Teen Wolf 6×08 Roundtable: “Blitzkrieg”

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Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tonight’s new episode, our panel shares their “Blitzkrieg” feels – from which Ghost Rider disappearance caused them the most emotional distress to their reactions to learning Stiles’ real name. Let’s get right to it.

Please give us your five word review for “Blitzkrieg.”

Chloe: Mischief’s true meaning caused feels.

Gwen: This was so damn satisfying!

Caryn: Grab tissues for Sheriff Stilinski.

Liz: Who will save us now?

It seems like literally everyone was taken by the Ghost Riders (or Mr. Douglas) this week. Which disappearance hit you the hardest?

Chloe: Melissa, hands-down. She and Chris tried everything they could to foil Douglas’ plans, but they just couldn’t get away. The way that Melissa fought until it was clear that the scene wouldn’t have a happy ending and then accepted her fate was both inspiring and heartbreaking. And Scott calling her over and over at the end of the episode just reinforced the pain. NO ONE HURTS MAMA MCCALL.

Gwen: Melissa and Chris. That… wasn’t okay, and I just loved that they tried to fight for one another’s safety.

Caryn: It has to have been Melissa’s. The look on her face when she realized that there was no way she was going out, when she was screaming at Parrish to help her, my heart broke. Also add onto that the pain on Scott’s face as he kept on trying to phone his mother. I hope as a consolation that Melissa and Chris are nudging closer to each other at the train station.

Liz: Oh my gosh, honestly Melissa’s disappearance hit me the hardest. Just because she has been my favorite parent since the show began and she has done nothing but continually take care and save the pack’s asses. She tried SO HARD to get Parrish to wake up, but the way she just accepted her fate… broke my heart. ALSO SCOTT CALLING HER OVER AND OVER I’M EMOTIONAL DON’T LOOK AT ME.

What were your thoughts on the WWII flashbacks? Do you think they were useful?

Chloe: On one hand, it’s always interesting to see Teen Wolf‘s take on different time periods. I think they do a great job with setting the scene and taking us out of the usual Beacon Hills surroundings. But on the other hand, I don’t think that these WWII flashbacks were the show’s most effective. Cool to look at, but ultimately left me scratching my head. I did like the scene with the Nazi Wolf meeting the Dread Doctors, though – that connected the dots in a way that the other flashback scenes didn’t.

Gwen: I mean… sort of? I’m glad we know what Douglas really wants, but overall it didn’t do much for me. It took me out of the moment. Also his accent needs some work.

Caryn: They were useful in understanding the motive of the Nazi Wolf and how he came to be. His backstory is a lot like that of the Red Skull in Captain America, but there was a lot that didn’t add up as to the Nazi Wolf’s intentions. How coincidental that he ended up in the same town that the Ghost Riders rode through. Hopefully they will explain more in the next few episodes.

Liz: No. I’m so over this Nazi werewolf BS. I don’t caaaaarreeeeee.

What’s the deal with Parrish? Why was the Nazi Wolf able to control him, and what comes next from their little dream team?

Chloe: I was really confused by that, until I remembered the earlier mythology about the Hellhounds being part of the Wild Hunt in some way. I guess that Douglas controlling the whip gave him power over Parrish? We’ve seen that Parrish seems to have a lot of power but not a lot of control, so I’m worried about what those two will do next.

Gwen: I read that Hellhounds are a part of the Hunt. That they’re sort of like companions in a way… So I guess it makes sense they went this route. I hope he can snap out of it soon though because Parrish is too precious.

Caryn: There has to be some sort of power that the Nazi Wolf has, that he inherited from one of his pineal gland-munching activities that he’s involved in. But you know that something will break the hold that he has over Parrish and it will backfire on the Nazi Wolf.

Liz: I think I said this earlier in the season that in mythology, the Hellhound and the Ghost Riders work together. So, since Mr. Douglas is now a Ghost Rider (I use that term loosely) he can influence and use Parrish… which is not great. Obvio. I honestly have no idea why they went into the Rift or what they’re planning, so like, guess we’ll have to wait and see!

STILES’ REAL NAME. Let’s discuss.

Chloe: I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard it. Stiles’ real name has been one of Teen Wolf‘s longest-enduring mysteries – I expected an answer this season, but more toward the backend. I loved the story behind the name and how it plays into Lydia’s “Mischief” sketch from earlier in the season, as well as advancing the search for Stiles. It was a beautiful reveal.

Gwen: I can’t believe it. It’s finally here! I can’t even pronounce it but I think it’s great they went with one that’s hard to do so, because it makes all the jokes about not being able to from previous seasons really funny! It definitely broke my heart that he remembered when it was seemingly too late but there is still work to do.

Caryn: We all probably thought it would be something that would be difficult to pronounce, but the Sheriff’s memory of a young Stiles not being able to pronounce his own name and then saying ‘Mischief’ was so adorable and well done. I love it.

Liz: It sounds like Coleslaw and Mike Wazowski put together. That is all. But I do really like how Scott and Stiles’ initials are like opposite of each other. Like SM for Scott and MS for Stiles. BROTP to the max.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: The conversation between the Sheriff and Claudia, when Noah finally accepts that his son is real – and that this version of his wife isn’t. Linden Ashby deserves all the awards for bringing the #StilinskiFamilyFeels.

Gwen: When Noah was remembering and Claudia disappeared. I’m glad he finally snapped out of it. However, they definitely retconned some info in the previous seasons because apparently it was just Stiles that was with her when she passed and Noah wasn’t there at all, but in this episode they made it so he was just so he could remember and rid us of this false Claudia. Correct me if I’m wrong on that info though.

Caryn: Definitely Sheriff Stilinski remembering Stiles and telling the A Pack the story around his name. The performance was excellent and so emotional, definitely one of my favorite moments from this season.

Liz: Oh gosh, my favorite part was when Lydia protected Liam from the Ghost Riders. I was like very emotional about that for some reason.

I want to talk predictions for next week, because with the plan to remember everything about Stiles, it seems like things could get emotional. What do you think is in store?

Chloe: I called it in my recap and I stand by this prediction: we’ll be feeling some serious Sciles and Stydia emotions next week. If the plan is to remember everything about Stiles, I’m anticipating more flashbacks to previous seasons – ones that will hit us right in the feels.

Gwen: I’m mostly excited for any memories that Lydia pulls up. Because we only recently discovered she loved Stiles. So I’m hoping we get flashbacks to times he was there for her so she can see that he was literally the one for her the whole time.

Caryn: I expect lots of tears and I’m glad we get this kind of ode to Stiles, who was the plan-maker of the team for so long. I don’t think we will get him back just yet but I foresee the team making strides towards this.

Liz: Honestly, I feel like some of the moments we see are gonna be like “omg!!” cause even we’ve forgotten some moments throughout the years. Basically, all I know is that I will be feeling all the things and I’m not READY FOR IT.

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What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×08 “Blitzkrieg”?

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