‘Teen Wolf’ 5×11 Recap: To Hell(hound) and Back

It’s good to be back in Beacon Hills – for us, at least, if not for the pack. Season 5B kicked off with an #INTENSE episode, “The Last Chimera,” which dealt with the fallout from the midseason finale while laying the groundwork for all-new supernatural peril.

The episode opening parallels 5A with Lydia and Dr. Valack in Eichen House. Valack has drilled a hole in Lydia’s head (gotta love trepanation), but he does seem to be working toward the greater good – at least, he’d better be. He’s trying to help her remember what happened with Theo – and, more specifically, why he let his sister die. Through Lydia, we see that 10-year-old Theo wanted his sister’s heart – the hypothermic conditions would keep the organ viable, and the transplant would make him a genetic chimera. Why the Dread Doctors chose him and why he went along with it still remain mysteries, but we do learn what the Dreads were trying to do: create the perfect killer, presumably the Beast of Gévaudan. And now, they’ve done it. Valack needs to determine why the Doctors chose Theo, why he wasn’t right for the part, and why they changed their methods to figure out exactly what their agenda is.


But this is all still happening in the future. Back in real time, Sheriff Stilinski is in mortal peril. We see him being wheeled into the emergency room. Stiles is distraught and arguing with a nurse about insurance, but luckily Melissa is on-hand to reassure him and sort out the paperwork.

With all this intensity, it seems like it’s time for a shirtless and/or make out scene… and Teen Wolf delivers with a two-for-one. Parrish is having another hallucination, this time in the shower – and Lydia appears, too. They kiss, but soon enough, it’s back to doom and gloom – he notices dirt and leaves in the drain and asks what’s happening, and she reminds him that he’s a harbinger of death. Someone is dying. Parrish takes the hint, and, after nearly causing a car accident (don’t have visions and drive, folks), calls for backup in the form of Deputy Clarke, certain that Lydia is in trouble. The police station is kind of short-staffed at the moment, so Parrish brilliantly decides to head into the preserve alone to look for her. After finding Lydia comatose, he brings her to Scott – who isn’t in the greatest shape himself. The deputy tells Scott about the seven-pointed star Lydia scratched into a rock in the woods with her fingernails – a sheriff’s badge. Scott thinks it’s a warning, and they head for the hospital with Lydia in tow.

At the hospital, Stiles attacks Scott, blaming him for what happened to Stilinski. “Where the hell were you?!” he demands. Scott informes Stiles that the Sheriff wasn’t the only one who got hurt. “Oh, you’ll heal,” Stiles responds dismissively. “I wasn’t talking about me,” Scott replies.


After this shocking news, Stiles goes to visit Lydia – but Ms. Martin promptly kicks him out of the room, blaming Stiles and the pack for her daughter’s condition. He calls for her to check the back of Lydia’s neck, where she discovers Theo’s claw marks. Lydia starts repeating “I told you to stay in the car,” which is what her mom said to her when she was a kid and they went to visit her grandmother in Eichen House.

Seemingly not taking the hint that Eichen House is a seriously creepy place, Ms. Martin signs Lydia’s admission papers with Dr. Fenris. Parrish is adamant that it’s a mistake – and that he’ll do whatever it takes to get her out of there. Later, the doctor loads Lydia into an ambulance – somehow transforming into Valack, who apparently has a few new tricks up his sleeve – and he and the creepy orderly take her away.

The younger members of the pack are not without their own struggles. Liam is determined to find Hayden after catching her scent and realizing(/hoping) she must still be alive. He still blames himself for what happened – not being able to save Hayden, and trying to kill Scott – but Mason reassures him. They decide to look for the Nemeton (and the bodies that come along with it). Mason realizes that Liam needs to look for this supernatural tree that has to want to be found with his supernatural eyes – and it works. They find the Nemeton… but so do the cops, led by none other than Hayden.

Meanwhile, Stiles decides that going after Theo may be their only chance to save the Sheriff. Though Stiles is still majorly pissed at Scott – and is in fact pushing all of his friends away – Scott tries to convince his (former?) BFF that he needs his help. All seems to be forgiven on the Donovan murder front in light of Stilinski’s condition. Stiles reluctantly lets Scott in on the action, and they wait for Theo, using a shirt to cover up the True Alpha’s scent and make it seem like he is still dead.

Theo does offer some useful information, probably unintentionally. He admits that if Parrish is indeed a Hellhound, “things are going to get a lot worse.” It’s Beacon Hills, what did you expect? Stiles and Scott are also able to infer that Theo wasn’t the one who attacked Stilinski, which means it’s time to track down another chimera. The duo find a lead in sophomore Noah Patrick, who was recently reported missing. Scott calls in Malia for backup, despite Stiles not wanting her involved (or around). As Malia says, they “kind of broke up.” (To which Scott replies, “Yeah, we kind of broke up, too.” SCILES FEELINGS.)


Unfortunately, Scott, Stiles, and Malia aren’t the only ones looking for Noah: he’s on the run from the Dread Doctors. For being slow walkers, these guys really get around. Our trio finds the chimera first, but Noah knocks out Stiles (instantly putting him on our shit list), who flashes back to his mom’s funeral – and his dad saying “You still got me.” When he comes to, the Dreads are closing in – so Stiles is tasked with getting Noah to the hospital, while Scott and Malia stay to fight them off. Malia is sure it’s a suicide mission, but luckily, Scott called in some more backup – Chris Argent.

Back at the hospital, the Sheriff’s surgeon (a.k.a. Liam’s stepfather) is getting suspicious of Stilinski’s condition and how much Melissa seems to know about the odd things going on in town. She admits that there’s more to the story, but that she can’t tell him anything that will help the Sheriff. Stiles realizes that part of Noah’s Berserker bone protrusion is what’s poisoning his dad and calls up Melissa, who convinces the surgeon to open the Sheriff back up and remove it. Stilinski is safe… but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Noah, who is killed by the Dread Doctors.

Hayden and Theo were also looking for Noah, but they were too late. They do find a symbol clawed into a piece of metal, though – a circle within a circle. It’s a symbol for Scott’s pack and a promise to reunite them.

But because we can’t end on a happy note, we return to Eichen House. Theo and his undead chimera squad (minus Hayden) break in looking for Lydia. Valack asks them to leave her be, saying that “the Dread Doctors don’t know how important she is.” But Theo isn’t there for her – he’s looking for a Hellhound. And as Parrish rips down the gate, covered in flames, it seems like Theo got exactly what he came for.

What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 5×11, “The Last Chimera”?



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