Knowing that – and knowing that the upcoming season will deal with mind control – we’re more than a little concerned about one Stiles Stilinski.

All we have to say is that if Stiles is in danger or will have a reduced presence this season, the fans need to know. We hope the panel can offer some intel on what’s going on with him.

5. Stydia: Y/N?

Love it or hate it, Stydia will reportedly be playing a big role in Season 6 (at least in the premiere episode). Executive Producer Jeff Davis previously teased that Season 6 “has a great Lydia-Stiles story” that he thinks “will make a lot of Stydia fans happy.” Though this kind of talk isn’t exactly new in the Teen Wolf world, something about this time feels different. It’s always worth asking what to expect, right?

Teen Wolf will take SDCC by storm in a Ballroom 20 panel taking place Thursday, July 21 from 4:30-5:30 PM. The show returns to MTV this fall.

What Teen Wolf question do you need answered at SDCC?

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