‘Teen Wolf’ 6×11 Recap: Follow the Spiders

teen wolf recap

It’s the beginning of the end of an era. Teen Wolf‘s final season premiere has just aired, bringing us into single digits of episodes remaining in the series. But there’s no time to be sad yet – we have too much to talk about. This week’s episode, “Said the Spider to the Fly,” brings new threats to the forefront, keeping Scott and his fellow seniors in Beacon Hills at least a little bit longer.

Let’s dive right in.

We open on Scott, which feels appropriate – he is the teen wolf, after all. Let’s set the scene: summer is ending, Scott has been volunteering as the assistant lacrosse coach (!!), and our True Alpha seems more than ready to pass the torch – both on the lacrosse field and in the supernatural world. Unfortunately for him, his trusty Beta Liam is in crisis. Hayden has moved away and left him behind. Scott’s going to college. He’s struggling with his anger issues and transformation again. Not only that, but lacrosse practice is interrupted by an even bigger crisis: a real live (and real angry) wolf wandering onto the field.

teen wolf recap

Understandably, the whole team is shaken by the wolf – but one boy in particular, Nolan, seems especially impacted. We’ll get back to that. Scott and Liam follow the wolf into the woods very casually, and they find it – but it’s dead. And so are a bunch of other wolves. And they all have a disturbing number of spiders crawling out of their mouths and noses. NO THANK YOU.

Spiders would also be where we draw the line, so we’re fully behind Malia, who is packing up and ready to get the hell out of Beacon Hills to enjoy some French sightseeing and French men. But she’s not quick enough – Liam wants to call her in to advise, since she understands animal situations. Malia is reluctant, but after her flight is re-routed, she has some time to help out.


That’s not the only shady thing going down in Beacon Hills. Back at Eichen House, Dr. Fenris (played by John Posey, Tyler Posey’s dad) is looking in on a patient who has been there since the facility opened in 1912 – a Hellhound, frozen in volcanic ash, that looks like something out of Pompeii. I guess Eichen House is also suffering from a lack of proper AC this summer, because the ash cracks and the Hellhound bursts free in a whirl of flames. Enter: Halwyn, played by Casey Diedrick.

Scott & Co., blissfully unaware of this development for the time being, are busy with other things. Liam, Mason, and Corey are registering for classes – but their new guidance counselor, Ms. Monroe, seems to know that something’s up at Beacon Hills High. She asks a lot of leading questions and seems to be digging for info about the supernatural. That doesn’t bode well – especially when she seems to find some answers from Nolan, who is clearly still traumatized by the wolf and some of the other shit that has gone down at this school. We learn that Nolan and Monroe have been talking over the summer about things like, say, the animal attack in the library… and how it wasn’t an animal. Nolan seems perilously close to acknowledging the reality of werewolves (and possibly other supernatural creatures) in town, and we’re scared of what that might mean for Scott and his friends.

Even more troubling is the fact that Nolan doesn’t seem to be the only one waking up to the supernatural goings-on in Beacon Hills. Liam and Mason head to the library to read up on spider lore, only to discover that the entire mythology section has been checked out. They don’t have too much time to contemplate whether they should be worried by this, though, because a swarm of rats overtakes a nearby classroom, and – seemingly unnoticed – Halwyn stalks through the school, looking for something or someone. Things have gone from zero to sixty real fast in this episode.

Liam and Mason pursue the rats down into the tunnels, figuring that they came through the pipes. They find something extra creepy: a dead rat king (a.k.a. a bunch of rats tangled together), reeking of fear. The boys call in Malia, who notes that the situation is weird but has decided that it is not her problem.

Lydia is also gearing up to leave town for college, giving her mom – now Principal Martin – a list of every supernatural in town. Mama Martin is not interested. Though Lydia says that her knowledge obligates her to help and be involved, Principal Martin says that it’s not their problem – that Lydia is pretty much her only concern. Lydia leaves the list in her mom’s desk anyway… and we have a smidgeon of fear that that list may come back to bite them. It seems like just the thing that should stay out of Monroe’s hands.

Scott’s prepping his mom for his departure, too, before his orientation the next day. He gives Mama McCall an intense stun baton, but she’s got her own methods. She shows Scott the herbs and such she has ready and waiting in the hospital morgue. If Mama McCall is a druid in the making, we are here for it.

Meanwhile, Halwyn continues his search, first breaking into the sheriff’s office to listen to a scanner before heading to the hospital. Parrish and Mama McCall are there, too, dealing with people injured in a 10-car pileup nearby. Liam and Mason show up with a rat in a takeout box, hoping for Mama McCall’s insight, but she’s too busy and rather disinclined to take a look. Things escalate quickly after Parrish sees a vision of Halwyn in Hellhound form in the hallway and Liam tries to break up a fight between two squabbling patients – after which he is punched in the face and starts to wolf out. Halwyn overhears Liam’s elevated heartbeat and pursues as Liam tries to get out of sight.

teen wolf recap

Lydia and Scott’s plans are getting derailed as well. Lydia shows up to Scott’s house – it seems like they’ll be driving together to orientation or the airport or something – but she has a vision instead. A phone ringing, and spiderwebs. (Enough with the spiders, already!) Even creepier, when Lydia touches the spiderwebs, she can hear snippets of sound – screams, gunshots, doors, and most chillingly, You let it out. You were supposed to ride with the Hunt forever. Whatever “it” is, we have a feeling that we probably don’t want it on the loose in Beacon Hills.

Liam, Mason, Parrish, and Halwyn end up at the school – where the two Hellhounds come face to face. Halwyn reveals that he’s hunting something that the pack let out of the Wild Hunt – something that must be stopped. Probably the same something Lydia just heard about from her vision. Halwyn thinks that Liam is what he’s looking for, and a fight breaks out – a fight overheard by Monroe, who pulls a gun and special bullets out of her trunk. Looks like we’ve got a new Hunter on the scene. Halwyn quickly realizes that Liam isn’t the creature he’s looking for and says nothing else matters but stopping “it.”

Between Lydia’s vision and the Betas’ encounter with Halwyn, Lydia and Scott come to head off Malia from leaving for Paris. They’re going to need all hands on deck. The senior pack members decide to track down Halwyn and get his help in stopping whatever they let out. They’re concerned that there’s always a price to pay – something they learned from the Nemeton.

Halwyn’s help would almost certainly come in handy – not to mention his knowledge of just what the pack should even be looking for – but unfortunately, he won’t be able to point Scott & Co. in the right direction. Monroe corners him in the woods and shoots him in the head – which actually kills him. Considering that up to now we’ve seen Hellhounds as basically invincible, this is a big deal. Scott, Lydia, and Malia find Halwyn’s body – and a fleur de lis bullet casing next to it. This reminds Lydia of another part of her vision – the sound of people killing each other. Time to go have a conversation with Argent.

The pack is also ready to call in another person for help – Stiles. Lydia and Malia are ready to call him right away, but Scott is reluctant to pull his BFF out of the pre-FBI program that he’s so excited about. Scott plays a voicemail he received from Stiles earlier that day, which encourages the True Alpha to go through with leaving Beacon Hills, even if he’s worried that he needs to be there to protect everyone.

teen wolf recap

As if this isn’t emotional enough, we cut to Stiles at Quantico (um… how badass would that crossover be?!). He’s that kid in class – asking lots of questions, hyperactive and enthusiastic and a know-it-all. Same old Stiles, basically. His rapid-fire questions and comments are cut short by a spit-take, though – the instructor plays a security video of a recent FBI target running through the woods… and… it’s… DEREK HALE. Derek is running through the woods shirtless in North Carolina, and apparently, he’s wanted for mass murder. Things just got interesting.

The Verdict: Teen Wolf is definitely setting us up for more of a slow burn season, with the multiple villains and more sprawling storylines fans are familiar with. That has the potential for a big payoff, but with the limited number of episodes left, we’re hoping the pace picks up quickly. That said, the premiere lays the groundwork for some intriguing storylines – but we’ll reserve judgment until we really get going.

Best Scene: Stiles at Quantico. Not only did that hit us in all the feels – our little baby is off to destroy people and save China! – but the Derek security footage was unexpected and surprising in the best way. Now all we need is Stiles tracking Derek down and the two of them road-tripping back to Beacon Hills.

Best Line: “I’m done with mysterious animal situations. I want mysterious men.” – Malia

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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