‘Teen Wolf’ 5×17 Roundtable: Discussing “A Credible Threat”

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Before tomorrow’s new episode, we’re breaking down last week’s new installment of Teen Wolf, “A Credible Threat” – from the fact that our favorite hot deputy is apparently dead to the high-stakes cliffhanger brought on by the Beast’s attack.

“A Credible Threat” set a very different tone than the last fortnight’s Eichen House escape. Let’s kick things off again by getting everyone’s moment of the week.


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Chloe: I have such a soft spot for Coach, so I’ve got to give this one to the scene when Scott and Stiles go to pick him up from rehab. Could we have asked for a better reintroduction for that character? With the Beast, the Desert Wolf, and the other innumerable supernatural threats on the prowl, it was so good to get that comic relief.

Lyra: Moment of the week goes to Liam taking on the Beast. Our pup has grown up and is taking on the worst of the worst to protect his home and pack. No longer is he this angry ball of teenage angst that doesn’t stop. He’s a man who wants to prove to his Alpha that he is a loyal member of the pack. Liam’s lack of hesitation was a way of testing himself and proving his worth. (Scott/Liam scenes that are very father/son are coming. No matter how much Liam wants to prove himself, it’d kill Scott if he died feeling like he had to put himself in danger to prove a point. Angst train coming. Toot Toot!)

Beth: Kira going off the rails. I mean really, she’s like a kitten with claws and a hiss. Too cute to think menacing, but she certainly can draw blood. Her demolition of the lacrosse field and then Coach’s response were hilarious. It was good to see her again, struggling but in a way where she still has not damaged anyone permanently. Because I think it’s safe to say, if you’re in the Teen Wolf universe, coming away from any event with your life is a huge deal. Morbid as that is… as I type this out and really reflect on my priorities.

Madison: Alright, so this episode was obviously one of the very painful fillers – because, well, it answered absolutely nothing. I felt like it jumped into normalcy a little too soon? Lydia had a hole drilled in her head and was back at school like normal – also, where did lacrosse come from? But regardless, my moment of the week definitely goes to the swift kick to the face that Stiles got. Classic.

The pack put another big plan in motion this week – this time to prevent the lacrosse game from taking a turn for the deadly. How would you rate their success?

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: I’ll give it a 5. The pack’s plans really are getting better – they’ve finally got the whole teamwork thing down, and they have started planning for contingencies. Maybe next they should invest in some walkie talkies? The whole “divide and conquer” thing is great, but it did leave them open to getting picked off one by one. And thinking they could get Coach to forfeit once he was back on the field? I don’t think so. Solid effort, but they’ve still got a ways to go.

Lyra: I’d give them a 5. Some people might think they didn’t do much, but they did try. They had Malia hopping about like a werebunny from news van to news van. She was in charge of stopping any broadcasts. Scott and Stiles got Finstock out of rehab and created distractions on the field. And then that one werewolf guy we sometimes see [Brett] got his sister to check people’s shoes. A bonus point for that girl checking on Kira and fighting her. Bet she didn’t know she was signing up for that.

Point is, it could’ve been worse.

Beth: 10/10: Since in actuality, no one died right? At least so far… yeah? I mean, if all is said and done and the goal was to keep anyone from dying… mission accomplished. So quite a few players of the other team are roughed up, by Kira no less, but ultimately, from what I could tell, everyone coming away from the game was pretty much alive. Of course, the Beast didn’t show up until the end and yeah… ask me after next week’s episode. It could all change.

Madison: A solid 4. They tried, they really did. But, as per usual, their plans were continually thwarted. First by Coach, then by Malia’s mom, then by Kira’s fox spirit, then by the Beast itself. I don’t know if Beacon Hills is literally just a beacon of bad luck or if Scott’s pack is just trying to one-up Derek’s score at plans at that fail.

Big shocker this week – Parrish is apparently dead?!? Let’s discuss this revelation and what it might mean for the imminent Hellhound vs. Beast showdown.

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: Definitely was not expecting this bombshell. Not only is he a harbinger of death – he is apparently dead himself. What does it mean for the Parrish we all know and love? I think the ideal solution here would be for the Hellhound and whatever’s left of Parrish to embrace each other, giving the man new life and the hound a fresh shot at taking down the Beast. Not sure what will actually happen, but this revelatory scene already did a number on the feels – that throwback to Scott, Stiles, and Allison’s ice baths was perfect. Just let Parrish live.

Lyra: Parrish dying for a noble cause gave the Hellhound a chance to enter this world and prepare for the Beast. He prolonged the man’s life by using him as a host. At first it was just for the creature’s survival. But after this week’s episode, I feel like he respected the man enough to merge with him and become something stronger. He gave Parrish another chance to live without giving up destroying the Beast because the man was on the same mission. I think that’s been the problem in other reincarnations. Maybe the Hellhound had never been fortunate enough to be inside of someone in the know of the supernatural. Parrish the Hellhound, because he’s something different now, will have a better chance at finding the Beast because they’re pooling their source. The Big Bad isn’t going to be able to escape this time because the Hellhound has tried something new.

Beth: This news makes me so sad! Parrish seems like a really nice guy, but then, none of us have ever met Parrish apparently. We’ve only known the Hellhound which I guess, gives me permission to quit thinking of Parrish as a human supernatural being and think of him solely as the hound. Which actually doesn’t help me, because I like the Hellhound and worry for its safety against the Beast.

Madison: OKAY, FIRST OFF, WHAT?! I mean, it somewhat explains the reason Lydia was called to him, but why’s the resident cutie gotta be dead? I was rooting for him, we were all rooting for him. He was literally the only new guy who didn’t have an evil agenda – and then, boom. Just like that. He’s dead. Kind of? I’m hoping that his new status doesn’t cause his ultimate demise – because honestly, I do love Parrish. His inner Hellhound needs to either chill and let him live or help the pack find a way to keep him alive. Because I don’t want Ben 10 becoming Ben 10 Feet Under. 🙁

A few weeks ago, we talked prioritizing all of the threats the pack is up against this season. Though we mostly agreed that the Beast is Enemy #1, we saw more wild cards in play this week – from Kira’s Kitsune spirit to the Desert Wolf. Where should the pack’s attention be right now?

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: Just taking into account the general deadliness factor here, the Beast still takes the top spot. It took out an entire bus full of people… and that was just in this episode, before the opening credits. That said, all the other enemies are closing in and making things more complicated – and when the full moon hits, the Desert Wolf will be just as dangerous. The pack had just better keep their wits about them so no one slips through the cracks to wreak more havoc.

Lyra: It should still be on the Beast. Why? Because it thinks the best way to tease and trap them is by killing a bus load of people. In the grand scheme of crazy supernatural stuff that happens around the McCall pack, this might be one of the worst. We’ll deal with Kira having no control a little later or a step at a time. We might need her power soon enough.

Beth: Oh definitely, they cannot quit prioritizing the Beast and the Dread Doctors. These two entities combined pair a lethal combo, that must be stopped. The loss of life occurring just… how are there any students left in Beacon Hills High?! As a parent, I’d be hightailing it out of that town! As for Kira’s continued massive lack of control over the Kitsune spirit — she’s gotta fight this one out. It’s her battle, and while I believe the pack helps her look within herself and find the good — she needs to step up and believe in herself. So for now, no, I don’t think the pack should be all that worried about Kira. She’ll get herself sorted. Now the Desert Wolf keeps getting on my nerves. Whatever she is on about, Deaton needs to give the pack details. Why is it that that man holds out on them all the time?! Once I know what the heck kind of power she plans on taking from Malia, I can better address her threat. The pack has until the full moon to figure it out though, right? Plenty of time… I think.

Madison: The pack’s attention honestly needs to be on the Beast. Then Kira. Then the Desert Wolf. Kind of. Maybe. Depending on the degree of insanity that is headed their way. First they need to identify the kid behind the Beast, then help Kira figure out WTF is going on, and THEN deal with the Desert Wolf. (But they should keep Malia locked away during any kind of full moon, just in case – because mama is on the prowl.) This triple threat thing is so typical Jeff Davis. He uses one hand and waves it in your face to keep your attention, and then his other hand sideswipes you with a knife and before you know it you’re on the ground bleeding to death.

This episode had another shocking ending – this time with the Beast seemingly about to massacre the remaining population of Beacon Hills. Thoughts on this cliffhanger and whether the supernatural will still be somewhat of a secret in this town?

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via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Chloe: As badass as Liam’s leap was, the implications of this ending are really pretty #intense. The way things are looking, the only people left in Beacon Hills will be either supernatural or dead. Between the cliffhanger and the preview for next week, it looks like we’re headed for a really cool throwback to “Night School” – but with many more potential casualties. VERY curious to see how the pack – and the townspeople – get out of this one… and hoping for a mountain lion mention.

Lyra: This question…it’s spot on. How doesn’t the town know about the supernatural? After all the things that have happened, how could they just excuse these things? No post on Instagram or Twitter that alerts the authorities and brings a storm of military into the town. Nothing! *sigh*

I think the townspeople will narrowly avoid mass massacre because of Liam’s quick thinking. And they will excuse it all as a mutant mountain lion. (Those animals really get a bad rep on this show.) Ignorance and a willingness to deny something is wrong is this town’s ultimate weapon. They’ll be fine the next day, complaining to local news about a wild animal.

Beth: Are we even thinking the town doesn’t know about the supernatural at this point? Because really, I believe Danny spoke for them all when he came out and said he knew. If Teen Wolf doesn’t qualify as horror yet, it certainly could pass as satire — how people fool themselves and live in denial every single dead-long day!

Madison: ALRIGHT FIRST OFF, IF YOU LIVE IN BEACON HILLS AND YOU DON’T KNOW THAT SOMETHING WEIRD IS UP – THEN YOU’RE A LIAR. Honestly, I don’t know how this is going to play out. With the deal toll rising every season, there’s literally gonna be NO ONE left in Beacon Hills for the supernatural to bother. I’m just hoping that everyone does as they did before and strictly denies what they saw and instead blames it on the wildlife of Beacon Hills. “Dang mountain lions are killin’ kids again!”

BONUS: Show us the gif that best represents how excited you are to see Crystal Reed back on Teen Wolf next week.


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