Teen Wolf 6×08 Recap: The Meaning of Mischief

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Last week’s Teen Wolf saw the pack catch a Ghost Rider – before losing it to Mr. Douglas, a.k.a. the Nazi Wolf, who ate its pineal gland and sent Corey to the ghost world. But this week’s installment, “Blitzkrieg,” makes even that look tame, as we delve into World War II flashbacks, more disappearances, and more clues in the search for Stiles.

We kick off with the Nazi symbol, which is never a good sign. It’s a flashback to 1943, when Mr. Hot Teacher was part of the Nazi forces in Germany. He proposes summoning the Wild Hunt as an unstoppable army – powerful and undead. His comrades are skeptical, sure that such an army couldn’t be controlled… but after Douglas wolfs out on them, they’re pretty easily convinced to go along with the plan.

Back in the present, Stilinski sits in Stiles’ room, holding the jersey and looking around. He begins to discover more relics – Stiles’ red string and box of tacks, and then his empty crime board. As the Sheriff starts to pin up the red string around the room, more of Stiles’ room appears, until it’s pretty much back to normal – including a picture of a young Stiles on the bulletin board, sitting with Claudia in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Argent and Melissa head into the woods to check out the Ghost Rider’s body. They’re asking themselves the same thing we are – Why would someone take the Ghost Rider’s pineal gland? – when Mr. Douglas himself shows up to answer their question. He wanted the whip – and now he wants Parrish. Argent and Melissa initially refuse to help, but they agree when the Nazi Wolf tries to kill Argent.

Over in the Sheriff’s office, the pack is working out a plan to get Stiles. Scott wants to give him the bite so that he can get through the Rift (which they still need to find and get through themselves). Peter isn’t too convinced that it will work – he wants to run for the hills instead. The seniors move forward with the plan and start looking for the Rift in the woods, which seems to be in the Tunnels underground.

Mason is distraught by Corey’s disappearance, but at least he and Hayden found their missing friend’s phone, so they’re able to recognize that he’s gone – and start to work out how to get him back. The remaining Betas reunite at the Sheriff’s station… with Theo. They don’t want the chimera around, but once again, they need him – because he knows all about Mr. Douglas, who knows how to fight the Ghost Riders.

Theo never does anything for free, though. He tells the Betas he’ll only talk if they break Kira’s sword, so he can’t be sent back with his sister. Liam, who seems to be a little too easily influenced by Theo, goes along with this. Kira’s not gonna be happy when she gets back from the desert, but it does the trick – Theo starts talking. He reveals that Mr. Douglas is part lion, part wolf – powers he used in the war.

Through another World War II flashback, we see that Douglas was able to summon the Riders, but that they took out most of his troops. One of their whips caught him in the back, and he ran. Eventually, the Nazi Wolf found scientists he thought could help him – the Dreads – who put him in the tank. The wound infected the water and made Douglas stronger. After marinating in that for 70 years, he’s got the powers of an Alpha, a half-lion/half-wolf, and a Ghost Rider – so basically, the pack is in trouble. And now Douglas wants the Ghost Riders as his own personal army.

Cutting back to the present, we reunite with Melissa and Argent. They’ve led Douglas to Parrish, but he’s gone into some kind of stasis. Argent makes a last stand against the Nazi Wolf but is taken by the whip – and when Parrish doesn’t respond to Melissa’s pleas for him to wake up, she is taken too. Douglas cracks the whip and yells something in German, and Parrish finally opens his eyes.

The Betas are still in the Sheriff’s office when a Ghost Rider shows up. It wraps its whip around Mason’s throat and takes him. Liam attacks, but he’s losing. Hayden joins the fray, but it’s still not enough. They want to warn Scott about Douglas, but the Ghost Rider has them by the whip – and when another shows up to help, they’re really in trouble. Hayden sacrifices herself so that Liam can find Scott and warn him.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia are still trying to get through the Rift – but they’ve waited too long, because Douglas corners them against the barrier. Douglas says they want the same thing – they just need to get through the Rift. And he has a theory about how to do it: with Parrish, who seems to be under his control now. Liam shows up just in time and warns Scott, filling him in about Douglas being a Nazi from World War II and what he wants with the Ghost Riders.

His cover blown, Douglas attacks and tries to use the whip on Scott. Parrish manages to open the Rift, but only he and Douglas go through before it closes again – and several Riders emerge. Scott sends Lydia and Liam running to the bunker, before he and Malia prepare to fight. Scott is caught around the neck by a whip, but not taken – he thinks the Riders are headed in for the kill instead. They’re cornered when Peter comes in, turning the tables and creating an opening for Scott and Malia to escape. The Riders take Peter again, right in front of them. Lydia and Liam are cornered by another Rider, but it raises its gun and stands by as they pass. Looks like those banshee powers are coming in handy.

Back at the Stilinski house, the Sheriff calls in Claudia to show her Stiles’ room, finally believing Lydia. He remembers Stiles and wants to find him. But Claudia says she can’t see anything in the room – and when Noah looks around, he can no longer see Stiles’ things either. Only Claudia. He seems devastated by the loss, but then he realizes that he can’t remember much about his wife in recent years. He’s now questioning her existence, rather than Stiles’. Noah shows her the picture, which he now remembers is from her last good day before the dementia took her. Stiles fell asleep in her arms, and when she closed her eyes, the Sheriff knew she was gone. And when he looks up, this Claudia is gone too. He’s lost her again, and it’s devastating. But when he turns around, something is happening… More on that later.

The pack regroups at Scott’s house. He’s dialing his mom’s cell again and again, but the number is no longer in service. The pack comforts him as he realizes what must have happened. Melissa and the others – including Hayden and Mason – are still alive, but the Rift is gone. Things seem pretty hopeless, until the Sheriff shows up. He knows the truth now, and he shares some of his memories of Stiles – such as the first day he had the Jeep and drove it into the ditch, and his childhood nickname… “Mischief.” This was all Stiles could pronounce of his real name – WHICH WE FINALLY LEARN IS MICHISLAV (SP?!) – and became his mother’s nickname for him until she died. The Sheriff ties it all back to the night Scott was bitten, as Stiles dragging his bestie out of bed is why they’re all sitting there now.

The Sheriff’s memories bring the pack some measure of hope once more – as does his revelation that he thought he saw Stiles in his room, as if something opened for the moment. The pack realizes that this could be another Rift, and they’re determined to open it by remembering everything about Stiles. I’m gonna call it right now: the Sciles and Stydia feels are going to be OFF THE CHARTS next week, and I can’t wait.

The Verdict: This episode once again brought the action and upped the stakes, taking several key players to the ghost realm – where they can no longer help in the fight against the Ghost Riders or the search for Stiles. Between that, the Sheriff’s memory of Stiles and what really happened to Claudia, Peter’s sacrifice, and the revelation of Stiles’ real name? We’re still reeling. The World War II flashbacks were cool, if maybe a little out of place? But it was still cool to see the pack connecting the dots and moving towards answers.

Best Scene: The Sheriff finally realizing that not only is Stiles real, but his wife as she appears now is not. The contrast between his account of what actually happened and what Claudia says happened – what he surely wishes could be true – was so heartbreaking. And when Claudia left, but Stiles appeared off-screen? Linden Ashby’s reaction deserves all the awards.

Best Line: “He’s afraid of you.” “I’m afraid of me.”

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on MTV.

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