Teen Wolf 6×10 Roundtable: “Riders on the Storm”

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Last week’s midseason finale, “Riders on the Storm,” left us with a LOT to talk about. From the final showdown with Douglas and the Ghost Riders to the Stydia moment years in the making, I think it’s safe to say that we all have a lot of thoughts about the episode. Let’s get right to it.

Please give us your five word review for “Riders on the Storm” – and, since we’re celebrating the midseason finale, a gif summing up your feels.

Chloe: It’s all led to this.

teen wolf riders on the storm

Gwen: It’s all back to normal.

teen wolf riders on the storm

Caryn: Now that is a finale.

teen wolf riders on the storm

Liz: I’m sad but also happy?

teen wolf riders on the storm

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s start with Stiles. Our boy is finally back in town! What were your thoughts on his return? Which character’s Stiles reunion moment was your favorite?

Chloe: It’s so good to have Stiles back. I was worried there might be some more obstacles before his return, so even though he didn’t make his grand reentry in the way we expected, it worked for me. I loved how the pack was running all over town looking for each other – and it set up the opportunity to have multiple pitch-perfect reunion scenes. I have to say that the Stydia reunion was my favorite, but Scott and Stiles’ (+ Liam’s) reunion was epic as well.

Gwen: I am so glad he’s back! I for sure thought they were going to drag out his character being gone until the final final end and I was upset about, it but his return was fantastic and ugh! My favorite reunion was the one with Lydia of course because DUH!

Caryn: Oh gosh, there were so many but as much as I loved the Stiles/Sheriff and Stiles/Lydia reunion, it has to be him just crashing and saving the day with Scott. Our favorite brothers reunited and not wanting to split up again was so special. Especially as within minutes Stiles helped get the Nazi Wolf out the way and save Parrish. He was so missed.

Liz: I think his return was perfectly Stiles. I just loved how he reappeared where he disappeared, but I am confused how he got in the Jeep? Like did he just climb through the floor or?? IDK. Either way, I’m happy he got through!! Honestly, my favorite reunion was with Scott. I mean, they’re brothers and Scott looked so gosh darn relieved to see him again and Stiles’ little run to Scott to hug him made my heart swell. Ugh. The boys are back in town.

We also got the Stydia kiss six seasons in the making. Tell me all of your feelings. Did it live up to your expectations?

Chloe: It was everything. I hope that Dylan O’Brien will return for 6B (he’s not officially confirmed at this point) so that we can see more of Stiles and Lydia together, but for now I am so happy with what we got in this episode. The “I didn’t say it back,” “You don’t have to” exchange was short and sweet, and it shows how these two continue to understand each other and the feelings that have been there all along. So here for it.

Gwen: It was definitely well overdue but I’m happy it happened and with how/when it happened. I have no complaints. They executed it so perfectly.

Caryn: I was on Cloud Nine. I have been waiting for this moment all along, and I loved how there was no need for preamble, we had six seasons of preamble, they just went right into it. Of course, I would have enjoyed more moments between the two of them but there was not much that they could squeeze into one episode. Hopefully we can have a few cute couple moments in 6B, to quench our Stydia thirst.

Liz: I honestly am not a huge fan of Stydia. I don’t think this kiss was six seasons in the making. I think this kiss was six episodes in the making. Even though these two sometimes tug at my heart strings and you want to root for them because come on, the popular girl and the nerdy boy? Classic trope. And when I first watched the scene I was like !!!!!!! but looking back, I just feel extremely bad for both Parrish and Malia who were cast aside to make room for this ship.

Listen, both Stiles and Lydia had moved on during Season 4 + 5 and it just seems like it was all erased (literally) during this season. Like Malia, guys. Come on. This girl has sacrificed so much this season (uhm calling Peter ‘dad’ for starters and just working with Peter in general) to get Stiles back and we didn’t even get a reunion scene with Stiles and Malia. My heart breaks for her, honestly.

Then there was the other kiss, shared by Melissa and Argent. Thoughts?

Chloe: I never really considered Melissa and Argent as a couple before this season, but I’ve gotta say, I’m kind of loving it. Melissa’s reaction to Argent shooting the Ghost Rider was perfection. I will say that I’m slightly weirded out by the layer that is Scott and Allison’s history, so it will be interesting to see if that affects this pairing going forward.

Gwen: I screamed. I screamed so loud. That was one of my other ships on the show and wow… yes.

Caryn: This was everything I never knew I wanted. I have been a Melissa/Sheriff shipper since Season 1, but Melissa/Argent came out of the left field and hijacked my feels. I’m so glad that they got together, they work well as a team and are equally hot. I approve!

Liz: Poor Scott McCall…. his dead girlfriend is about to become his dead step-sister. This show doesn’t even appreciate him. Like. Tragic.

Let’s talk Ghost Riders and the Nazi Wolf. What did you think of their final showdown with the pack?

Chloe: I loved how most of the pack came together – even Theo and Peter! – for the final showdown. It was great to see Malia really have a chance to shine here as well, by throwing the rope to Scott. I think the final battle was much shorter than I really expected or would have liked, but I’m satisfied with the endgame. Douglas becoming part of the Wild Hunt wasn’t something I would have predicted at the beginning of the season, but in hindsight, what a fitting end – and a striking shot.

Gwen: They were honestly my least favorite part of the episode, but I’m glad there was a final showdown and the Nazi Wolf got what was coming to him. Good riddance to both parties tbh.

Caryn: As with a lot of the villains in Teen Wolf, I was kind of disappointed at how they fizzled out towards the end. I did enjoy the whole “pack” coming together to take down the Nazi Wolf, but the sudden fact that Lydia could get rid of the Ghost Riders just by screaming was a nice loophole. But I like that the return of Stiles was the catalyst of getting rid of all the victims.

Liz: The showdown was meh honestly. I mean, Malia Tate kicked ass and looked good while doing it. But I honestly am so glad those Ghost Riders and Nazi Werewolf are gone. Like byeeeee.

Each member of the pack (and even some bonus ones like Peter and Theo) had their moment to shine in this episode. Does someone stand out as the MVP for you?

Chloe: I think I’ve gotta give this one to Malia. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of her, but she’s really grown on me over the past few seasons – not to mention grown as a character. Seeing Malia confront her daddy issues, stay and fight for her friends and the town instead of running away, and play a critical role in the final fight against Douglas and the Ghost Riders? Badass, to say the least.

Gwen: Theo. Theo definitely really did it for me this season. He gets my award.

Caryn: It’s so difficult to pick just one person, but I’m going to go with Lydia. Not only did she lead her own sector against the Ghost Riders and work out how to get rid of them, but she acted without hesitation and truly came into her own this episode.

Liz: SCOTT MCCALL AND MALIA TATE ARE THE TRUE MVPs. First off, Scott continues to show that he is always going to fight for good and stand up for what’s right. Then Malia basically saves the day by getting the lasso and tossing it to Scott to divert the train. (Not to mention having to call Peter ‘dad’ in order to get him to help the pack, ugh.)

Next week we’ll talk more about the season as a whole and what comes next… But for now, this ending felt very much like an ending. Let’s discuss.

Chloe: I loved the ending of this episode, especially how it came full circle with the passing of the torch (or the baseball bat) and Scott and Stiles overhearing the notice about the body in the woods. But at the same point, such a nostalgic ending feels much more appropriate for a series finale. It’s hard to know where they’ll go from here, because it feels like we’d have to head into a different show in a way – one where Liam and the Bby Betas take the lead, or one without Stiles. I’m apprehensive about that. But at the same point, the 5B ending also felt series finale-ish and I was very happy with 6A. We’ll just have to wait and see what the writers have planned, I guess.

Gwen: Yeah it was really confusing to me. I didn’t get why it ended that way, and I was waiting for something random to happen at the end to set up the rest of the season. I am under the impression that Dylan is done with the show (since he’s not listed for next season) so I guess this was an ending for him? I’m really anxious to see what’s coming though…

Caryn: I’m actually surprised that there is going to be more after this. Other than a new threat (or Theo and Peter acting out again), I can’t imagine what other story they will still tell. I hope some of the old characters pop in to say goodbye and we get some cute relationship moments between Stydia and Argent and Melissa.

Liz: I do think it felt like a series ending and I honestly don’t know where they’re going to take it from here. If anything, I feel like this should’ve been how the series ended. I loved how the finale ended the way it started–with Scott and Stiles and a body being found in the woods. Beautiful. Poetic.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: The Stydia kiss. I’ll be watching that scene on repeat for a long time.

Gwen: It’s a toss up between three scenes: the Stydia kiss, the McArgent kiss, and Malia going back to save Peter. All pivotal and important moments!

Caryn: The reunion between Stiles and Lydia. “I didn’t say it back” killed me. Thank you Teen Wolf for giving me this moment.

Liz: Hands down Malia Tate getting that lasso and then looking to train with this big, happy smile on her face cause fuck yea they got this. And then going “You missed your train.” *mic drop*

Teen Wolf will return to MTV in Summer 2017 for its final ten episodes. Check back next week for a special midseason installment of our Teen Wolf Roundtable. 

What was your favorite moment from Teen Wolf 6×10 “Riders on the Storm”?

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