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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12 Roundtable: “Raw Talent”

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

Before tonight’s new episode – directed by the one and only Tyler Posey – we’re breaking down last week’s installment, “Raw Talent.” Let’s just say that we have a lot of thoughts about Gerard’s return.

And away we go.

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Chloe: That’s a lot of bullets.

teen wolf raw talent roundtable


Liz: I don’t understand what’s happening.

teen wolf raw talent roundtable


Gwen: Please stop hurting my babies…

teen wolf raw talent roundtable


Nora: I didn’t ask for Gerard.

teen wolf raw talent roundtable


Lyra: Why are you here, Gerard?

teen wolf raw talent roundtable

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This episode was heavy on the theme of fear – from the subject of the bby Betas’ history test to Scott’s realization that “scared people will do things you wouldn’t believe.” Give me your thoughts and theories on this subject.

Chloe: I like that we’re getting more of the groundwork for the thematic arc of this season, even if it was a little heavy-handed. I agree with Liz – Scott’s message on fear here and The Bold Type‘s “Fear causes bad behavior” this week are perfectly aligned and oh-so-accurate. We’ve seen Scott & Co. take down so many enemies, but whatever is causing this fear – at least so far – is a much more intangible foe. You can’t fight something if you don’t know what it is, and in the meantime, the effects of fear will turn the entire town against the pack. That’s a lot of people (and innocent lives) to contend with. I have a feeling that things are going to get messy and morally complicated.

Liz: Fear is def the Big Bad this season – with Gerard being the first perpetrator of this and recruiting townies based off of their fear of the unknown, while the second probably has something to do with that Meat Man. And there was this quote from The Bold Type that was like, “Fear causes bad behavior,” which I think accurately sums up this whole season. People are fearful of the pack and the pack is fearful of them, and we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. God, what a horrible thing to have your town turn on you. It’s understandable, obviously, but from an audience perspective where you see all the good Scott and Co. have done, it just hurts. It’s frustrating ’cause we understand things that they don’t understand. I do think the town will turn on Scott and Co. because they’re scared, but I’m hoping a few will be able to see the good that they do for the town.

Gwen: I just… first of all… why are they trying to ruin my life?! Theo… Brett… I just want my children to survive. Okay.. so, I think that shit’s getting real. And fast. We’ve got the civvies going after the supernatural, the supernatural killing civvies, and an unknown benefactor for the civvies to rely on for everything they need to “survive.” It’s all maddening because I already just wanna know who is behind it all. As for theories, I wanna say it’s Gerard. But is it Gerard? Why would the show reveal he’s back if it was? My gut believes there is someone or something bigger at large here. Also, I feel like the killings are just going to get worse from here. This was only a taste.

Nora: Fear is such an important element in any series, but particularly in this final season of Teen Wolf. With fear being a driving force, the stakes have already been raised and it’s only been two episodes. There’s a sense of survival and needing to face fear and move forward. We are seeing the beginning of how much fear can affect a person. The town is starting to become fearful and that’s a major issue. The girl moving away from Liam in class just shows that fear is driving what will happen to the pack, and I’m already nervous!

Lyra: Fear is a powerful tool that will change even the most rational and level-headed person. It’s the ultimate weapon that will turn families, friends, and neighbors against each other. We are only seeing the beginning of this change (that girl moving away from Liam in the class). and things will only get worse from here on out. Scott and the pack are going to be shocked at the lengths that people will go when fear has a hold of them. As a result, this pack will be closer than ever!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on that Scalia moment in the woods. Thoughts?! Feelings?!

Chloe: The ship I didn’t know I needed in my life. I’m still a Stydia girl through and through, but I can definitely be on-board with this.

Liz: LIGHTS OF MY LIFE!!!! That moment killed me, but then brought me back to life. Those smiles could end world wars and bring peace everywhere. Wowow. We are so blessed. I love those two so much and I’m so happy that they are getting closer. Ugh, my parents.

Gwen: My only thought about this is “I guess…” If that’s how they wanna do it, fine. I don’t buy it, but I guess it’s expected.

Nora: I already ship it!! I didn’t think I would, but man, just that scene had me head over heals for this ship! There’s definitely a spark in this moment in the woods, and I’m excited to see where they go in these last few episodes.

Lyra: I never thought I’d be saying this but… I SHIP IT! It only takes a moment to change things between two people. A spark that changes it all. This is their spark. I can’t wait to see how things develop now that they feel that spark between them and what they allow to grow as Beacon Hills goes to sh** and they depend on each other more than ever.

This episode touched on a few new mysteries, such as: Is Theo alive or dead? Who’s buying all those weapons? What the hell is that faceless body doing in the locker room? Will I ever recover from seeing spiders crawl into people’s skin? Can you make sense of what’s going on and the significance of these happenings?

Chloe: So many questions and so few answers. I do feel confident that Theo is alive, however improbable that may seem, if only because of scenes that were teased by the cast during San Diego Comic-Con. I’m betting that the weapons buyer is Gerard, or someone associated with him and the Hunters. As far as the Meat Man (totally stealing that one, Liz), the spiders, and everything else – you tell me. I’ve seen the next episode and I still don’t have answers.

Liz: I KNOW NOTHING!!! I honestly could not tell you what’s going on, and this is coming from someone who has seen the next episode. I literally don’t know anything but I know there’s more than one Big Bad this season. It remains to be seen how they play off each other – maybe the Hunters will all band together with Scott? IDK IDK IDK.

Gwen: I honestly don’t know. And that’s what’s driving me crazy! What is all of this about?! Is it war? Are we getting some Four Horseman stuff? I feel like we’ve got three of the four already happening here! Am I mistaken? I don’t know… I JUST WANNA KNOW!

Nora: I literally don’t even know! There’s this mysterious Big Bad running around, spiders are crawling into people’s skin, guidance counselors are trying to kill people – it’s chaos!! Also, Theo getting shot?! Like, what a way to open an episode! It’s madness! Things are heating up fast, and I don’t even know where we are headed. I just want to know what’s going on and how I can protect my children!!

Lyra: Whatever Big Bad is hiding around Beacon Hills is turning up the heat on the town, slowly driving them mad by preying on their fears and freaking them out one spider at a time. As for Theo, there’s no way he’s dead. We’ve just started exploring what is going through Theo’s mind. And Theo was brought back from hell. Ain’t no way a couple shotguns killed him. Nope. Oh and that body in the locker room… I’ve got no idea what’s going on!

Monroe made some major moves this week – and then seemingly gained a new teacher in the form of Gerard Argent. What does his return mean for Beacon Hills and the pack? What happens next?

Chloe: If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Gerard is bad news. I kind of love to hate the guy and his 100% serious dad jokes, but I could do without the trouble he causes for Scott and the pack. Combining his resources, knowledge, and total lack of a moral compass with eager-to-murder-supernaturals Monroe? I’m guessing that the body count is about to skyrocket.

Liz: It means bad things are coming because HE’S THE WORST!!!! And he’s so good at manipulating people – this is not gonna end well for anyone involved. It’ll def cause some tension, and I just want Malia to take him down, rip his throat out. End him.

Gwen: Like I said above, I feel like this is bigger than Gerard. Sure, he’s got a hand in it. He might fight with them and hold some salty grudges, but I refuse to believe this is all the doing of one crusty ol’ man. As for him vs. the pack, they’ll most likely go head-to-head. I will be 1000% surprised if in the end he turns out to be an ally.

Nora: Gerard is literally THE WORST!! Whenever he shows up, it’s never good! He’s basically Teen Wolf’s version of the grim reaper! He’s the spark that will lead Beacon Hills to being afraid of the pack! He’s always been a catalyst, and that’s exactly what he appears to be in these final episodes.

Lyra: His return to Beacon Hills is the perfect catalyst, the perfect spark, to set this town on fire. It’s like all the dominoes were set – people knowing that there’s something off about Scott & his pack and Monroe starting to hunt on her own – and he’s the one to tip Monroe (the first domino) over. It’s time to recruit and train to make sure that the rest of the dominoes continue to fall and make the town turn on the pack that has protected them from the start.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: Lydia pushing through her (1000% justified) fear of Eichen House to take down Dr. Fenris and save Parrish. MY BANSHEE QUEEN. I also actually really liked the Theo scene that kicked off the episode. It was beautifully shot, and as horrible as Theo can be and has been, I still love what he brings to the show.

Liz: Obviously the lil Scalia moment in the woods!!!!

Gwen: I’ve got two: 1. Lydia coming through and using her banshee powers to save Parrish, and 2. Papa Argent shooting his guns in slow-mo. I love him in slow-mo.

Nora: I had two favorite moments. The first was Lydia using her Banshee skills to save Parrish. She faced her fears and saved him, and it was perfect. My second favorite moment was actually a little heartbreaking, but it was watching where Theo has been. He’s been sleeping in his car, and it’s just sad to watch him hold the phone and think about calling Scott! I have a soft spot in my heart for Theo.

Lyra: I hate to say this because I don’t want to garner any sympathy for this person… but my favorite part was the opening with Theo. It was kind of shocking watching him live in his car and not have anyone to call or depend on when things turned to sh**. He’s accepted that this is his punishment for the lengths that he went to in the past, and he will not let anyone suffer for him. He’s truly alone. I’m curious to see what happens to him next and if this is the means to his redemption.

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What was your favorite moment from “Raw Talent”?

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