Teen Wolf 6×07 Recap: My, What Nice Brains You Have

teen wolf heartless

Last week’s episode of Teen Wolf delved further into the lore of the Ghost Riders – what they can do and the kind of damage they might cause if the pack can’t get them to leave. This week’s installment, “Heartless,” is all about the action, as plan “Catch a Ghost Rider” is finally put into play… with a little help from Theo.

The morgue is a great place to start an episode, right? We open there, with Theo kicking his way out of a drawer and following a creepy voice calling his name… only to find his dead sister, who rips out his heart. We cut to a memory of Theo’s sister in the river – her heart ripped out and put into Theo’s own body by the Dread Doctors, giving him his chimera status. The good news is that this is only a dream. But the bad news is that Theo doesn’t seem to have much of an imagination, because he wakes up in the morgue after all. Over and over and over again. I guess we just found out what Theo’s personal version of hell looks like.

Things aren’t much better for Theo now that he’s top-side. Malia beats him up, before Scott pulls her off, ready to send the chimera back to the Skinwalkers. Liam argues that Theo will be useful, since he remembers Stiles and has the Dread Doctors’ knowledge of the Wild Hunt. The pack decides to keep him around… for now. As Liam points out, they have to try everything they can to save Stiles. Even Theo.

Back at the Stilinski house, the Sheriff is ripping up the wall that Lydia kept coming back to. The wallpaper was hiding a door – the door to Stiles’ room, which is now empty. Noah wonders if it’s proof of Stiles’ existence after all, but Claudia shuts him down. She wants him to leave it alone… but he says he can’t. Four for you, Sheriff Stilinski. You go, Sheriff Stilinski.

Theo tells the pack where they can find the powerful transformer they need to catch the Ghost Rider – good thing they just keep those things lying around in the woods, right? – and Liam and Hayden chain him up and take him to put the plan into action. The pack sets everything up, including a cage that will prevent any Ghost Riders that show up from escaping with the lightning. It’s go time.

Meanwhile, Malia puts her own plan into action. She heads to the hospital, wanting to talk to (a still very charred) Peter and find out what he knows about the Wild Hunt. Melissa gives Peter more of her Nine Herbs magic pesto, which turns him from roadkill into the devilishly handsome dude we love to hate. Can we get some of that?

Lydia’s also sitting this one out. She’s stuck on Caleb, and how his mom conjured him to fill the void she felt after the Wild Hunt passed through Canaan. Talking it out with Mama Martin, Lydia comes to a realization: maybe the Sheriff is also filling a void with Claudia. And Claudia being here might be keeping the Sheriff from remembering Stiles.

teen wolf heartless

Lydia doesn’t want to be the one to tell Noah that Claudia isn’t real – but she goes to talk to him at the house anyway. Seeing Stiles’ empty room – his bed and the empty frame of his crime board – seems devastating to Lydia. The Sheriff realizes that Lydia must have known the room was there – but he isn’t sure how. He’s finally ready to listen to what she has to say. Lydia tells Noah about Lenore – how she wanted to believe in her son more than believing that everyone being taken was real – implying everything that he needs to realize about Claudia. As the Sheriff confronts her, not wanting to go there, Lydia notices something behind them: Stiles’ lacrosse jersey and helmet. She picks it up, crying, but Noah can’t see it. He’s afraid to remember. She throws him the jersey, and he catches it in wonder.

Back at Operation Ghost Rider, the boys and Hayden tag-team to trap one of the Ghost Riders in their cage. The plan seems to go relatively smoothly. Though the Ghost Rider summons lightning to escape, the transformer distributes it over the cage, keeping him trapped. The thing is… there wasn’t really a plan for what to do with the Ghost Rider once they caught one. Liam says that they will let him go if he tells them how to get everyone back, but that doesn’t do anything. Then the pack realizes that the Rider is probably calling for backup. They’ve got to get him to talk or get the hell out of there.

Mason, Corey, and Hayden regroup outside, where they’re keeping watch for the Rider’s friends. Mason realizes that Parrish may be able to communicate with the Ghost Riders, based on their weird interaction at the party. Time to call in the Deputy. Parrish makes good time, and he gets the Rider talking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help much. The Rider says that the Wild Hunt doesn’t want anything – they can’t be bargained with, so the pack will have to fight.

That fight’s coming sooner rather than later – something the Ghost Rider says makes Parrish’s Hellhound aura fire up, and he steps forward to free the Rider. Scott and Liam manage to get Parrish outside, where he comes to and runs into the woods, telling the boys not to follow. In the commotion, Theo is left alone with the Ghost Rider. Well, alone except for Mr. Douglas, whose German accent has finally come out – along with his Alpha form. Theo tries to run, but the Nazi Wolf forces him to break the mountain ash barrier before going in for the Ghost Rider. And they seem to have met before? The Rider tries to use his whip on the Nazi Wolf, but he catches it and bites out the Rider’s pineal gland. THIS HAS OFFICIALLY GONE TOO FAR.

Meanwhile, Malia is putting her plan into action – dragging Peter out into the Preserve to search for the Rift to the supernatural train station. Though Peter isn’t exactly helpful, the pair hears hoofbeats, and Peter tells Malia to run. He’s ready to confront the other Ghost Riders, but hearing their dying buddy’s cries, the Riders leave Peter behind.

The boys come back to find the Rider’s body. Theo says it was Mr. Douglas, and that he ate the Rider’s brain. Though Theo looks pretty guilty, they realize that the missing pineal gland matches the pattern of the murders that have been going on for weeks. Oh, and the Rider’s whip is gone.

We don’t have to wait long to find out where it went. Corey, still out in the woods, sees Mr. Douglas with the whip – which he uses to make the chimera disappear. Talk about a cliffhanger.

The Verdict: This was a whirlwind of an episode, bringing the plan to catch a Ghost Rider into action while also advancing the search for Stiles. I loved seeing the difficult decisions the pack had to make, as well as the reasoning behind them. This isn’t a time for easy choices, but for trusting your instincts and risking it all to save your friends – something Scott and Liam demonstrated perfectly. We’re also finally finding out more about the Nazi Wolf – maybe?! – and getting closer to the Sheriff remembering Stiles. Plus, the ending left us more than ready for next week’s episode. WE NEED ANSWERS.

Best Scene: I can’t pick a favorite this week! From Scott and Liam’s discussion about making mistakes and whether they can risk trusting Theo to Lydia trying to convince the Sheriff of Stiles’ existence to Peter and Malia’s A+ interactions, this was a strong episode all around.

Best Line: “Can you give me a second alone with Theo?” “Why?” “So I can kill him.”

Runner-Up: “Mr. Ghost Rider? Um, Mr. Rider?”

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on MTV.

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