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Teen Wolf 6×09 Recap: Stydia Rising

After nearly half a season of fighting the Ghost Riders and searching for Stiles, the Teen Wolf pack finally has a plan to bring back their vanished bestie (not to mention all the other people who have been disappeared along the way). Despite the setbacks from Mr. Douglas (a.k.a. the Nazi Wolf) taking Parrish through the Rift in last week’s episode, tonight’s installment saw Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam, and the Sheriff prepared to distract the Ghost Riders and remember everything about Stiles in order to bring him back. Let’s talk about what went down in “Memory Found.”

This episode basically split the remaining members of the pack into two factions: the Alpha pack (Scott, Lydia, and Malia) and the Beta pack (Liam – the only youngling not currently in the Ghost Realm – assisted by the Sheriff and Theo). We’ll be breaking down the recap according to those two groups.

teen wolf stydia memory found

The Beta Pack

The Beta pack has one goal: keep the Ghost Riders away from Scott long enough for him to remember Stiles and open the Rift to bring him back. Liam and the Sheriff take point, reluctantly bringing Theo on-board. With so many people in the Ghost Realm – including the entirety of the deputy staff – he’s pretty much their only option.

Unfortunately, the Ghost Riders corner this dream team pretty much right away, and the Sheriff becomes the latest victim of their ghost bullets. Liam and Theo make a break for it in one of the police cruisers, running over a Ghost Rider for good measure. Liam’s instinct is to head to the hospital: since he knows every inch of it, it’s as good a place as any to hide.

But Liam doesn’t only want to hide – he wants to draw all the Ghost Riders to them, to keep them away from Scott. Theo, as you might imagine, isn’t exactly in for such a self-sacrificing plan. He says he’s only sticking around as long as it helps him, which Liam knows all too well. The Bby Beta is on the same page: he tells Theo he’ll use him as bait if it comes down to it.

The boys hide out in the morgue for as long as they can, but the Ghost Riders catch up pretty quickly and start to pursue them through the hospital. Theo and Liam find themselves cornered, and they choose to fight whether than run. As Liam puts it, they’re both going down, and he’d prefer to do it while fighting back. Liam pulls an impressive move, shooting two Ghost Riders with their own bullets – saving Theo in the process. Theo unexpectedly returns the favor, shoving Liam into an elevator and making himself the bait for the approaching Rider squad.

Presumably, Theo is taken by the Ghost Riders – but we won’t know his fate until next week’s episode. Talk about a surprising move on his part.

The Alpha Pack

While Liam & Co. run interference, Scott, Lydia, and Malia headed for the bunker – and Parrish’s industrial freezer thing. The plan is to use the freezer to slow the supernaturals’ heart rates, inducing a hypnotic state and hopefully bringing memories of Stiles to the surface. (Think the ice baths from Season 3.)

First up, Scott McCall. After he steps into the freezer, the memories of Stiles start coming in more hard-hitting flashbacks. Stiles locking up Scott and confronting him about kissing Lydia in Season 1. Lacrosse practice. The ice baths. Scott is certainly remembering Stiles, but he’s being overloaded by the memories – and if he can’t control them, it’ll be game over.

Lydia saves the day, guiding Scott so he can organize his memories by visualizing each one behind a separate locker door at Beacon Hills High. Now Scott can sort through the memories more easily, but he doesn’t know what he’s looking for. Malia proposes that they’ll probably need memories with an emotional connection, like when Stilinski remembered him as his son. She reminds Scott that he and Stiles aren’t just best friends; they’re more like brothers.

teen wolf stydia memory found

That rings a bell. Scott hears Malia through his hypnotic state and finds the memory of Stiles’ You’re just gonna have to take me with you at Motel Glen Capri. OUR HEARTS. Unfortunately, the girls have to pull Scott out of the freezer because his heart rate drops. It was a good memory, but it wasn’t enough.

The solution? Send in Malia. As she puts it, Stiles was the first person she connected with in a long time. Lydia helps Malia visualize her memories of Stiles as books in the high school library. We see funny ones – Malia punching Stiles in the Eichen House courtyard – and intense ones – Stiles talking Malia through the full moon. And then, finally, an emotional Stalia moment from Season 4: Stiles saying goodbye to Malia (and promising to come back) when she was affected by the supernatural virus. That causes a glimmer of the Rift portal back in the real world, but Scott and Lydia have to pull Malia out of the freezer before she can pursue her memories any further.

Lydia says that it’s too dangerous to send Scott and Malia back into the freezer. Scott thinks Lydia may be able to take it the rest of the way, since both he and Malia saw her strong connection with Stiles in their memories. Lydia won’t last long in the freezer, so she instructs Scott and Malia on how to hypnotize her the old-fashioned way. The Banshee visualizes her own memories as channels on the TV in one of her classrooms.

teen wolf stydia memory found

The memories start showing up on the screen. What the hell is a Stiles? The winter formal. It’s not enough. Lydia turns off the TV and hears something out in the hallway. She follows the sound to the locker room, finding another memory: Stiles’ panic attack… and their kiss. It’s pretty much the whole 3A scene, and it’s #INTENSE, especially with present-day Lydia reacting from across the room. “That’s when it happened,” she says, flashing to other memories – her and Stiles with the red string, Stiles saving her in Eichen House. “When I kissed him. That’s when it all changed.” She remembers being with Stiles when he was taken by the Ghost Riders, and how he said Remember I love you. Lydia tears up, coming back to the present and repeating one thing: I never said it back.

As soon as Lydia says this, the room rattles and there are weird lights and sounds. The Rift is open (!!!) and someone is coming through. Is it Stiles?!?! We have to wait until next week’s winter finale to find out.

The Verdict: This was an #INTENSE episode, bringing together an unconventional duo in Theo and Liam (is there anyone Cody Christian doesn’t play well with?!) while highlighting more powerful flashbacks through Scott, Lydia, and Malia. I loved how there really was something for everyone, with Sciles, Stalia, and Stydia feels running high. Oh, and can we say #StydiaRising?! That’s the only thing I need to make this episode a fast favorite. The 3A panic attack kiss flashback could not have been put to better use.

Best Scene: Each of the flashback sequences – Scott’s, Malia’s, and Lydia’s – were pitch-perfect. Though my personal favorite was Lydia’s (gotta show some Stydia love), all three montages pulled in fan-favorite moments from past seasons that made Stiles’ presence felt and exemplified their relationships with him.

Runner-Up: Liam and Theo’s escape from the Sheriff’s station. The boys fumbling with the keys and hurling insults at each other, before finally sharing a moment of triumph, was everything.

Best Line: “That’s when it happened. When I kissed him. That’s when everything changed.” – Lydia

Runner-Up: “We’re both getting caught. You can do it when you’re running. I’m going down fighting.” – Liam

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on MTV.

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