‘Teen Wolf’ 6×13 Recap: The Wolf’s Out of the Bag

teen wolf after images

Things were already getting scary in Beacon Hills, but after this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, we are truly terrified. “After Images” – which also marked the directorial debut of the teen wolf, Tyler Posey – took things to the next level, raising more questions about the Meat Man, putting Gerard’s games into motion, and putting the supernatural into the public eye into a very big way.

Last week’s episode left off on an adrenaline-fueled note, with Brett running for his life – Monroe, now linked up with Gerard, in hot pursuit. We pick up just there, and things aren’t looking good for Brett. He manages to make a break for it, but the Hunters are close behind.

Meanwhile, the bby Betas are having a somewhat less stressful evening. After a long night playing video games, Mason convinces Liam to let him sleep over. Why? He’s been having nightmares about the Meat Man (a.k.a. that faceless body from the locker room). He’s experiencing Palinopsia – a more intense form of after images (oh hey, episode title) – which means that he’s seeing that dead dude everywhere. Liam’s room included.

Speaking of the Meat Man, Melissa has the enviable job of performing the autopsy on the thing. This is even more terrifying than it sounds, because the body seems to have some kind of fear effect on those around it. Melissa can’t stand to be in the room with it alone, so she calls in Argent for help. Just saying – if you don’t have a friend (or more than friend?) who will help you perform an autopsy, it’s time to reevaluate. Unfortunately, Argent also feels the terror off the body and doesn’t make much headway.

Together, Argent and Mama McCall manage to get a tissue sample. Strangely, the tests Melissa performs on it show no DNA, no cell structure, nothing. It shouldn’t be possible, but there it is. Argent theorizes that maybe the body is just amplifying fear, rather than causing it – but it sounds like we’ll have to wait awhile to get more answers than that. More importantly (!!) Argent and Melissa have a cute lil encounter where they both say that they should have called each other after they kissed. All hope is not lost!

Back at school, Brett’s sister Lori gets Scott and the rest of the pack to help her track down her brother. Lydia manages to initiate a premonition to locate Brett, with automatic writing resulting in the number 68. Interesting. She returns to the scene of her last premonition to hopefully get more intel, leaving Mason and Corey to their own devices while Scott, Liam, Malia, and Lori scour the woods for traces of their missing friend. Lydia’s detour takes her to a locker – Stiles’ old locker – but it’s a dead-end.

Unluckily for the pack, they’re not the only ones looking. Gerard is using the trail as a training exercise, and it seems like Monroe is a fast learner. They quickly figure out that Brett – acting like a wounded animal – has gone underground. Looks like we’re back to the tunnels – with the pack close behind. Even more unluckily for the pack, this also seems to be part of the plan for Gerard. He instructs Monroe to divide and conquer, thinking strategically to get the one-up on Scott.

He succeeds, too. Lori triggers a trap, and Scott gets shot with an arrow pushing her out of the way. While he heals, Liam and Lori get ready to do some dividing and conquering of their own and go after Brett. They manage to catch a whiff of the poison running through Brett’s veins and follow the trail. Scott and Malia regroup and start to realize just how experienced the Hunters who rigged the traps must be – and that they’re leading Liam and Lori right into another trap.

teen wolf after images

The two bby werewolves find Brett, but then Gerard springs his trap. Liam tells Lori and Brett while he holds the Hunters off – but there’s more misdirection at play, and the brother and sister seem to be the ones in harm’s way. While the wolves run, we also cut to the Hunters and get a hint of Gerard’s purpose here. He says they are building an army to hunt “them all” – all the werewolves, and presumably all supernatural creatures in general. Shit just got real. Scott and Malia are on the trail, but Scott’s slowed down by the pain and nearly passes out. Malia manages to take some of his pain away, and the two of them have a really cute (if ill-timed) DTR moment.

Meanwhile, Mason and Corey head to the library to talk over the 68 mystery. But they’re being watched… by Nolan and creepy spider helmet guy from lacrosse practice, who seem to have noticed how Corey tends to, well, disappear. Spider guy tells Nolan that if he wants to know for sure whether there’s something off with Corey, he knows a way. Nolan makes his move, sitting with Mason and Corey and engaging them in a creepy conversation about DNA and whether organisms can change – or perhaps be two things at once. This is sounding disturbingly close to revealing the supernatural secret – which seems to be exactly what Nolan’s trying to do. He viciously stabs Corey’s hand and draws attention to the wound, which heals instantly. So much for staying under the radar.

teen wolf after images

Lydia bumps into Nolan as he’s walking away, noticing the number 68 on the back of his sweatshirt. He says he doesn’t know any Brett, but Lydia’s questions make him realize that she must be “one of them,” too – a supernatural. This isn’t going well for the pack. Lydia reconnects with Mason and Corey and fills them in on what she’s realized about Nolan. He was trying to expose Corey, because he was afraid. It seems like the town’s going to turn on the pack – and it’s already started.

Speaking of the town turning on the supernatural, we pick back up with Lori and Brett just as they climb out of the tunnels and into the street – only to be run over by a car. Liam wolfs out and follows, ready to attack. He finds the brother and sister dying in the road and lets out a howl… which draws the attention of pretty much everyone in the area. This is a PR nightmare in action, and it was all masterminded by Gerard. As he puts it, “The best way to build an army is through fear.” Looks like he just gained a whole lot of new soldiers.

The Verdict: Things started to heat up in this episode, with Gerard making his move, Nolan making a scene, and Lydia making connections. I’m still missing Stiles’ presence like crazy and very eagerly anticipating the returning characters showing their faces, but the elevated action in “After Images” was very welcome. Brett and Lori’s demise was emotional, and Liam’s exposure was one of those “oh shit” moments that makes you count down the hours until the next episode. Things are getting interesting, and it will be very intriguing to see where we go from here.

Best Scene: Scott and Malia’s lil DTR in the tunnels. Sure, Scott was somewhat delirious and healing from being impaled by a giant spike, but we’re pretty sure they were saying that Stiles would be okay with the two of them being… well, the two of them. We’re here for it.

Best Line: “I know who we are. We never give up – especially when it’s someone innocent. Someone alone. One of our friends.” – Liam, giving us all the feels.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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