‘Teen Wolf’ 5×18 Roundtable: Discussing “The Maid of Gevaudan”


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Before tomorrow’s new episode, we’re breaking down last week’s new installment of Teen Wolf, “The Maid of Gevaudan” – from the highly anticipated return of our beloved Crystal Reed to the heartbreaking reveal of the Beast’s identity.

This episode dropped some major truth bombs, so let’s begin at the end – give us a gif that best represents your reaction to the reveal that Mason is apparently the Beast.


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Now going into some more detail – thoughts on the Mason reveal and what it will mean for our sweet cinnamon roll?

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Chloe: Though the reveal crushed my emotions (not my sweet cinnamon roll!), I wasn’t surprised at all… which makes me wonder if we have some more Beast-related reveals coming. I’m still sort of wondering if the present-day Beast may be more than one person – in my mind, it would take a few regular high schoolers to equal one evil French dude hellbent on destroying the world. Whether or not that’s the case, I’m just hoping the pack does their thing and manages to save Mason, because he has definitely become a fave.

Lyra: He’s going to have to die. I know they said that Mason wouldn’t totally disappear until the Beast remembered who he was but…saving him would be too perfect. This could be a defining moment that changes Liam forever. Why not take it? Why not make this epic battle go down between the Beast and the Hellhound after all this teasing. And if Mason does survive, I hope it develops into something different. I don’t want it to be swept under the rug like Stiles’ Nogitsune drama was. Give me long lasting effects. The Dread Doctors considered him a success. I want to know why and how.

Lauren: I feel like Mason being the Beast is too obvious and there’s another twist coming. Otherwise I will be in denial for the rest of the season because I love Mason too much to lose him!

Beth: Oh geesh, Mason was the obvious choice. Do I believe it is him? Not sure, exactly. It’s kind of hard to believe that sweet boy could ever be possessed by such an evil, murdering spirit that Sebastien was shown to be in the flashbacks. I do know that the pack will figure things out so that he isn’t harmed, because that’s how they are. On that hopeful note, may Corey get that before he gets hurt accidentally in the crossfire of evil spirit trying to take over Mason and the pack trying to bring him back from the shadows.

Gwen: I remember a while back I said I wanted it to be someone we knew…but I really was hoping it was Theo or someone else who’s a baddie so their death wouldn’t be so bad…but now I am sad. What if they have to kill him? I can’t fathom losing Mason – he’s become one of my favorite characters. When it was revealed, I had a serious stage of denial because this also meant that either him OR Parrish might die…my heart. Anyway, I think this means fans are about to get their hearts broken…

Caryn: I wasn’t really shocked, as Mason was the only one of the group who did not have some kind of special abilities, other than Stiles, but even Stiles had a chance at being the bad guy. I was hoping for more of a shock, I think by this point everyone was assuming it’s Mason. But hopefully they might still pull the rug out from under us.

This episode also featured some really cool flashbacks highlighting one Crystal Reed. What did you think of this Argent tale?

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Chloe: The flashbacks were different than I expected, but I thought they were really well done – gorgeously shot, emotional, and spotlighting the incredible Crystal Reed. She really nailed the role of Marie-Jeanne – so different from Allison, but with some of the same admirable qualities that made her so great. The story reminded me of just how much I miss Crystal on Teen Wolf and how central a role the Argents (and Lydia??) may have to play before the season is over.

Lyra: Not gonna lie, it took me some getting used to. I came in with expectations of seeing those dimples alive and well, running free. But it was a darker story with no time for smiles. The twist of her brother being the Beast and the fact that she hunted him for 3 years showed her bravery and determination against insurmountable odds. She made me cheer for her! And then she put the final nail in her brother’s coffin by starting the Argent line with that guy living alone in the woods. Maybe this retelling of the way their story began will inspire the remaining Argents to do right by the people they’ve wronged so much.

Lauren: It was great to see Crystal back on Teen Wolf, no matter who she is portraying! The Argent tale was interesting and I liked the way it weaved back into the plot happening currently.

Beth: Brilliant! Okay… I don’t get so many people hating on these scenes, because it was emotional and taut in that old school fantasy way. Loved the sort of Legend-like feel to the narrative and scenes. Crystal Reed, how I love thee. So wish she could find a way back onto my television!

Gwen: Maybe I’m slow but I didn’t get why they had to tell that story. It was a nice story and I really loved how it played out, and seeing Crystal Reed was nice too – because let’s face it, she’s a badass actress and she looked STUNNING. But again, I think I might have missed the point of them telling the story. I don’t know if it helped Lydia with anything…I should probably re-watch it haha.

Caryn: One thing I can say about Gerard is the man knows how to tell a story. I enjoyed the flashbacks, I actually liked that reveal of who the Beast was better than the modern day one. Gerard could’ve quickly just told Lydia how Marie-Jeanne killed the Beast, but I appreciated the story. Also it made me realize how much I missed Crystal Reed on my screen. #BringBackAllison2016

Of course, there was a lot more going on in this episode – what was your moment of the week?

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Chloe: I have to give this one to one of the final flashback scenes, when Marie-Jeanne cornered her brother on the ice and managed to defeat him as the Beast. The visuals were stunning, the emotions were so powerful, and the implications of the scene – from making Marie-Jeanne a hero to finally revealing the true significance of damnatio memoriae – really tied things together.

Lyra: Moment of the week goes to the pack fighting off the Beast in the library. It didn’t matter that there were a bunch of people on the verge of discovering Scott’s secret. He had to protect the people there. This is his territory. Also my shining star Liam jumped into the fight against the Beast again. It didn’t matter that he was just injured pretty badly. Scott is his Alpha and this is his home as well. Plus I think he feels like he owes Scott after killing him. These two need a bro moment to bond ASAP.

Lauren: I loved Malia, Braeden, and Liam coming to Scott’s rescue! I’m a sucker for the pack’s dynamic and anything that shows how badass the females are on the show.

Beth: Scotty boy taking on the Beast in front of all his peers. Scott McCall, you darling daring Alpha who refuses to let anyone get hurt. He just kept taking the hits and then when Liam comes busting in, then Malia and Braeden — it was all hear the McCall Pack roar and I dug it. So stinking amazing, and I’m filled with pride of them.

Gwen: My moment of the week was watching Scott try to take on the Beast by himself. Scott, little by little, has become someone I can respect. NOW DON’T SHOOT ME! I just really didn’t care for him as a character in the beginning, but seeing him step up and become a leader and be so selfless has definitely made him in my top favorites.

Caryn: Funniest moment was definitely Stiles’ reactions to Liam’s wounds. But the Marie-Jeanne flashbacks were my favorite, it was a beautifully shot and so reminiscent of a Little Red Riding Hood story.

With only two episodes left in the season, what predictions do you have for what’s gonna go down in Beacon Hills?

Chloe: I’m still holding out hope that this whole Beast attack at Beacon Hills High is Lydia’s vision, a la Breaking Dawn Part 2 – because after that library fight, I don’t think there’s anyone left in this town who will be unaware of the supernatural (if they manage to stay alive). Beyond that, I’m predicting that Theo will put his rogue Dread Doctor mask to use (he’s been suspiciously absent for the last two weeks, which means god knows what) and the big Beast vs. Hellhound showdown will destroy us all.

Lyra: Someones going to bite the bullet big time. Most likely suspect is Mason, but that could be a scapegoat, a trick. While we’re so focused on him, someone like Theo is probably moving things along in the background, waiting for their moment to pounce. And before we know it someone is down and gone forever from Teen Wolf. This would raise the stakes for those living in Beacon Hills once more. On a brighter note, Roscoe will live on in full glory by getting the much deserved loving she deserves.

Lauren: I’m very, VERY interested as to Stiles’ arc for this season and the next with Dylan off to film The Death Cure in about two weeks. As far as the rest goes, I’m excited for the inevitable showdown with the Desert Wolf and hope everyone has a hand in taking her down.

Beth: These kind of questions always cause me panic. I’m one of those people who likes to be immersed into each episode and try not to get ahead of myself so that the mystery, the hype of the storylines do the worse on me. That said, I suspect there’s going to be some split of loyalties especially since Corey was there at Mason’s unveiling. The question I have is just how much exploiting will Theo do to manipulate the rest of his pack and Deucalion. Not sure what will happen with him thrown into the mix too. Hmmm… I am just excited that we’re finally getting answers.

Gwen: I am bracing myself for the death of either Mason or Parrish because I predict one of them will be leaving. If they don’t, then I will be SO happy. But it’s not Teen Wolf without some kind of sad favorite character death. I am also predicting Theo will be removed. This is just a hope…

Caryn: I think the team will FINALLY band together as they should have done all along – with Parrish, and the chimeras, and everyone. Hopefully Mason can be saved. *holding thumbs*

What are your thoughts on “The Maid of Gevaudan”? Sound off in the comments to keep the discussion going!

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