Teen Wolf 6×06 Roundtable: “Ghosted”

teen wolf roundtable ghosted

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

We’re back at it with our first roundtable of the year, and not a moment too soon. Between the pack’s trip to Canaan, Mr. Douglas’ shady actions, and the return of both Noshiko and Theo, there’s a LOT to talk about. Let’s get right to it.

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Chloe: This is brand new information!

Caryn: The scream off of note!

Gwen: Lydia is really killing it!

Liz: Someone call the Ghostbusters!

This week took the seniors on a little road trip to a town called Canaan. What did you think of Teen Wolf’s take on the ghost story?

Chloe: I liked how Teen Wolf is experimenting with genre this season. We saw this first with the Ghost Riders and their western aesthetic, and now with Canaan. Rather than a traditional western ghost town, we got one with an 80s twist. Lenore and Caleb were super creepy, and I loved the reveals we got from the seniors’ little road trip.

Caryn: I love love loved the Canaan storyline. It felt like a traditional horror film but it was done so well. Everything from the cinematography to the lighting to the music worked both to tell a new story and to contribute to the story that we, as the audience, along with the seniors are putting together to work out what the deal is with the Ghost Riders and how to get Stiles back. It was so beautifully told.

Gwen: I’m really into it. I honestly didn’t expect Lydia and the fact that’s she’s a banshee to play so heavy a role this season. I’m really loving it and her! I think the ghost story and what happened to Canaan is just enough oomph to kick the pack in their asses and step it up trying to get rid of them.

Liz: Def not a great place to go on a senior skip day–or like AT ALL. I was honestly not a fan of the town or it’s weird sepia tone/effect it had on our seniors. It left me more confused than anything.

Meanwhile, the bby Betas were very busy with their own little plan. First things first: Mr. Douglas. What’s his deal?

Chloe: I think Liam must be getting desperate for answers, because he and Hayden brought Mr. Hot Teacher in on the plan real quick. I feel like Mr. Douglas is trying to help the Betas catch a Ghost Rider – let’s be real, it doesn’t really seem like a one-man job – so that he can ultimately take control of it. Not exactly a comforting thought.

Caryn: I have no idea. I think he is afraid of the Ghost Riders because they pose a threat to him and he does not understand it, but I really don’t understand why Liam and Hayden were so quick to trust him – they know practically nothing about him.

Gwen: I honestly still don’t know. And it’s really bothering me. The fact that he seems like the only one we aren’t getting info on or any further plot development as to his motives is driving me crazy! All I know is I feel like he knew Theo might’ve been coming back? I’m some way?


We also saw two familiar faces this week: Noshiko and Theo. What did you think of their returns?

Chloe: I thought Noshiko’s return was unexpected and a nice nod to Kira. We knew Theo was coming back, but I didn’t expect that it would be someone from the pack that knowingly enabled him to return. That guy is nothing but trouble, but god I love him for it. Things are about to get interesting.

Caryn: Both returns kind of annoyed me. Noshiko because suddenly anyone can yield Kira’s sword when it took her ages to learn how to use it. Also since when has it been able to open a portal to the afterlife? And Theo because he serves no further purpose – I honestly believe that anything that they learn from Theo could have been learnt from other sources.

Gwen: I love Theo. I always have. He’s a very entertaining villain. Even though he seems to be bending his back to help baby Betas, I know he’s got something up his sleeve. He has to. As for Noshiko, I honestly didn’t care to much for her return since we didn’t get much out of her about Kira.

Liz: BRING BACK KIRA YUKIMURA 2K17!!!!!! Still angry about that, will never forgive them. Also, can I be both happy and wary that Theo’s back?? I feel like the pack can use him…but also…he’s Theo….

Theo has always been a bit of a wild card. Given his history with the pack – and his memory of Stiles – what are your predictions for his role going forward?

Chloe: Theo and the pack obviously have some bad blood (to say the least), but I think the Ghost Riders are the bigger problem right now. It can’t be every man for himself, which is the way Theo normally operates. I would love to see him actually work with the pack, especially if it means more Theo and Stiles scenes before the end of the season.

Caryn: It won’t be Theo if he does not play some form of a villainous role, so even if he does team up and help them, you know he’s going to double-cross them at some point. Theo only looks out for himself.

Gwen: He’s probably just gonna do what he has to do to get what he wants. Whatever that may be. I’m shocked the baby Betas are trusting him this much. Whether or not he’s a crucial part in getting Stiles back, I feel like someone’s gonna lose in the end.

Liz: They’re gonna use him and then try to send him back but he’s Theo and he’s gonna stick around because you JUST CAN’T GET RID OF HIM.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: I loved Lydia’s conversation with Lenore – when she realizes that if the pack doesn’t succeed in rescuing Stiles and getting rid of the Ghost Riders, she too will be left behind. Holland Roden really held her own and brought all the feels.

Caryn: Definitely the moment when Scott and Malia are trapped in the basement with Caleb and they realize that he has been that age for years – that the Ghost Riders brought him back as a sort of gift to his mother. It was so creepy and twisted; it was brilliant.

Gwen: Mama McCall and Papa Argent! Seriously I’ve never wanted two people to get to get together this badly on the show haha. I’m loving their team effort to save Chris. It was such a great side story to everything going on.

Liz: Scott McCall sleeping in the backseat of the car. That is all. More naps please!!!!

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What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×06 “Ghosted”?

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