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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×11 Spoiler-Free Review: “Said the Spider to the Fly” Goes Back to Basics

Well Teen Wolf fans, the end is near. We’re about to enter the home stretch of the hit MTV show we love and adore, with only ten episodes remaining until it’s all over. The Season 6B premiere, “Said the Spider to the Fly” (premiering this Sunday), goes back to basics – putting a new twist on seemingly familiar threats and shaking things up just as the core pack is about to leave Beacon Hills behind.

Just as with the 6A finale, there’s a real “passing of the torch” vibe going on in this episode. Scott, Lydia, and Malia are getting ready to head off to the next big thing. (Stiles has already left – but don’t count him out of the action just yet.) The bby Betas are stepping up as the new senior class at Beacon Hills High – some of them handling the original pack members’ impending departure better than others.

Unfortunately for everyone, leaving Beacon Hills just won’t be that easy. Strange things are afoot (when are they not?), with both the natural world and the non-supernatural people of Beacon Hills acting weird and noticing something off. It’s a scary time, and it has something to do with the events of 6A – specifically, some consequence of the pack’s dealings with the Wild Hunt.

After a season that zeroed in on Stiles and the threat of the Ghost Riders, the back half of Season 6B seems to be taking a broader approach – which has its pros and cons. On the upside, this means more time to shine for the pack as a whole, versus one member being in danger or leading the charge. Malia, Liam, and Mason in particular showcase their humor and unique skills in this episode. Spotlighting each character and the pack dynamic as a whole feels more important than ever in this final stretch, and I hope to see everyone have their moment before all is said and done.

On the other hand, the focus on a wider set of villains and keeping the central mystery (or mysteries – this is Teen Wolf, after all) closer to the vest sets the stage for more of a slow burn situation. 6A felt very streamlined and character-driven from the get-go – something that resulted in excellent, frenetic pacing and a real sense of urgency. I appreciate that we’re getting an ambitious story and still learning new things about the Teen Wolf world, and there’s certainly potential for a satisfying payoff. But it’s hard to ignore the ticking clock towards the show’s end and how much fans want to see happen before it’s over. I’m excited to see where the story goes, but I would love to see the central character arcs elevated and prioritized as the season progresses – something I’m sure we’ll get to, especially as the beloved returning characters make their way back to Beacon Hills.

One last thing to note: There is a scene towards the end of the episode that, simply put, is everything. You will cry. You will laugh. Your mind will be blown. Your Twitter feed and Tumblr dashboard will be overtaken by the gifs. Prepare yourself. You have been warned.

Favorite Scene: Three guesses 😉

Favorite Line: “I’m done with mysterious animal situations. I want mysterious men.”

Best Team: Liam and Mason

Best Character Interaction: Malia and literally everyone she comes into contact with.

Best Entrance: [SPOILER]

Best Reason to Watch: How could you not watch the last ten episodes ever?!

Teen Wolf Season 6B premieres this Sunday, July 30 at 8:00pm ET/PT on MTV.

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