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Teen Wolf 6×04 Roundtable: “Relics”

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tonight’s new episode, we’re talking all things “Relics” – from the highly suspicious behavior of one Claudia Stilinski to why the Ghost Riders may be afraid of Parrish. We’ll also share what our own relic would be if (god forbid) the Ghost Riders came for us.

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Chloe: Stiles is real, damn it!

Caryn: When is Stiles coming home?

Gwen: I’m ready for Team Beta.

Liz: How’d we miss the Jeep?

We’re really starting to see the Beta Pack come together and try to figure things out on their own. What are your thoughts on their growth as a group and Liam’s leadership skills?

Chloe: It’s really satisfying to see the Beta Pack starting to come into their own. We’re not just being told that Liam and Mason are “Scott and Stiles 2.0” – we’re watching them (and Hayden and Corey) become heroes in their own way. I think Liam still has a lot of learning to do before he can compare to True Alpha Scott McCall, but I also love that we’re getting to see his failures along with his successes. He doesn’t have to take the reins (no pun intended) just yet.

Caryn: It took me a while to get sold on the Beta Pack, but I like that they are learning from their mistakes. They have Scott around for tutelage and it seems as if they are shaping up to take over Beacon Hills when Scott and the rest of the seniors leave for college, and that is cool as it frees them up to follow their dreams without feeling a responsibility to stay in Beacon Hills. Liam has definitely improved as a leader and it’s a good thing that he is willing to accept help like at the end of “Relics.”

Gwen: I am SO ready to see Beta Baes do their thing. When they had their slow motion walk I was like, “Yaaaas get shit done!”. Liam is proving to be one of my favorites this season simply because he’s coming into his own. Yes he’s in Scotts pack and will ultimately do what he says in the end, but for now Liam is fed up and fed up Liam isn’t playing around anymore. I love it. They each bring something to the table and I’m happy that they’re all eclectic in their abilities and skill sets. I can’t wait to see what Liam and HIS pack do.

Liz: Ugh the bby pack! I’m very excited to see Liam grow into the leader I know he can be. And I’m so happy that his friends are following suit – they’re doing the right thing and I love it.

Things definitely seem a little off with Claudia Stilinski. What’s her deal?

Chloe: I don’t know what her problem is, just that she definitely has a problem. I don’t trust her existence, and I just feel like it can’t mean good things for the pack – especially Stiles. Claudia seems like a woman with something to hide, and it can’t be anything good.

Caryn: I HAVE NO IDEA. I’ve got to believe that she is an imposter but her entire presence just confuses me so much. She’s extremely suspect, and the way she reacted to Lydia was a little bit crazy – but why? Why is she there? What is her purpose? I can’t wait for them to explain this.

Gwen: She’s definitely not sitting well with me. A huge huge part of me thinks she’s keeping Lydia and the rest of the people away from finding Stiles. I don’t know what her deal is but I know it’s not good or well-intentioned from what happened this last episode. I’m both excited but nervous about her big reveal if she gets one…

Liz: I DON’T TRUST THE BITCH. Listen, every time she’s onscreen I just side eye the hell out of her. I don’t know what’s up, but I don’t like it and I called it from the beginning that she’s an evil being.

We learned that the Ghost Riders seem to have a weakness – or at least a fear – in Parrish. What’s that about? Will Parrish be the key to taking them down?

Chloe: As we saw last season, Parrish has some serious powers – powers that I think he largely has yet to tap into. The Hellhound is, well, #intense, and who knows what kind of lore we have yet to learn about it? For the moment, it’s just reassuring that someone is immune to being disappeared by the Ghost Riders.

Caryn: I think, with regards to the food chain, that there has to be something that is dangerous for the Ghost Riders and the Hellhound has some form of powers that is reactionary to them, causes them danger. I think that there are areas of his power that Parrish has not upgraded to yet and is not aware of, and that will be the key to taking down the Ghost Riders.

Gwen: I didn’t read much into the influence of Hellhounds and the Wild Hunt, only that they’re sometimes involved in it. My assumption is that maybe the hounds were sent to stop them or destroy them or something…that’s literally the only assumption I can make about them haha. That is also one plot where I am just confused and anxious to know what’s going on.

Liz: Since he’s a Hellhound, he’s gonna have some connections just like Lydia does. For some reason, part of me believes that in the beginning the Ghost Riders don’t fear Parrish, but want to maybe partner up with him? Cause like Hellhounds – dragging people to hell, while the Ghost Riders are dragging people to the unknown. Like “Oh hey, we’re both soul takers kinda.” But since the Ghost Riders realized that Parrish is on the good side, they wanna try to take him down? IDK IDK I’m just theorizing.

The seniors are on the right track toward finding Stiles, but they aren’t having much luck. Now, Scott and Malia don’t even want to keep looking for them. How do you feel about this development, and what do you think will happen next?

Chloe: It was so heartbreaking to see Scott and Malia giving up on Stiles. At the same point, I can appreciate them prioritizing the very immediate threat presented by the Ghost Riders. With the teaser shot of the Jeep in the high school parking lot, I’m hoping that Lydia will make a break in the search for Stiles – one that will bring the rest of the pack back on the case. It’ll have to be a group effort in the end.

Caryn: I think if Lydia has to look for Stiles on her own, she would do it. Especially once they discover the Jeep. I think finding Stiles and capturing the Ghost Riders will go hand in hand, and once Lydia has a breakthrough the others will follow suit.

Gwen: When Malia and Scott started to show interest in not looking for Stiles anymore, I got a little disheartened. Mostly because I didn’t want it to be solely up to Lydia to put herself in danger to find him. They work better as a team despite right now that proving to lead them to dead ends. I think that Scott and Malia will go off and assist the Betas while Lydia will continue her search and probably end up in situations she shouldn’t be in alone.

Liz: I really hope they keep looking for Stiles, like on the side. But just for Malia and Scott’s sake tbh. Like Malia needs her anchor!!! And Scott just obviously thinks that they were bffs so idk. I want them to keep looking.

What relic would you leave behind if the Ghost Riders took you?

Chloe: My books are very close to my heart, so I think a few of them might be left behind. I also like the idea of my Twitter feed living on. God knows I’ve poured enough of my heart and soul into that since 2009.

Caryn: Probably my charm bracelet, each link was given to me at a special moment and it was something that represents me so well.

Gwen: I’d probably leave behind my favorite book or my cat haha. Those two things pretty much make me who I am.

Liz: Oh gosh. Uhm, maybe like something stupid like that friggin alien baseball cap I always wear. Or maybe like a book? I don’t know tbh.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: I loved the opening scene with Melissa and Argent in the woods. Mama McCall has brought so much heart to the show since the beginning, and it makes total sense for her to want to take a more active role in the fight against Beacon Hills’ baddies. She’s also just a total gem who’s always good for a pep talk and a laugh. #TeamMelissa

Caryn: When Sheriff Stilinski was talking about shouting out Stiles’ name when he knocked the baseball bat and the hope on Lydia’s face. It was such a beautiful scene.

Gwen: Oddly it’s the scene where Lydia is about to tear off the wallpaper and Claudia stops her. Everything kind of clicked for me at that point, though I could be terribly wrong. In the promo we saw that she and Stiles end up sitting on opposite sides of a wall back to back, so something in me is feeling like she’ll go back to the Stilinski house and one of those walls is linked to wherever Stiles and everyone is. Probably that wall where the wallpaper was going to get ripped off? That explains that man she saw saying “it’s right in front of your face” when she was facing that wall and seeing the older woman in the house staring at the same wall too. So… methinks that hallway wall is the gateway or is linked to the place where everyone is. And Claudia is the gatekeeper of that door or entrance or whatever.

Liz: MALIA!!! IN THE!!! TUNNELS!!! When she gave that inspiring talk to that chick. Ahhh mah heart. She’s making me so proud, I’m like a proud mama.

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What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×04 “Relics”?

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