‘Teen Wolf’ 5×09 Recap: Deception, Disgrace

Teen Wolf‘s penultimate episode of Season 5A, “Lies of Omission,” brought the pain for the pack as it put the pieces in place for next week’s finale. We got a major break in the ongoing “What is Parrish?” case, trouble for Liam and Hayden (especially the latter, whose condition may be approaching terminal), and the long-teased, excruciatingly painful “break-up” scene between Scott and Stiles. Meanwhile, even as he struggles with the Dread Doctors, Theo seems to be moving things into place for his (still unknown) master plan.

The episode kicks off with an impressive voiceover scene, in which Scott brings viewers (and, as we later find out, Theo) up to speed. It’s been 5 days since Liam and Hayden’s rescue. Scott’s asthma is back with a vengeance, and he still doesn’t know what he can do to save everyone. His friends aren’t really talking to each other, which makes it easier to keep secrets – even if they’re just lies of omission. Lydia and Stiles are searching for the Nemeton, trying to find the bodies and figure out what’s up with Parrish. The Sheriff and his deputies are investigating any genetic chimeras, as they could turn out to be the supernatural kind. The pack is keeping a close eye on the two chimeras they do know about, Hayden and Corey, but they seem to be doing fine. Basically, Scott is feeling very unsure of himself… but it doesn’t deter Theo from joining his pack. He says he’s with Scott “for better or worse” – and is counting on there being worse.

After the credits, we check in with the Dread Doctors – even getting a glimpse at one’s scarred arm underneath the steampunk suit. Theo begs the Dreads for more time, and to spare Hayden’s life. He says they promised him a pack. Guess he should have gotten that in writing: the Dreads respond, “We promised you nothing.”

Stilinski and Parrish investigate the room where the latter was attacked by Glow Claws in “Creatures of the Night,” which seems to be a mobile lab of sorts for the Dread Doctors. The two decide to look for the failed chimeras instead of new ones by using UV lights to find any traces of mercury.

Speaking of mercury, the substance – which seems to signify that a chimera is approaching “condition terminal” –  starts leaking from Hayden’s nose, ruining a cute makeout scene with Liam between school buses. Hayden begs Liam not to tell anyone.

Our favorite detective duo, Lydia and Stiles, are having trouble finding the Nemeton. Lydia’s banshee skills aren’t helping her find the bodies they believe they will find at the tree, and Stiles is still reluctant to go straight to Parrish. He nearly slips up and reveals what happened with Donovan, but covers and says that one of the bodies could be a clue – and that Parrish is dangerous.


Back at school, Scott tries to have a “father-son” moment with Liam in the locker room, reminding his Beta that he will be there for him during the next day’s supermoon (which should be great for the finale). However, Liam is having his rebellious teen phase, and he storms off.

Since someone – Lydia, Parrish, etc. – discovering the bodies seems inevitable, Theo tries to convince Stiles that it’s time to tell Scott about what happened with Donovan and Josh. Since the True Alpha has been making decisions that don’t fall under his usual wheelhouse (i.e. what happened with Corey last week), Theo doesn’t think he’ll blame them for the self-defense murders. Stiles turns and sees himself impaled in the library, the way Donovan died – probably a strong sign that he doesn’t share Theo’s optimism.

Moving back to one of the chimeras who is still alive, Corey’s new powers are definitely kicking in. Mason witnesses him snapping the lock off his locker and volunteers to help Corey test his impressive new strength in the weight room. Mason encourages Corey to go to Scott for help, but the chimera is understandably wary.

The Sheriff takes his UV mercury search to the library, where he discovers traces of the substance and begins to connect the dots to conversations with Stiles and the key card scans from Stiles and Theo’s IDs.

In class, Theo tells Scott that he needs to tell him something about Stiles. NO, THEO. NO. They’re interrupted by sirens – an ambulance for Corey, whose weightlifting prowess has devolved to major mercury leakage. Corey begs Scott not to let “them” kill him as the ambulance drives him away. Scott and Theo start driving to the hospital, and Scott prompts Theo to tell him what he was going to in class, determined for the pack to start talking to each other again. Theo “reluctantly” tells Scott “what happened” with Stiles and Donovan. He has the bloody wrench in his glove compartment, and he weaves a tale of Stiles going out of control with anger, beating Donovan’s head in before Theo pulled him off the dead chimera. “It didn’t even look real,” Theo says. Maybe because it wasn’t? Theo says he tried to justify Stiles’ actions as self-defense, but that he’s never seen anyone that angry. He encourages Scott to talk to Stiles, but the Alpha is totally stunned by these revelations.

Malia’s back at school in Ms. Martin’s history class, where she notices a classmate, Beth, appears to be a chimera. After biting off her fingernail, Beth runs from the room. Malia attempts to follow, but Ms. Martin says she needs to stay in class. Malia realizes that Lydia’s mother must know what’s going on – what’s really going on – and flashes her eyes at her to provoke a confession. Hardly phased, Ms. Martin says she thinks Malia and her friends need to focus more on their schoolwork. Talk about another “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills” moment! Still, Malia runs after Beth to offer assistance. Beth says the werecoyote doesn’t know anything about her “condition,” backhanding Malia, freaking out, and running outside – where one of the Dread Doctors promptly breaks her neck.


Stiles sees an obviously upset Malia walking through the halls and asks what happened. She says she hates losing like this, and she can’t deal with another body – another failure.

Scott and Theo arrive at the hospital to find chaos. Corey is missing, and he appears to have caused some damage. As the boys run off to find him, Corey materializes from the wall they just passed. Hello, cool invisibility powers! We don’t have too much time to appreciate Corey’s awesomeness, though, because the Dread Doctors arrive and stab him in the ambulance bay. Crossing our fingers so hard that he isn’t permanently dead, because we kind of adored him. Scott and Theo find the body and decide they need to secure Hayden’s safety.

The police arrive on the scene at the hospital, and, not finding Scott there, the Sheriff pulls Theo aside for a private word. He confronts Theo about the library key card, and Theo tells a new tale. Donovan was searching for Stiles to kill him in front of his dad, but Stiles wasn’t at the library. Donovan asked Theo where Stiles was, but he didn’t say anything, so the chimera attacked him. Theo, tears in his eyes, recounts “how the murder happened” – this time, exactly how it actually happened, but with Theo committing the act instead of Stiles. He says he dialed 911, but when the deputy got there, the body and blood were gone. He didn’t know what to do, so he didn’t do anything. The Sheriff hugs him, and we see Theo’s true psychopath eyes over Stilinski’s shoulder.

Lydia takes Parrish into the preserve to look for the Nemeton. Parrish seems to subconsciously remember some things, but he can’t quite connect all the dots. Stiles leaves Lydia a message informing her about the new body and warning her not to get in Parrish’s way if he goes after it. Lydia tries to stop Parrish overthinking the Nemeton location by fighting him in a clearing, which is honestly pretty badass. His eyes flash orange, and he turns to see the Nemeton in the next copse of trees – and it’s covered in bodies.


Newly aware of his body-snatcher status, Parrish panics and wants to turn himself in. Lydia realizes that Parrish isn’t covering up bodies – he’s covering up the supernatural. He’s keeping the secret safe, and she’s sure he’s not one of the bad guys. So what is he?! We don’t get a final answer just yet, but Parrish finally reveals the rest of his dream for Lydia: every time he brings a body to the Nemeton, he adds it to the rest of the pile, which is made up of hundreds of corpses. Talk about nightmare material. Parrish and Lydia head back to the station, where the deputy locks himself up to protect everyone from himself and refuses to let the Sheriff release him. Parrish comes clean about being the body-snatcher to Stilinski, saying that he definitely doesn’t remember doing it, but that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone – so he’s staying in the cell for now.

Worried about Hayden’s prospects after what happened with Corey, Liam grabs her and they try to make a run for it. They grab cash from the safe at Sinema and prepare to leave town, but the Dread Doctors arrive on the scene and thwart their escape attempt. Liam yells for Hayden to run as Scott and Theo appear to help Liam fight off the Dreads. Though both werewolves get in some impressive hits, they don’t seem to have any effect on the Doctors. Face to face with one of them, Theo reiterates that he needs more time.

While the boys are tied up in combat, another of the Doctors injects Hayden’s neck with something. Thankfully, it seems to be a false alarm: she isn’t dead! The boys aren’t sure if she’ll heal or if something is happening to her on the inside that could make her condition even worse. Scott sends Theo and Liam to take Hayden to the animal clinic, saying he’ll meet them there. Liam asks Theo what they can do to help Hayden, hoping that she’ll heal. Theo says chimeras are like “cheap knockoffs” of the werewolves: they don’t heal the same way, and he’s not sure what to do about the mercury used by the Dreads. Thanks to his “devil on the shoulder” status, Theo subtly brings Liam to the conclusion that the bite may save Hayden. (You’ve got to love/hate those infuriating rearview mirror shots that show Theo has people exactly where he wants them.) However, they’ll have to wait for Scott since he’s the only one of them who can transform someone.

Scott arrives outside the animal clinic some time later, with rain pouring down like the tears we will all be shedding in a few minutes. Stiles pulls up just behind him in the Jeep (it’s alive!!), which is barely clinging to life. Scott confronts Stiles about Donovan, holding out the wrench and asking Stiles if it’s his. Stiles says he was going to tell Scott what happened, but he couldn’t. We see that Theo is overhearing the whole conversation from inside, adding a whole new layer of worry to the ordeal. Scott and Stiles’ confrontation is built on frustration and half-truths. Thanks to Theo’s not-so-pretty, not-so-little lies, the “self-defense” part of what really happened with Donovan has been lost in translation. Scott thinks that Stiles still had a choice about what to do, and that the way the murder happened (Theo’s version) wasn’t self-defense. Stiles, who of course didn’t have supernatural powers to defend himself, maintains that he didn’t have a choice and says, “Guess what, all of us can’t be True Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are human!” He begs Scott to believe him and asks what he can do to make things right. Though Scott says he wants to believe Stiles, he’s hung up on the murder issue. He tells Stiles not to worry about Malia and Lydia, who they haven’t been able to reach, and suggests that Stiles should talk to his dad, before walking inside and leaving his bestie devastated out in the pouring rain (and our hearts absolutely destroyed).


Inside the clinic, Hayden has taken a turn for the worse, and Liam thinks she may be dying. He reminds Scott of his promise to do anything he could to save her and asks his Alpha to give Hayden the bite – a plea he refuses. Somehow we don’t think that Scott’s refusal and Liam’s desperation will be a good combination next week – especially since Betas can steal their Alpha’s power by killing them, and Scott just gave Liam a terrifying incentive to do so.


What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 5×09, “Lies of Omission”?

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