‘Teen Wolf’ 6×11 Roundtable: “Said the Spider to the Fly”

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Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tonight’s all-new episode, we’re breaking down the Season 6B premiere, “Said the Spider to the Fly” – from the new (and short-lived) Hellhound to the surprise appearance that caused Stiles (and us) to do a spit-take.

Here goes nothing.

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Chloe: Here come the Sterek feelings…

teen wolf roundtable

Liz: YAAAAAAA wait what the heck AAAAASSSSS

teen wolf roundtable


Nora: My heart is so full.

teen wolf roundtable

Lyra: My babies are all grown.

This episode introduced us to Beacon Hills High’s new guidance counselor – who is definitely more than what she seems. What was your first impression of Monroe? What are you expecting to see from her this season?

Chloe: I guess it must be a requirement for the guidance counselor to know what’s going on with their students – including any supernatural concerns. But somehow I get the feeling that Monroe’s intentions are a little less pure than Mama Martin’s. My guard went up as soon as she started digging for info on the supernatural – and seeing her take out Halwyn pretty much confirmed that she’s up to no good. I’m expecting Monroe to do some more damage – and probably cause some more casualties – before all is said and done. I’m mostly afraid that the list of supernatural kids Lydia left in her mom’s desk will expedite this process.

Liz: I don’t trust the lady. Anyone who’s new on this show I’m automatically like, “You’re evil!!!” I’m def expecting her to be evil and cause some trouble – but I feel like she has a good reason as to why she’s doing what she’s doing. Hopefully she’ll see the error in her ways and switch sides! We’ll see…

Gwen: I knew something was off with her from the jump. I’m always really wary of new characters tbh. I am glad, however, to see another person of color on the show. It’s quite refreshing. That being said, I’m excited to see what becomes of her. She could turn out to be a badass, but she could also just be terrible. I’m pretty sure she’s playing a big role this season, and I’m anxious to see what it is!

Nora: I already don’t trust Monroe, and the end of the episode just proved my instincts are right on this one. When Monroe was talking to the students, I had the feeling that she was just scared and wanted to protect her students from the crazy things that always happen in the hallways of Beacon Hills. I didn’t think she actually knew what creatures were lurking around Beacon Hills. But, that changed when she killed the Hellhound with an Argent bullet. She enjoyed the kill and definitely knows more than she’s letting on. Monroe is going to cause some problems for the pack as the episodes progress. Now the pack isn’t dealing with people in Beacon Hills simply acting out of fear, but people who enjoy killing these people that are different from them.

Lyra: Monroe follows a long line of Beacon Hills staff that I just can’t trust. Besides Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa, and Lydia’s mom, are any of the adults trustworthy? (Maybe a little Chris too, post the first couple of seasons.) At first I got this sense that Monroe was scared and trying to protect herself and her students from an unknown force. It all changed after she killed the Hellhound. She liked it. That’s going to be a problem for the pack in the next couple of episodes. Because they’re not just going to be dealing with people reacting out of fear. They’ll be dealing with people who like it and think of it as a sport. Reminds me of Kate.

It seems that Hunters won’t be the only danger the pack has to contend with this season. There’s a mysterious creature released from the Wild Hunt – something with a Hellhound dedicated to stopping it. We’ve also got your average, everyday citizens reading up on mythology and acting terrified of wolves. Any predictions to share on either of these fronts?

Chloe: It’s so hard to predict what will happen – only that the pack is in for more drama and danger before it’s all over. I have no idea what the creature released from the Wild Hunt could be, but I’m thinking that it must have some kind of influence over fear – the same force that’s causing the townspeople to act up. I’m mostly interested to see the long-term effects of people presumably becoming aware of the supernatural in Beacon Hills on a much larger scale. Will their memories have to be wiped in the end? Or will supernaturals be wiped out? I have concerns.

Liz: Oh battle lines are being drawn for sure. I hope people realize that Scott and the pack are actually protecting Beacon Hills rather than being the ones causing harm. There’s obviously something bigger and badder that’s going down besides the town hunting them down, but I have no clue what. And something that stuck out was when the Hellhound confronted Liam thinking he was someone else that the Wild Hunt didn’t keep. Who didn’t the Wild Hunt keep besides the whole town? Stiles??

Gwen: I personally am excited about this. We get to see what the average joes of Beacon Hills are up to. Like I said previously, this has been a long time coming. I feel like there might be a split. The ones who are against and the ones who are with. It would be cool to see some average citizens fighting alongside our pack.

Nora: I’m excited to see the average citizens in Beacon Hills draw battle lines and fight. I just hope they choose to protect Scott and the pack eventually. I agree with Gwen – I think there might be a split with people who are with the pack and people who are against them. There’s definitely something bigger out there. The Wild Hunt unleashes something that had a Hellhound wondering if Liam was this thing, and I have a feeling this will be a bigger threat and everyone will eventually have to band together to stop the bigger threat.

Lyra: The thing that was let out is going to be a small contender in the beginning as the town turns on the McCall pack. It’s not until these people find out that the real threat is this creature released from the Wild Hunt that they’ll even take a breath to realize that Scott and his pack are on their side. Also, I don’t think everyone is going to turn on the pack. There are plenty of people who have seen what Scott and his pack have done and the lives they’ve saved. They’ll be spots of light in the darkness surrounding them who will be willing to protect them. Hopefully.

Let’s talk about that Stiles scene. Give me all of your feelings.

Chloe: This scene honestly made the whole episode for me. “My little baby, off to destroy people!” pretty much sums it up. I’m so proud of Stiles and so glad that we get to see him in Teen Wolf‘s own version of Quantico. The Derek appearance just made it even better. (Can we please now see Stiles track down Derek and the two of them road trip back to Beacon Hills?)

Liz: God, that was THE SECOND BEST SCENE OF THE WHOLE EPISODE. When he made that dumb face when fixing his tie, I squealed. Wow, I am just so proud of him.

Gwen: I am SO PROUD of him! I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when – so when it did, I was so happy. It’s like seeing a son off to college living their best life. I can’t wait to see where the FBI takes him. He deserves all the good! Who knew our Stiles would be the grownup he is now…. excuse me while I cry about it.

Nora: I just love Stiles so much! I’m so proud of him for getting out of Beacon Hills and chasing his dreams at the FBI. He deserves to have everything he ever wanted, even if that means distancing himself from Scott and the trouble in Beacon Hills. He’s ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and not only protect the supernatural forces that wreak havoc on our world, but also humanity. I can sit here and cry about this scene forever.

Lyra: I feel like a proud mom. Like this is my kid going off to save China… I mean, join the FBI to fight the Huns… I mean, protect and serve this country from human and supernatural forces. (I might have been watching Mulan and seen a couple gif responses by Linden Ashby about how he feels about Stiles.) I’m so proud of him and have this innate need to show everyone how far he’s come, like a grandma whipping out her family photos to show off her grandchildren to random strangers. (P.S. I know I sound absolutely mad. I don’t regret it one bit. Our lanky goofball is all grown up!)

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: “Mass murderer” Derek Hale running across that TV screen. It was so unexpected in the best way, and Stiles’ reaction was a gift. More, please.

Liz: Scott McCall being the assistant lacrosse coach!!!! So proud of him!!

Gwen: Definitely that sneak peek of Derek! HE’S BACK AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! I just about screamed. Derek being gone this long has seriously given me anxiety. Where has he been? What’s this about murder? Does he have a new pack? I NEED TO KNOW!

Nora: Definitely Stiles at the FBI and him seeing that the FBI is chasing down Derek on homicide charges. I’m so happy for Stiles and Derek to be together again in the final episodes. I already have anxiety about where Derek has been and what trouble he’s gotten into.

Lyra: Stiles recognizes Derek during his internship at the FBI was my favorite moment of the episode. Knowing Stiles and the complicated background he has with Derek, he’s already planning 10 different ways to save Derek’s werewolf behind from those who would cause him harm. It’s what they do, saving each other. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Also, I feel really bad for the actress in front of Dylan when he spit out that water. How many takes did they have to do? How much spit water got on her? How much was she paid for that scene? I know, random questions. But I couldn’t help but focus on that after I watched the ending scene like 50 times.

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What was your favorite moment from “Said the Spider to the Fly”?

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