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Teen Wolf 6×03 Roundtable: “Sundowning”

Every week, Fangirlish writers including Chloe, Madison, Liz, Caryn, and Gwen will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tomorrow’s new episode, we’re discussing the shocking reveals from last week’s installment, “Sundowning” – including the new Stiles on the scene, the party-crashing Ghost Riders, and just what Mr. Douglas wants with all those pineal glands.

Please give us your five word review for “Sundowning.”

Chloe: The high school is screwed.

Gwen: Scott is trying so hard!

Caryn: The horror begins in Beacon Hills.

This episode officially revealed Mr. Douglas as the Nazi Wolf. We don’t know too much about him yet, but what’s your initial impression of him and how he stacks up to other Teen Wolf villains – particularly the Ghost Riders?

Chloe: From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like whatever his motivations might be, the Nazi Wolf is smart – and willing to take his time. He knows how to stay under the radar, taking fairly inconspicuous victims. Only Argent has some suspicions, but at this point he has no way to know who the attacker might be. Between that and all the talk of influence and control, I’m wondering if the Nazi Wolf will somehow gain power over the Ghost Riders before the season is done.

Gwen: Well at first I thought he was hot. Then at the end of this episode, I still thought he was hot. I mean, how seductive can you make eating a pineal gland? He managed to do it. I am not sure what his motives are yet because while he is attacking people, he doesn’t seem to be going after students like the Ghost Riders are – so a part of me is waiting for that shift to happen. I huge part of me wants to think he’s a victim of his circumstances and that maybe he’s there to help… because can we PLEASE get someone seemingly evil to help the pack for once?!

Caryn: The separate villains in Teen Wolf are usually related to each other, so I think the Nazi Wolf has something to do with the Ghost Riders, although that remains to be proven. From the few scenes in this episode, the Nazi Wolf looked terrifying and a force to be reckoned with. I’m excited to see what they do with him.

The Nazi Wolf also turned us onto a hot new snack food, the pineal gland. What purpose do you think those serve?

Chloe: A little light research (ahem, thanks Wikipedia) shows that beyond being thought of as the seat of the soul, the pineal gland is associated with sleep patterns – and is also known as the “third eye.” Sound familiar? I really don’t want to see the gorgeous Mr. Douglas pull a Dr. Valack. So far, my guess would be that the pineal glands are helping the Nazi Wolf bank up some power and/or maintain his current physical form.

Gwen: After a quick Wikipedia read, it seems like the pineal gland can be linked to various things in the human body – so my assumption is he’s eating them to try to enhance one of those? I honestly have no idea. Jeff [Davis] always has a way of making seemingly confusing aspects of his stories work. We will just have to wait, I guess. As of now, the Nazi Wolf storyline is throwing me for a loop.

Caryn: We can assume that he is eating souls for some purpose? Perhaps so that he can get stronger or so that it can serve the Ghost Riders in some capacity. It is an interesting concept.

The seniors paid a visit to Elias “Stiles” Stilinski this week. It was an… interesting encounter, to say the least. Do you think any of the info Scott & Co. managed to get out of him will come in handy? What are your overall thoughts on this scene?

Chloe: While the conversation with Elias was interesting to watch – especially hearing what he knew of Scott and Lydia’s parents – I don’t feel like the pack actually learned anything that will help them find Stiles. However, the fact that this Stiles remembered our Stiles was surprising. Is that tied to his dementia, or will we find someone else who can still remember Stiles and help the pack?

Gwen: Elias had… quite a bit to say, man. It was intense. Elias was a ride from start to finish and I hope whatever the pack managed to make of what he said will work in their favor. Though it had to have been tough hearing that stuff about their parents. I think it was just more so rewarding that he knew Stiles existed. I wasn’t expecting that, but when he said it (though rude) I was like “BOOM!” *mic drop*

Caryn: I think more importantly it helped us learn more about Sheriff Stilinski and it put the idea in the Sheriff’s mind about the fact that he might have had a son, which might in turn help the group to find Stiles.

Scott tasked the Beta Pack with protecting Gwen from the Ghost Riders. Give their efforts a letter grade and explain your decision.

Chloe: I’ll give the baby Betas a C-. They tried, but their plan wasn’t very innovative – and, more importantly, they didn’t consider what could go wrong. While Liam & Co. did accomplish their primary goal of protecting Gwen (for now), they brought in a ton of outsiders (a.k.a. half the high school student body) and put them – and themselves – in imminent danger. Way to go.

Gwen: I’m gonna give them a B. They really did manage to try their best utilizing their skills as best as they could without Scott. But in the end she almost got taken, if it hadn’t been for Parrish (speaking of, what’s HIS deal with the Ghost Riders!?). But I think for what they had and who they had, they did swimmingly. So proud of my babies.

Caryn: Uhhhh I will be generous and give them a B because they did save Gwen, but by causing all the other people at the party to see the Ghost Rider, they put them all in jeopardy (because by seeing the Ghost Rider, they are in danger of being taken). There will a junior class from Beacon Hills missing.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: The scene with Stilinski helping Scott clean up the party and telling him about his dream. It’s such a father-son moment – the ones we’re missing between the Sheriff and Stiles, and the kind of parent role we also love with Melissa and Stiles. It’s beautiful to see that they still have that relationship, even with Stiles currently out of the picture.

Gwen: It’s a toss up between two scenes. The scene where Elias spilled the tea about Scott and Lydia’s parents because dang… that was harsh. And then the other was when Corey brought the Ghost Rider into their world because that’s just elevated what Corey is able to do. It just helps push the theory that he might be able to bring people back once they find where they are.

Caryn: The funniest moment for me was when Parrish interrupts the party and tries to shoot and arrest the Ghost Rider. Hilarious that he thought that would work.

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What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×03 “Sundowning”?

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