‘Teen Wolf’ 6×14 Roundtable: “Face-to-Faceless”

teen wolf roundtable face to faceless

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of Teen Wolf and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about what’s going down in Beacon Hills.

We’re breaking down our last double-helping of Teen Wolf before the show resumes airing this coming weekend – starting with Episode 6×14, “Face-to-Faceless.” Directed by Linden Ashby – a.k.a. Sheriff Stilinski himself – this episode saw Scott, Lydia, and Malia take drastic measures to quell the growing violence in Beacon Hills while Liam endured his own gauntlet at the high school. Let’s just say it was #INTENSE.

Here we go…

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Chloe: Can’t we all get along?


Gwen: It’s all happening so fast!

teen wolf roundtable face to faceless


Nora: Leave my baby Liam alone!

teen wolf roundtable face to faceless


Lyra: Stop hurting my babies, please.


This episode was directed by everyone’s favorite Sheriff, Linden Ashby. Tell me all of your thoughts and feelings about this situation.

Chloe: The tension is definitely on the rise in Beacon Hills, and that became clearer than ever in this episode. Knowing that Linden Ashby has an action background, I’m so glad that he was chosen to direct this particular episode. Between the Hunters’ ambushing Quinn, Liam’s beatdown at the hands of the lacrosse team, and the showdown in the tunnels, this was an action-packed hour – and those scenes were made especially badass in the hands of an expert.

Gwen: This episode was so stressful. I honestly couldn’t hold my composure for long between Liam’s storyline and Scott going to meet Gerard… I couldn’t believe that things were progressing this fast and this insanely. The fear monster thing was also intense, and I am glad we got to finally see it come to life, so to speak. Linden did a fantastic job at setting us up mid-season for what’s to come. He helped put it all on the table for us, and I’m anxious for what comes next.

Nora: This episode did a really good job at pulling the audience into these fearful situations. I was stressed out the entire time I was watching!! I think Linden did an AMAZING job directing this episode. I’m so proud of him, and I think he really created an episode where not only are the characters in danger, but the audience feels like they are, too.

I have to give him such props for directing the scene where Liam is being punched by all the lacrosse players as they try to get him to turn. It was a beautifully shot scene where the camera angles were really used to create the sense of panic and fear. Linden paid a lot of attention to detail, and it did not go unnoticed. This episode really set up what’s to come in the final episodes and showed that this is just the beginning of the torture for Scott’s pack.

Lyra: I’m with the rest of these ladies. The best part of this episode is that you could feel it. You felt like you were there, feeling the same emotions that these characters were: fear, pain, doubt. It made it seem more real and like the stakes were bigger than ever before. And honestly, parts of me wanted to stop watching – not because he did a bad job, but because he did such a good job and I was scared for our pack. Nevertheless, I kept watching.

We learned Monroe’s tragic backstory this week, providing some “Beast”ly insight into her character. Did this reveal change how you feel about the new Hunter? Do you think her conclusions about Scott and supernaturals in general were fair?

Chloe: I wasn’t necessarily surprised by this reveal – it’s only natural that Monroe should have serious personal investment to fuel her seemingly unquenchable hatred for the supernatural. That said, I’m still not on-board with her revenge mission. Yes, what happened with the Beast was terrifying – but Monroe is refusing to listen to reason. It should be clear that Scott and his friends have a more benevolent and heroic code – that they have been working thanklessly to protect innocent lives. Yes, they also want to protect their secret, but we’ve seen that saving people comes first. Just look back to when Scott turned Liam – he revealed his secret in order to save a life. The pack wasn’t able to help Monroe when she needed it most, but her determination to take out every supernatural creature is an over-the-top response.

Gwen: I am still not a fan of her, and I honestly expected her story to be more harsh than that? As bad as that sounds, I don’t think what she experienced warranted this extreme behavior. I think it’s made worse for me because she’s posing as someone who is supposed to help kids. She’s only helping the ones who aren’t supernatural, but even so she’s not really because she’s putting herself in the school which seemingly draws more supernatural things to it. If she wasn’t that much of an authority figure to teenagers, I’d probably be more on-board. At least Gerard has enough to go on to be this shitty.

Nora: You can give her whatever tragic backstory you want, but I still don’t like her or trust her. I’m sorry. I know it was probably a super stressful and scary situation, watching this Beast rip through people on a bus while you hid under another body, but I don’t think that excuses that she’s hunting supernaturals like Scott and the pack. The Beast was a genuine monster, but she’s trying to kill (and killing) teenagers. People that have a face, a name, a home, and a life. The Beast had no connection to her. I understand being traumatized, but I don’t think that warrants her behavior of working with Gerard. I don’t think it’s a fair conclusion that she jumped to. I’m even more confused because she was a teacher before the attack – so how can she look at the kids so differently now? She knows who they are.

Lyra: In the words of the Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 3, “Your story may not have a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.” Monroe chose this path. She chose to become the monster. Hence I have no sympathy for her.

Scott and the pack may want peace, but that’s not really looking like a possibility. What did you think of the two major fights this week (Liam vs. Lacrosse Team and Pack vs. Hunters)? Is there any hope for a peace treaty?

Chloe: There’s no other word for it… These scenes were #INTENSE. It’s scary to see how quickly and broadly the violence has escalated in Beacon Hills. Drawing the common people into the supernatural fight has not been good for the pack, to say the least. I agree with the ladies below – interestingly, Liam’s “fight” – which was quite one-sided – felt like it had higher stakes. Even with Gerard, the Hunters, and the Meat Man down in the tunnels, all of my feels went to our bby Beta and his refusal to turn in front of his classmates. Liam has come so far, and I’m almost as proud as we know Scott is feeling.

Gwen: The Liam storyline was so amazing. I think Liam has had one of the best character development storylines thus far. I know it’s not going to bring peace, but then again who knows? Normies can side with supernaturals at some point… but I found it amazing that Liam was willing to stick to his guns and not give them what they wanted. Also, fuck that teacher who came in and just watched.. How could any grown adult do that? As for Scott, it was a nice try. I feel like there wasn’t a lot of effort put in to try to help prove anything. I get what Monroe was saying, but Scott could have potentially pulled in more to prove his point. But he tried and that’s all that matters. He’s willing to put himself in danger to at least try.

Nora: I’m agreeing with Gwen! Liam has had such a great character arc and that was fully on display in this episode. Just seeing him recite his mantra and not turn proves how far he’s come from the young wolf that would fly off the handle. This Liam scene was amazing and had me hiding behind a pillow. The scene with Scott, Malia, and Lydia vs. the Hunters was also important, but for me, was kind of eclipsed by everything happening with Liam at school. I think eventually there will be hope for a peace treaty, but right now Gerard and the Hunters have brainwashed the people of Beacon Hills so much, all they’re looking at are the fangs, not the personalities, of the supernaturals.

Lyra: There’s no hope for peace… right now. The humans think their biggest threat right now is the pack. And it’ll take the mysterious creature making them fear, to bring them together… maybe… or the humans might just destroy themselves. As for those fights… dear lord. I’m not shy about fight scenes. They happen and are part of life. But this was different. This was Liam being persecuted because he was different. This was him being ganged up on by people that didn’t even know him as others watched because they were afraid. And honestly, after the stuff that happened in Charlottesville it scared me.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Chloe: I have to give this one to Coach. He’s so often the gruff comic relief – and we love him for it – but he really saved the day by bursting in on the lacrosse team beating up Liam and shutting it the f*** down. MVP.

Gwen: 100% the Liam vs. The Lacrosse Team scene. I was waiting for Liam to break. I just knew he was going to and when he didn’t, I was screaming with joy. I’m not sure if it changed anything, but at least he didn’t give them what they wanted. He’s gonna make an amazing pack leader someday .

Nora: I agree with Gwen. My favorite scene was Liam vs. The Lacrosse Team. It was such an intense scene and really showed how far Liam has come as a character. He’s become one of my favorite characters and this season has been a real testament to how much he’s stepped up.

Lyra: When Coach came in to break things up with the Liam fight. The sigh of relief that I let out was epic. Coach knows that weird shit happens in Beacon Hills. And don’t let the crazy hair fool you. He knows who the real enemy is, and it’s not Liam. It’s the people who persecuted him and beat him up.

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What was your favorite moment from “Face-to-Faceless”?

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