‘Teen Wolf’ 6×14 Recap: Fight Me

teen wolf face to faceless

MTV served up a double-helping of Teen Wolf this weekend, sending fans – and the people of Beacon Hills – into a frenzy. “Face-to-Faceless” – the first episode of the night, directed by Sheriff Stilinski himself, Linden Ashby – saw Scott, Lydia, and Malia take drastic measures to quell the growing violence in Beacon Hills while Liam endured his own gauntlet at the high school. And guys? It wasn’t pretty.

Last week’s episode was just a little bit of a cliffhanger, with Brett and Lori dead in the street and Liam exposed as a supernatural to pretty much the whole town. Let’s just say that the stakes are pretty much as high as they’ve ever been.

But that’s not where we start the episode. Instead, we head to the hospital morgue – where creepy spider helmet dude from the lacrosse team is getting suspiciously close to the Meat Man. All the spiders pour out of lacrosse dude’s mouth and into the faceless corpse, which can only mean VERY. BAD. THINGS. Sure enough, the Meat Man is on the move.

Taking to the streets, we meet a new werewolf – Quinn (Lucy Loken). She’s got an arrow-induced flat tire and has been cornered by Hunters, which isn’t our idea of the ideal day. She puts up a good fight in a seriously badass scene, but is then shot by a Deputy. Looks like the Hunters have infiltrated the police force.

From there, let’s break it down by group. We’ve got the Bby Betas (Liam, Mason, and Corey), and the Alpha Squad (Scott, Lydia, and Malia, plus the adults).


Liam’s understandably a little worried about going to school after his little… incident. Scott gives him one of the best dad talks ever, telling Liam to go to school and pretend like nothing happened – because if he doesn’t, more people could die.

The message sinks in, but it seems that Liam was right to be concerned. People are staring and whispering – and Corey so helpfully informs Liam that everyone knows everything. The bby Beta wants to leave, but Mason points out that doing so would only add fuel to the rumor fire.

Unfortunately, Liam is quickly pulled into a “team meeting” in the locker room – which seems like it’s gonna get real hostile, real fast. He’s forced out as team captain, with Nolan replacing him. Nolan wants proof of Liam’s supernatural status, and he wants everyone to see it – so he’s going to try to force him to shift.

Dodging the lacrosse team, Liam ducks into Monroe’s office. After an awkward conversation about Liam’s “issues,” our boy realizes that something is off. He’s realized that Monroe is the Hunter they’re looking for and texts the info to Scott.

While this is super helpful to the pack, Liam can’t hide forever. He finds himself cornered by the lacrosse team, who force him into a classroom and start beating him up. It’s pretty brutal. We know Liam can fight back, but he’s trying to keep himself from shifting – so he lets it happen. Incidentally, so does Liam’s science teacher, who shows up during the beatdown. Screw her. Just as Liam is about to be knocked out, Coach bursts in and shuts things down. OUR HERO.

teen wolf face to faceless

Liam and Mason regroup in the parking lot, where they realize that Monroe now has a whole lot of new recruits in the kids who watched the fight. In their eyes, supernaturals are the enemy – and they need to be hunted.


The Alpha Squad regroups in the bunker, filling in Argent about Brett and Lori’s murder – and Gerard’s probable involvement. Scott wants to make peace before Gerard’s war comes to pass. It’s time for a peace summit.

Argent volunteers to go treat with Gerard and try to set up a meeting. If they can find out what he wants, they can bargain. However, Gerard doesn’t seem keen to meet – or negotiate. He gives Argent a message for Scott: “You tell him to run.” His only goal seems to be a supernatural genocide.

Scott offers a new option: now that they know Monroe is the new Hunter, they can try to arrange a meeting with her instead. This time, it’s Lydia’s turn. She asks Monroe to convince Gerard to meet. The counselor/Hunter doesn’t seem too willing to talk peace either, but she agrees to set up a rendezvous in the tunnels.

Malia is pretty sure Scott is walking into a trap, so she tries to talk him out of going – leading to another oh-so-perfect Scalia moment. Malia’s concern isn’t enough to keep Scott from going, though – and it seems that he has indeed walked into a trap.

Monroe wants to see a werewolf beg for peace. Scott says he’s willing to do it, but he picks up on the fact that that won’t satisfy Monroe. She promises that even if the pack leaves Beacon Hills, the Hunters will track them down and kill them. Though Scott says the pack has been protecting people, Monroe isn’t moved. She’s been through her own experiences with the supernatural. Through a flashback, we learn that she had a run-in with the Beast – an incident that left everyone with her after her faculty meeting dead. That’s enough to instill some serious animosity. Oh, and she’s not the only one making this fight personal. The other Hunters with Monroe and Gerard have had family members killed by the supernatural.

While this peace summit has been happening, the adults have been dealing with the Meat Man. After the corpse somehow terrorizes Parrish at the Sheriff’s station, the Hellhound, Stilinski, and Mama McCall regroup at the morgue and realize that the Meat Man is MIA. They aren’t sure if this is what came out of the Wild Hunt, but they know that it’s bad news.

teen wolf face to faceless

So, just when Malia and Lydia turn up to help keep Scott from being murdered by the Hunters – the Meat Man shows up in the tunnel, too. Peace talks over. Parrish drops in (literally) to help, using a flare to light the Meat Man on fire. Whether it’s gone once and for all, we can’t say – but it was pretty damn cool to watch. The Hunters disappear in the interim, and the Alpha Squad lives to fight another day.

They head back to Scott’s house, where a bloody, faint Quinn is waiting for the True Alpha. She tells Scott, Lydia, and Malia about the deputy – and the squad realizes that the Hunters’ reach goes much further than they knew. Shit just got (even more) real.

The Verdict: The action continues to rise, with serious showdowns in the tunnels and the classroom going down in this episode. Again, seriously missing Stiles and the characters we know will be returning before season’s end. I liked that we get to see Scott’s growth in this episode (as well as the pack’s as a whole). They aren’t raring for a fight, but rather advocating for peace. This attitude has even rubbed off on Mr. Anger, Liam Dunbar. The conflict is still heating up, and we’re excited to see what happens next.

Best Scene: Coach bursting in to save the day when Liam is getting the beatdown. Coach usually brings the comic relief and seems to have a gruff disdain for many of his students, but the moments when we see him truly stand up for the pack always pack a punch. Especially following the science teacher do a whole lot of nothing, we needed this.

Best Line: “Please tell me you didn’t put an APB out on a faceless corpse.” – Stilinski

Runner-Up: “It was late. It was pitch black out. There was fog on the road.” “It was a clear night, a full moon, and a well-lit intersection.” – Mason hoping for the best, and Corey telling it like it is.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8:00pm on MTV.

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