‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12 Recap: Are You Afraid?

teen wolf raw talent

We’ve been told that 6B will be Teen Wolf‘s season of fear – and we started to find out why in this week’s episode. “Raw Talent” revealed a few more teases about the new Hunter (or Hunters) stalking Beacon Hills, raising the question of who’s buying Argent’s weapons en masse, forcing several characters to face their fears, and bringing back a familiar face in the form of Gerard Argent.

The episode opens with a beautifully shot and rather heartbreaking montage of Theo – who is living out of his car – trying to get a decent night’s sleep and constantly getting kicked out of parking lots by the police. We almost feel bad for the little devil guy. Things go from bad to worse when one of those creepy spiders burrows into his skin, forcing Theo to break into Deaton’s clinic and cut it out with a scalpel. The impaled spider turns into smoke, which can’t be a good sign. Theo contemplates calling Scott, but before he can make a decision, his car is surrounded by men with guns – who quickly open fire. If these are Hunters, their numbers are growing quickly.

All of that before the opening credits. Theo’s status among the living is left hanging, as we cut to Scott running through the woods, plagued by flashbacks of his own experiences with Hunters – namely Chris and Gerard Argent. Scott, Lydia, and Malia are on their way to bring the mysterious fleur de lis bullet to Argent, but they hear a lot of heartbeats and think they’re being surrounded by Hunters. Scott wolfs out and goes to attack before realizing that he’s pounced on Stilinski. It’s not Hunters after all, but the Sheriff and some of his force. Bad news. Stilinski and Parrish manage to smooth the situation over, and the pack fills them in on the whole “dead Hellhound” situation – leaving out the part about the bullet.

Back at BHHS, the bby Betas have other concerns – like lacrosse practice. Liam has called in Brett to help run drills for the freshmen. Oh, and creepy murder counselor Monroe still wants the boys to come in for “counseling.” But she’s thrown when she discovers a knife stabbed into her desk and a Sun Tzu quote on her whiteboard: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” Someone is on to this wannabe Hunter.

teen wolf raw talent

Lacrosse practice also goes south for one of the aspiring first line members when he puts on a helmet filled with spiders, who crawl into his mouth. Oh, and Brett’s cockiness and perfect form set Liam over the edge, bringing his explosive anger to the surface once more. Let’s just say that bones break, wolf claws come out, and practice is a hot mess. Brett’s lycanthropy-enhanced throws also attract the attention of Monroe as she’s leaving the school – and we don’t like the look in her eye when she spots him.

Yep, definitely not a good look. As Brett heads to his car – alone – Monroe throws him a stray lacrosse ball… which she’s covered in wolfsbane. Brett falls to the ground, immediately incapacitated. Monroe moves in to attack, saying that no one deserves to have that much power. Brett manages to get a swipe in at Monroe and makes a run for it.

Liam, Mason, and Corey aren’t having a great time of it after practice, either. Liam beats up a locker in uncontrollable wolf anger before the other two come in to invite him to a study session. They have a history test on Mussolini, the role of fear, and the rise of fascism – themes highly relevant to the season thus far. Speaking of fear, the boys turn to see a trail of blood leading to an apparently skinless, faceless body in the showers. BRB, I’ll just be bleaching my eyeballs.

Meanwhile, Scott and Lydia head to the bunker to continue looking for Argent. He’s nowhere to be found, so they decide to crack his laptop password and look at his calendar. “Gun” and “lots of guns” don’t work, but Scott has a breakthrough: yes, his password is ALLISON. Now that’s the kind of throwback we like to see. They intercept Argent at an arms deal gone bad, where Chris is trying to figure out who is buying so many guns and ammo from him – only to have the buyers turn their weapons on him. Malia and Scott help Argent take down the attackers, but they won’t reveal who the guns are for. Somehow we’re betting that this, too, has something to do with the Hunters.

Once things quiet down, Scott and Malia confront Argent about the bullet – but he says he hasn’t stamped a bullet since Allison died. The good news? If they can find the casing, they’ll be able to get a slug identification and track down the killer. The bad news? Scott dropped the casing, and there are a lot more of them on the ground after that fight. Time to get searching.

teen wolf raw talent

Lydia and Parrish are doing their own thing, trying to decipher the Banshee’s spiderweb vision from the premiere. She thinks the card readers in the Eichen House closed unit are one of the sounds she heard. Parrish thankfully keeps our Banshee Queen out of harm’s way by volunteering to check it out himself. Unfortunately, Dr. Fenris manages to get the one-up on Parrish – drawing him into the closed unit to discover where he has killed all of the supernatural residents, and then locking him in the freezer room formerly occupied by Halwyn.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Lydia’s Banshee senses are tingling. She hears part of Fenris’ conversation with Parrish and realizes that the Hellhound is in deep trouble. Looks like she’s going to have to go to Eichen House after all. Lydia steels herself and heads into the dark ward, where traumatizing flashbacks nearly cause her to turn back. But she pushes through for Parrish and knocks Fenris out with a Banshee scream just before he shoots Parrish in the head.

Scott and Malia regroup in the woods and have a nice heart-to-heart. She admits she’s worried about him, and they bond over their shared experiences of being hunted. Chris joins them, and they head to the scene of the crime to see what they can determine about Halwyn’s death – and realize that the weapon used was a silver bullet. This is telling. Silver bullets are prominent in myth, but as Argent explained, they don’t actually shoot straight – so they aren’t used by people who actually know what they’re doing. They realize they’ve got a new Hunter on their hands.

Speaking of said new Hunter, Brett attacks Monroe after she tracks him into the woods. It seems like he might get the best of her, too – until someone else’s arrow hits him in the chest. Enter, Gerard – who’s ready to offer his guidance to Monroe, thanks to her “raw talent.”

Back at the McCall house, Scott and Malia rejoin Lydia, who fills them in on the Eichen House situation. They realize that between the wolves, the rats, and Dr. Fenris, there’s one common denominator: fear. As Scott puts it, “scared people will do things you wouldn’t believe.” The townspeople are scared, and we have a feeling that things are about to get even crazier.

The Verdict: Things are definitely getting creepier in Beacon Hills, but we’re still on the slow-burn track. I love the character moments that show characters impacted by and growing from past events – like Theo, Scott, and Lydia – but information on the new threats in Beacon Hills is coming a little too slowly for my taste. We know there’s a lot of action to come – now let’s see it, please. That said, I was absolutely here for the Scalia moment in this episode. The ship I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Best Scene: Lydia facing her fears in Eichen House to take down Dr. Fenris like the badass Banshee she is. I loved that we got to see the very real, very traumatic affect this place still has on her – but that she pushed through to save her friend with some totally awesome moves. You go, girl.

Best Line: “I was hunted by my dad.” “I was hunted by my girlfriend’s dad!” – Malia and Scott, A+ bonding.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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