‘Teen Wolf’ 5×15 Roundtable: Discussing “Amplification”

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Before tomorrow’s new episode, we’re breaking down last week’s new installment of Teen Wolf, “Amplification” – from exactly how well the #EscapeFromEichen is going to our love for the ladies of Beacon Hills, as well as overall thoughts on the season thus far and where we go from here.

This week kicked off the two-part Eichen House escape. Before we get down to details, let’s give the rescue mission plan and execution thus far a score (1-10).

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: 7/10 – As far as McCall pack plans go, this was one of their better ones. They really thought things through, explored their options (going to the police – hello, Sheriff – for help before it’s a last resort? They HAVE learned.), and demonstrated their commitment to getting Lydia the hell out of Eichen House. I mean, hiding in those body bags? That’s dedication. Unfortunately, putting the guy who has a tendency to burst into flames and wander off in a fugue state on getaway driver duty probably wasn’t the best idea. Points for trying, but as Theo would say, I’ll admit that mistakes were made.

Lyra: 7/10 – The McCall pack gets points for pulling together and getting inside Eichen House. They worked on supporting each other through all their faults, making them more powerful. Also, they’re there to save their friend and make their pack whole again. Friendship points! Points get taken away for not completing the mission and time management. If they had more time to plan, they could have practiced. (I’m looking at you Kira. I love you, but time and repeated attempts would’ve helped you concentrate and keep things in sync with the guys downstairs.)

Caryn: 7/10 – I have to give them a few extra points for good planning. Some of the ideas they had were ingenious – even the extra add-ons like Malia getting her friend to cause a diversion by streaking – while I think some of the major hiccups that they had were from forces beyond their control. I think the only thing they could have done better was to get backup outside of Eichen House to bail them out.

Sherry: 5/10 – It was great in theory, but I feel like by now they should know to come in with at least a plan B, if not C and D as well. With Theo on the loose, you gotta expect the unexpected. And let’s be real, Parrish should have been part of the plan all along, not just the getaway driver.

Gwen: 7/10 – Mostly because their plan totally didn’t work for the most part, but they did make it farther than I thought they would. If it weren’t for the end with Scott and Liam and that badass exit, I would have given it a 4 or 5.

Beth: 7/10 – Heck yeah to an actual planning session where everyone has a part in and one that doesn’t leave mastermind Stiles behind with Peter. Also, this plan actually included the Sheriff which is such a big step up for them. It might not be legal, but it was parent-sanctioned?! Everything that happened though to bog down the plan, the unexpected glitches were all handled with aplomb. It’s not like we didn’t know the plan would be shot to Hell given where they were headed.

Lauren: 9/10 – It would have been a perfect 10 if Mason was in it – or was he as the Beast? I loved how they ran through the plan Ocean’s Eleven style and everyone was so focused on saving Lydia. Team McCall pack forever.

Madison: 5/10 – I’m kind of with Malia on this one – I didn’t think they could do it, but I believed in them. But regardless, their failures became successes – and I’m gonna chalk that one up to Scott McCall finally getting some good luck. I mean dang, if anyone deserves a break, it’s that kid.

Iris: 8/10 – They tried their best with what they were given, but rescue plans often go awry in Beacon Hills. Remember when Derek and Scott went to rescue Boyd and Erica? Yeah. No bueno. But out of all the rescue missions, this is the better one. They thought it out properly, had a chance to scale the locked doors (Go ‘head Stiles, with your smart self) and Kira practiced while Malia tried to be a cheerleader. So this is why they get a solid B. Good job, team!

Loving the focus on the ladies, which was prominent again this week. Thoughts on the Kira/Malia interactions?

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: This two-part Eichen House escape arc is really giving the show a chance to mix up the dynamic – and I am loving it. We’ve seen glimpses of Kira, Malia, and Lydia’s friendship before (remember driver’s ed?), but this episode did an amazing job of fleshing out that relationship – both with Kira and Malia on-screen and their determination to do whatever it takes to save the absent Lydia. And Malia may take best line of the episode with “This isn’t about you. This is about Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.” PREACH.

Lyra: They were a bit stunted by Malia’s inability to understand her own emotions or those of the people around her. The scene in the class lab was funny, even though Malia was frustrated half the time because she couldn’t wrap her mind around why Kira couldn’t do it. Kira, being the special unicorn/kitsune that she is kept on trying no matter what happened or what piece of glass flew into her friend’s face. Malia eventually came through by noting Kira’s hesitation and providing unconditional support. It’s still a learning process for both women. One lacks the social skills because of years in the forest, and the other is struggling with confidence issues and that pesky inner fox. Together, with time, they can give the other what they are missing.

Friendships like these are important and need to be explored. The reason isn’t only because they’re females, but because their relationship is independent of any other man on the show. They have their own sphere of focus that enriches the kind of women they are. Basically, they become more relatable.

Caryn: I loved the Kira/Malia moments, and I especially enjoyed how real they were. Malia held nothing back when it came to criticising Kira’s abilities – she didn’t coddle her or feel sympathy for her. But Malia also learnt to encourage Kira and help her along by believing in her and getting her to do what she must. It’s a great dynamic.

Sherry: Malia is quickly becoming my favorite character. I love seeing her give her unique brand of tough love to Kira, who, let’s be real, desperately needs it.

Gwen: I am here for Mira/Kalia friendship. Kira is in desperate need of a girl friend and Malia needs to brush up on her people skills, so I kinda feel like in some weird way they balance each other out and they’re both great with one another.

Beth: They were great together. Kira truly looks like she has no faith in herself, but Malia doesn’t hold any punches back when tackling Kira’s insecurity. Her whole: “This isn’t about you. This is about Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.” speech was life-affirming. Sometimes the best parts of us, the biggest changes, come because we’re trying to be there for our friends. Kira and Malia totally embodied that friendship this episode. But oh darling Lydia, good God how was Stiles able to leave her bleeding out in that room?!

Lauren: I absolutely adore when these two fierce ladies interact, such a fun friendship. It’s wonderful to see Malia’s growth and Kira coming into her own. More of this dynamic duo please!

Madison: The dialogue in this episode brought me back to that classic Season 1/2 feel where everyone wasn’t so defeated and haunted – but rather snarky and ready to fight. Every scene Kira and Malia had together was LIT. They played off each other so effortlessly. The way the pack communicated in this episode is everything I have been asking for since this show began.

Iris: I love that we often get Malia and her funny self, but I’m so happy that Kira is getting more shine without her parents. I want her to be confident, and while Malia has a very hard time to being naturally sympathetic due to her ‘flight or fight’ skills (it’s a coyote thing – no big), you know when when her heart is in it, she nails it and becomes the better cheerleader compared to the boys. Plus, she allowed Kira to break glass on her forehead (the goggles!), in order to help Kira. I mean, if that’s not love, what is? I would love to see the girls practice fighting with each other. I truly believe women friendships make us stronger, and I believe the duo can do everything possible.

Deucalion dropped some important knowledge in this episode: if anyone (*cough*Theo*cough*) tries to use the power-stealing glow claws, they’ll die. What did you think of this reveal, and how do you anticipate it playing out?

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via mtv.com

Chloe: Let’s be real, as much joy as it would bring me to see this bring Theo down Gerard-style, that’s probably not going to happen. 1) For a twisted, evil little shit, Theo actually knows how to plan for contingencies. 2) “GLOW CLAWSSSS” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “MOUNTAIN ASHHHHH.” That said, I am interested to see whether the glow claws will be someone else’s downfall – or if Deucalion is even telling the truth.

Lyra: Does cackling maniacally count as an answer? I want him to use the claws. Go ahead, buddy. Get all crazy with the power-stealing glow claws and see how they work for you. Oh no, wait they’re not working? They’re slowly killing you? Oh no one knew that would happen. It’s an unfortunate incident that couldn’t have happened to a worse guy! I hope he uses them and gets a taste of his own medicine. He should experience what it feels like to steal power and end up a powerless boy with nothing but his smarts to get him through his days.

Caryn: The way Deucalion explains it makes sense for the body to reject it, and the cruel part of me wants Theo to try it out just so it can wipe that arrogant smirk off of his face. But I reckon Hayden is going to tell Theo and he will attempt to find a different route (probably extreme) to get the claws to work for him.

Sherry: I was under the impression the claws were to steal Scott’s power, not the Beast’s as he insinuated. Though it’s pretty clear that someone on the team will be able to use them. *cough PARRISH cough*

Gwen: USE THEM, THEO! I hope he doesn’t know this fact and ends up using them. That’s my only wish this season (besides Derek coming back).

Beth: Oh those claws are important, and I wouldn’t be shocked to find that they’re genetically modified to kill whoever uses them. What do we think, that Theo will find a way around that little glitch by using a chimera he could care less about… right?!

Lauren: I’m for anything that throws a wrench into Theo’s dastardly plans, but I also anticipate Theo has a plan B. Clearly it’s going to end in a showdown between his pack and Scott’s.

Madison: Well, I certainly hope he doesn’t tell Theo that bit of information – because homeboy causing his own death saves a lot of time and effort for the McCall Pack. But alas, I see this flipping and flopping and probably causing some kind of great obstacle for the gang. I’m wondering who is going to get their hands on those glow claws – and how that’s going to go down. Because if anyone’s worthy of power, it’s our boy Scotty – but I also don’t need him risking his life like that.

Iris: Well, that’s one way to defeat Theo, isn’t it? If Hayden somehow tells Liam this, who then plans to tell Scott, this could be one way to keep the wannabe-Alpha down. But what if this is a red herring to force Scott into making a huge mistake? Deucalion is power-hungry, yet smart, so there’s a huge chance that he’s aware of Hayden’s ties to our favorite pack. I wouldn’t believe him fully.

We left off on a big cliffhanger: Eichen House is on lockdown, and pretty much everyone is screwed. Any predictions as to how the rest of the mission to save Lydia will play out?

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via tumblr.com

Chloe: Even though a cliffhanger seemed inevitable, I’m not sure that anyone was expecting an Eichen House lockdown. Can you say worst nightmare? I think it’s safe to say that all the major players will make it out of there, but I don’t even know where to start on predictions. There are so many players in the building, from Scott and his pack to Theo and his pack to Parrish to Stilinski to Ms. Martin… I’m guessing that the Dreads and the Beast will show up (as if there weren’t enough chaos already) and cause some damage, but allow our faves an escape window.

Lyra: Theo will muck things up. Parrish comes to help McCall Pack.
Doctors will muck things up. Parrish comes to help McCall Pack.
Lockdown walls will muck things up. Parrish comes to help McCall Pack.
The End.

Caryn: If Theo and gang are distracted by Parrish and the hospital staff are distracted by Theo and gang, I see Scott’s pack being able to slip through the gaps and get Lydia. They also have Natalie Martin and the Sheriff, who also want to get Lydia out. So hopefully my girl does not have to suffer for much longer.

Sherry: Let me be clear, no one in that place can keep Lydia away from Parrish at this point. He’s going to get his girl.

Gwen: I have zero doubt they’ll succeed. They’ll probably hit some rough patches and maybe end up even more bloody and bruised, but when the pack wants something, they go after it 100%. Scott is more serious about this than ever and Stiles won’t be leaving Lydia behind. The main query is if Theo will, once again, turn on them and make it even harder for them.

Beth: The Beast is showing up, right? Along with the Dread Doctors… yep. That’s my guess. Don’t they always show up when it’s the worst timing already? Hey, but at least all the gang aren’t locked in the high school. Uhm… I think. Actually I am missing all those life or death situations in the high school right now.

Lauren: Scott has found his sense of leadership again, and I have no doubt he will find a way to save our favorite Banshee – most likely utilizing Stiles since he’s the only human in the pack. Hopefully once they break Lydia out, Natalie will see the error in her ways.

Madison: Listen, in my ideal world, Derek will dramatically dive through a window followed by Allison and Jackson (a side storyline will explain that after canoodling in London, Jackson accidentally ran across some ancient spellbooks and called Derek for help. Derek shows up and they accidentally summon Allison back from the dead and sit through an incredibly awkward plane ride back to Beacon Hills.) But, realistically, I’m just hoping the pack gets their shit together enough to drag Lydia outta there. They’ve gotten a couple of easy saves thus far, but their luck isn’t going to last forever. Save the Lydia, save the world.

Iris: I hope that Kira is kept in check, before she burns out. She can never be kept there long. I am worried about something happening to Lydia’s mom, because a human who refuses to acknowledge the supernatural – well, that sounds like it’s going to be huge trouble. I just hope our gang is okay, but I expect for Lydia to gain another power. Here’s to hoping she can use it without hurting herself!

Believe it or not, we’re halfway through Season 5B. Thoughts on the season so far and what you hope to see in the remaining episodes?

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via mtv.com

Chloe: Overall, I’m really impressed with the season thus far. It’s everything we love about Teen Wolf – from the on-point humor of Season 2 to the mind-blowing, heart-pounding suspense of 3B – but evolved to the next level. More villains, more mystery, more to love. I’m excited to see how Lydia will fit back into the pack now that she’s been fully ‘weaponized,’ so to speak… and seriously hoping for the satisfaction of an amazing Theo takedown and a healthy dose of Stydia.

Lyra: We’re already halfway through?! Why would you remind me of that? *rocks back and forth* I love it so far. Every year Teen Wolf just gets better and better, pushing boundaries I didn’t even know were possible. I think a rewatch is due before the last episode airs (so many details!) I predict that…a new relationship will start, someone will come into their powers, and that the McCall pack will become stronger than ever. Vague and yet perfect way for it to end.

Caryn: I’m super curious as to find out who the Beast is, also who are under the masks of the Dread Doctors, now that we know how they become the creatures. I’m also going to be an optimist here and say I hope for more Stydia scenes…

Sherry: I am really looking forward to Crystal Reed’s return, of course, and getting the full history of the Beast and the Argent connection to it.

Gwen: I’m already sad it’s almost over. I also just can’t believe how good this season has been. Here’s what I want: Derek to come back, no member of Scott’s pack to die (or their immediate family), and to find out who the Beast is – because if it’s someone we know, my mind will be tossed out the back of my head.

Beth: Crystal Reed!!! I am so ready for her to show up in the flashbacks and explain more about what form is under all the shadows of the Beast. Who isn’t dying to know?!

Lauren: I was a bit unsure about the first couple of episodes, but now I’m really loving where we are headed. I’m a big fan of two-part episodes and anything that allows most characters to be involved with one another. Here’s hoping they’re able to rescue Lydia and further explore her abilities, as well as her dynamic within the pack.

Madison: Are we already halfway through?! Time flies when you’re having fun… erals for all the people who have died thus far. This season has been jam-packed with action. In the words of Mason, this sh*t is way too INTENSE. I’m hoping the rest of the season continues on like the last episode. I want to see more communication between the pack and also the return of humor because I don’t know how much more horror, gore, and sadness I can take.

Iris: To be honest, this is probably my second favorite season. I don’t think I want to mention what I want to see, because I feel I would be jinxing things!

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