Teen Wolf 6×09 Roundtable: “Memory Found”

teen wolf roundtable memory found

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tonight’s #INTENSE winter finale (some of us may have already seen it and we may be emotionally compromised), our panel is talking all things “Memory Found” – including our flashback feelings, Theo’s sacrifice, and, of course, Stydia.

Here goes nothing.

Please give us your five word review for “Memory Found.”

Chloe: The Stydia may kill me.

Gwen: I didn’t ask for this!

Caryn: Can we have more Stydia?

Liam and Theo were on their own this episode (aside from some brief assistance from the Sheriff). What did you think of their dynamic and Theo’s sacrifice?

Chloe: I swear, put anyone one-on-one with Cody Christian and the result will be amazing. Stiles. Scott. Now Liam. Theo knows how to push buttons, and it’s always fun to watch. I loved how Liam and Theo reluctantly teamed up, ready to use each other to achieve their own goals – and totally owning that. And I loved how Theo actually did something unexpected even more. Are we finally seeing a redemption arc? I half expect Theo to come out of this somehow gaining his own Ghost Rider army, but if he’s actually going good, I’d be here for it.

Gwen: I was rooting for the Theo/Liam team up as soon as it happened. Theo is hardheaded and I just knew he was going to mess things up, but I was still rooting for them. I smiled so big at the almost fist-bump moment because that was a true genuine moment where it clicked for Theo – not to mention funny. And then he sacrificed himself for Liam and my liking of his character felt valid. In my eyes he redeemed himself for sure. We’ll see what the next 10 episodes bring…

Caryn: To be honest, it is very difficult to trust Theo’s motives – but it is obvious that the show is intending to redeem, and the relationship between him and Liam is very entertaining to watch. Perhaps Theo sacrificing himself for Liam could be the beginning of a great big brother type relationship, but I still don’t see Theo automatically becoming someone who doesn’t put himself first.

Meanwhile, the seniors were doing everything they could to remember Stiles and open the Rift. Did you have a favorite memory montage out of the three?

Chloe: It’s hard to choose, because they each brought something important to the table. I think it was smart for the flashbacks to offer something for everyone – fans of Sciles, Stalia, and Stydia. Even being Team Stydia all the way, each of the montages was impactful in their own way. (But of course, I’m gonna have to go with Lydia’s memories and how they opened a rift in time and space to !!hopefully!! bring Stiles back.)

Gwen: This goes back to my I didn’t ask for this! sentence. I knew there were going to be some flashbacks, but not this many in one period of time. I was crying. Not just because of the context in which we were seeing them, but because my literal favorite show is ending and I had forgotten about most of those Stiles moments and when they popped up, I was a weeping baby. I think the one that made me lose it the most was the “Motel California” scene. Just… my heart.

Caryn: Oh gosh, during that entire scene I was sobbing it is difficult to zero in on only one memory, but it has to be the scene where Lydia was remembering the first kiss she shared with Stiles – for obvious reasons.

One word: STYDIA. Give me all your feelings.

Chloe: When I watched Lydia’s memories, there was only one thing running through my mind: It’s all happening!! I think the big argument against Stydia has been from fans who feel that Lydia never reciprocated Stiles’ feelings. Fans of the ship have pointed to moments – such as the panic attack kiss and the red string and so on – over the seasons, and having those scenes acknowledged and played back as Lydia finally realizes she loves Stiles was all I could have ever asked for.

Gwen: I honestly never cared about Stydia as much as the rest of the fandom. They were there and I acknowledged it and I knew they were endgame, but I wasn’t screaming about it. However, I will say Jeff Davis and the team did a great job at FINALLY acknowledging what everyone knew and was waiting for, and that’s one bit of closure I’m happy about. I’m glad Lydia finally accepts her feelings and I’m glad she saved the day, because the women on Teen Wolf kick so much ass and deserve to shine, too.

Caryn: Guys, I have been waiting for months, nay, years for this moment. We always knew it was there, simmering beneath the surface – Lydia’s love for Stiles – and it felt like such a good payoff to finally have her confess. The onslaught of feels that followed was unrivaled. I’m not used to my ships happening, so I am over the moon and so excited to see what happens next.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: Lydia experiencing and reacting to her own memory of Stiles’ panic attack, leading into her realization: I never said it back. The slow burn of Stydia has reached the boiling point, and I’m SO. HERE. FOR. IT.

Gwen: Definitely the Theo/Liam scenes. I honestly just can’t get over those glimpses of bro-ments that they had. They made me so happy, haha.

Caryn: Definitely Lydia saying that she never said I love you back to Stiles and it opening the Rift.

Because this is our last chance for 6A, let’s hear some winter finale predictions. Is it actually Stiles coming through the Rift? Any other thoughts?

Chloe: Whether or not that’s Stiles’ silhouette coming through the Rift, I feel like a Stydia reunion at some point in 6×10 is inevitable. As long as that happens and Lydia follows through on “saying it back,” I’ll be thrilled (/dead). My heart can’t take a hiatus with no closure for my OTP. I’d also like to see the other victims of the Ghost Riders (especially like, all the adults and the bby Betas) brought back to safety.

Gwen: I’d like to think that it’s Stiles, but knowing the show it could definitely be someone else. I also predict they’ll all become way stronger as a team and get the job done. If they can open the Rift together, they can get everyone back together.

In my heart of hearts, I really want them to bring back old characters. We haven’t heard them mention a few people in so many seasons, and it’d make sense to me that that’s because they were taken and put into the Rift. It’d be a good way to wrap up the show… Just all their old friends in the audience at graduation (also hoping to see that) and no casualties for the good guys… If someone important dies, I will be upset haha.

Caryn: I feel like Stiles will rejoin the pack, but they will all be trapped on the other side and they will have to work together to get everyone back to Beacon Hills. I hope they end up killing the Nazi Wolf though.

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What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×09 “Memory Found”?

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