Teen Wolf 6×10 Recap: Everything Was Stydia, and Nothing Hurt

teen wolf stydia

Last week’s Teen Wolf was a big one, with three of the core pack members – Scott, Lydia, and Malia – remembering Stiles in order to finally bring him back. They succeeded, with Lydia’s memories of kissing Stiles giving them the final push needed to open the Rift. This week’s winter finale, “Riders on the Storm,” picks up pretty much right where we left off… before taking us on a wild ride that sees Beacon Hills in danger like never before and builds to the Stydia moment six seasons in the making.

So as you can see, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s get right to it.

teen wolf stydia
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First things first. Remember that train station where Stiles and the other Ghost Rider victims have been stuck? Well, the pack may not need to find a way in… because the station seems to be merging with Beacon Hills IRL. It starts with Liam seeing the timetable board in the hospital, but throughout the episode more and more of the station shows up – from the waiting room to full-on train tracks. Oh, and the train is finally coming into the station – in 25 minutes. The clock is officially ticking.

After this disheartening announcement, we get some good news. Stiles can hear Lydia from the train station, and he’s finally reunited with his father. Stilinski sends Stiles off to help his friends, staying behind to hold off the Ghost Riders. Though reluctant to leave his dad, Stiles follows Lydia’s voice through the Rift.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear with Lydia, Scott, and Malia – and the latter two didn’t even see Stiles in the Rift, which has now closed again. Not to worry: our boy is BACK. He just showed up across town, in his Jeep – right where he left us to begin with. It’s go time.

Liam and Scott head to the hospital to check out the train station situation, leaving Malia and Lydia behind in the bunker in case Stiles shows up. That doesn’t last long – the ladies decide to follow their instincts and find Stiles themselves. The boys are confronted by Douglas – and Parrish – in the hospital. Thankfully, Stiles interrupts the Nazi Wolf’s villain monologue with his bat (!!) and he and Scott are reunited. OUR HEARTS!

There’s not too much time for a touchy-feely moment, though, because the Hellhound is still on the attack. Stiles pulls out a fire extinguisher and gets Parrish to come to his senses. Thankfully, Parrish has some useful intel on the whole “train station appearing in Beacon Hills” situation: Douglas is trying to merge the two worlds so that the Ghost Riders can cross over, giving him his own personal army in our world. Now the only question is how to stop him. Parrish has an answer for that, too – the pack can’t stop the train, but they can divert it.

Scott, Stiles, and Liam head to the high school to find a way to divert the train. Liam has another idea, though. He wants to find Corey, who has been able to travel between the Ghost Rider and human worlds before. And in order to do that, Liam will need to find his own way into the ghost realm. He goes to steal a Ghost Rider’s horse to get into the Hunt, with a little help from Theo. (He’s alive!!)

Liam successfully rides into the train station, reuniting with Mason and Hayden. They’re safe, but Corey is another story: he’s been physically wired into the PA system. Mason wants to pull the cords out of his BF, but the rest of the Betas agree that they have to wait – they have to give Scott more time to divert the train.

teen wolf stydia
Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV

Meanwhile, Lydia and Malia are doing their own investigation at the high school – where the train station waiting room has appeared in the library. The girls can see all of the people, but they aren’t able to make contact. Once they see Peter, though, they’re determined to try. As with Stiles, the ladies will need an emotional connection to get through to Peter… so it’s time for Malia to work on her daddy issues. Malia manages to get through to her father, and with Peter by their sides, the ladies take on some more Ghost Riders. Peter tells them to run again, but this time Malia turns back to join the fight as Lydia heads into the hallway solo.

Scott and Stiles are still hard at work on the plan. They find the lever that will divert the train… only to be attacked by Douglas, who uses Ghost Rider weapons to make them disappear. But thanks to his little “merge the worlds” plan, the boys don’t end up back in the train station – just in a different part of the high school. They keep going through portals and being spit out separately in different places.

While Scott faces off against some Riders in a hallway, Stiles is cornered by one in the locker room. It pulls a gun on him, and he seems to accept his fate – until Lydia comes to the rescue with one of her Banshee screams. With the Rider knocked out, we get our Stydia reunion moment… and boy is it worth the wait. Lydia says “I didn’t say it back,” Stiles says “You don’t have to,” and THEY. KISS. Six seasons in the making, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

But we don’t get to linger in Stydia bliss, because people are still in danger. We check in with Argent and Melissa in their own instance of the train station waiting room, taking on a few Ghost Riders of their own. (Seriously, how many of these things are there?!) Argent takes two out with their own guns and is rewarded with a kiss from Mama McCall, who speaks for all of us: That was so hot.

Away from all the kissing, Scott is still a man with a plan. He’s made his way back to the diverter and is prepared to take on Douglas… who calls for backup in the form of a huge Ghost Rider army. Thankfully, Scott has his pack (and a few friends) for backup. Theo, Malia, and Peter join the fight. They’re outnumbered, but Malia manages to grab a Ghost Rider’s whip. She throws it to Scott just in time, and he uses it to flip the diverter and send the train on its way.

teen wolf stydia
Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV

Stiles and Lydia are on their way to rejoin the effort to save Beacon Hills when they are detained by Claudia Stilinski. Hasn’t this bitch caused enough trouble?! Her true, even creepier form is finally revealed, and she attacks Lydia and Stiles – because if the Sheriff believes in Stiles, she can’t exist anymore.

With the train diverted, the station starts to disappear – and each of the Ghost Riders’ victims poofs back into existence. This includes the Sheriff, who turns up in the nick of time and tag-teams with Lydia to take Claudia out. The train passing through also seems to free the Ghost Riders from Douglas’ hold. They sheath their weapons and start to walk away. Douglas commands them to stay… which they don’t seem to like very much. Instead of killing the pack, the Riders convert the Nazi Wolf into a Nazi Ghost Rider. So much for that master plan, Douglas. Ghost Riders OUT.

With the Ghost Riders gone, things seem to go pretty much back to normal in Beacon Hills. Corey recovers in the hospital thanks to the Nine Herbs, which Melissa has now mastered. The seniors finish up their last day of high school ever – to Stiles’ dismay. Then we get a lovely “passing of the torch” scene: Stiles gives his bat to Mason, leaving him and Liam in charge of Beacon Hills. He also gives Scott his duct tape, his keys (to the Jeep and pretty much everything in town), and his car. We also find out where the seniors are off to: Scott got into UC Davis, Lydia will be starting at MIT as a junior, and Stiles is headed to George Washington for a Pre-FBI program.

teen wolf stydia
Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV

As the episode ends, Scott and Stiles prepare to drive off in the Jeep – only to hear a report of a body in the woods on Stiles’ police scanner. Now that’s a good callback. We see how the boys have matured since Season 1, though: they turn off the radio and instead drive down the sunny road together, without a care in the world.

And so, we say goodbye to Teen Wolf Season 6A.

The Verdict: This was a very strong season finale, not to mention arguably one of Teen Wolf‘s best episodes ever IMO. Each of the central characters had their moment to shine, we got beautiful reunions on the Sciles and Stydia fronts, and we saw the pack finally finish high school. The “passing of the torch” scene and callback to the body in the woods made this feel like more of a series finale than a midseason one, but that just makes us all the more intrigued about where we go from here. For now, consider us more than satisfied with “Riders on the Storm” and 6A as a whole.

Best Scene: We’ll call it a tie between the Sciles reunion and the Stydia reunion, because they were both practically perfect in every way. No matter how many times we watch the episode, these scenes still hit us right in the feels.

Best Line: How can we pick just one?! There were so many lines we could have chosen for this episode, but we’ll try to narrow it down to three…

1. “Were we like that?” “Worse.” – Stiles and Scott

2. “I gotta get me one of these.” – Argent, on the Ghost Riders’ guns

3. “No one likes a Nazi.” – Peter

Teen Wolf will return for its FINAL 10 episodes in Summer 2017 on MTV.

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